My response to the blog post above.

46% of the vote in i guess all this is a little late.
Closing the doors after the horse has bolted, so to speak.

Clearly EF residents have organized themselves to run this campaign,
If they look at what Burt St is facing,
Issues like Jshed,
Poor community consultation
The concerns at McCabe St,
Concrete in our Parks,
Esplanade given away for events to use for free and rate payers picking up the restoration costs,
Simple things like rubbish collection at major sites a ongoing issue,
Inappropriate developments for areas.
100+ mature trees cut at Kim Beazley site.
Sale of city assets, i.e. parking?
Empty shops
$50,000,000.00 outstanding maintenance,
Anti-car attitude
Housing diversity policy
Parking Policy
Poor anti graffiti policy or even a pro graffiti policy
Encouraging CBD begging, then moving it around or banning in certain places??????
A state government that doesn’t want to invest in Freo
No public facilities and closing existing ones in and around the CBD
i could go on,

You wonder why they are concerned??


Poll update, East Freo and Kwinana



Town of East Fremantle Plympton Ward  44.08%

Town of East Fremantle Preston Point Ward  49.66%

Town of East Fremantle Richmond Ward  41.93%

Town of East Fremantle Woodside Ward 49.29%

Town of East Fremantle Combined Total 46.24%



City of Kwinana  49.39%


Looks like both cities should make it easy with 5 days to go. End of the week we will see where we stand on amalgamation. Driving down Canning Hwy over the weekend seeing say NO to Amalgamation signs along the road.

I think the strong turn out has surprised many people, I have heard quite a few say they would never get to the required 50% turn out, I guess the voice of EF and Kwinana is about to be heard loud and strong.

Good to see a strong democratic voice from the 2 areas.

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