Fremantle Battle for the Burbs pt.3, Minister Leaves Merger Door Open

Tonight I have read that though the LG Minister and Premier have  declared that the amalgamation, and mergers are finished or sidelined for now and that Governors orders are to be rescinded.  I also read and I quote the ABC,

Mr Simpson has confirmed Governor’s Orders forcing council mergers would be rescinded after discussions with any council wishing to amalgamate.

“I think it’s incumbent on me as Minister to meet with those affected local governments just to clarify their position but also to meet with them to give them the opportunity, and some would possibly like to move forward with the reform process,” he said.

“We’d certainly see if we can work with them.”

Mr Simpson said a number of Governor’s Orders were cancelled by the no vote for three proposed amalgamations in Perth’s south, leaving nine orders still in force.

He said there were some councils still interested in reform.

“I had a meeting with nine mayors in the last week since the announcement last Tuesday,” she said.

“At the moment it’s very, very hot and contentious. They need a bit of time to let the dust settle.

“But there’s definitely some good synergies happening.”

Mr Simpson said mayors had told him they had benefited from the process, including improved relationships with their neighbouring councils.

He said he expected some councils to request a realignment of council areas to more natural boundaries.

But Mr Simpson declined to name which councils he had been talking with.

“I think there’s a lot that can go on the table. I don’t want to point out any of them. I want to keep working with them,” he said.

“What we’ll do is sit down with them. The Governor’s Orders are due to kick in on July 1. If they think they can meet that deadline, yes, I’m happy.

“If they see they need another 12 months, I’m happy to give them another 12 months to put that case together.”

cards deal

So if councils are making deals behind closed doors or back room deals, at what point does the the community have a say or is even informed?

If Fremantle City Council is partaking in these meetings? Are they making deals with the minister? At what point would wider electors have input into such a deal, if at all? Its now reported this could go for 12 months, so where would that leave the next election that should be in Oct 2015?


Community Consultation?

What could we end up with and when?

Late this afternoon the LG Reform Group let out this public update.

Volume 2: Issue 14 | 17 February 2015

Metropolitan Local Government Reform Update

Future of reform rests with councils

Premier Colin Barnett and Local Government Minister Tony Simpson today provided an update on local government reform.

Read the media statement “Future of LG reform now rests with councils”.



Roel its great to see someone taking an active interest in our city and especially in a sensitive area like our heritage spaces.

If you remember back to last weeks Herald where the where the Mayor Brad and CEO Graeme sign off on an add in the Herald on pg2. of the 14 of Feb 2105 edition.

Where they stated,

Myth 3: Care for public spaces will deteriorate

Our commitment was always to fully maintain all public spaces. We would continue to mow, prune, sweep and water at least to the same standard as you are currently used to. This goes for all the potential new suburbs. To say otherwise has no basis of fact whatsoever
 This not even a week after their propaganda piece, if you took a walk around Freo it wouldn’t be hard to come up with dozens of examples like this, you could just start at the Town Hall? Where I believe its not even safe to raise a flag on the Town Hall flag polls due to the poor condition of parts of the roof?

Fremantle’s Battle for the Burbs Continues, Could East Freo Be Backdoored?


So Yesterday Tony Simpson broke his silence on what’s happening on the merger of council’s.

WA Treasurer Mike Nahan “has told a constituent the State Government will formally abandon its council merger process by revoking Governor’s Orders mandating boundary changes.”

The Premier has promised the Council merger details are imminent it’s reported that the Premier hinted we should here today what going on?

But it seems local government reform has not gone away it’s just on the back burner for the moment.

Further LG Minister Tony Simpson said he is still talking about voluntary amalgamations and has offered no timeline on the withdrawal of governor’s order in regards to boundary change? The question now is what do they mean by voluntary are they referring to Council or the electors, is the door still open for councils to go against the will of the electors/residents and do some dodgy back room deal? “The Premier said there’s no forced amalgamations, again is he referring to the voters or the council?

Reported in the ABC, LG Minister Tony Simpson said “He said he remained open to ideas from any councils still interested in pursuing mergers on a case-by-case basis.

“It’s a voluntary process. I’ll have to wait and see to meet with those local governments,” Mr Simpson said.

“Give them the opportunity and offer them that process, and if they need more time, if they’d like to leave it on the table for longer, I’m open to all suggestions about how we move forward.”

So is this an invitation for councils to go around the wishes of their electors and just drive home their own personal agendas by backdoooring the voters? Could Fremantle and East Fremantle councils just do a deal with Simpson on the side?

Interesting times ahead to see where this ends up, a few egos have been crushed in this exercise already will the electors get a backlash from it? It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall of these meetings with Mayors, Ceo’s and the LG Minister.





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