Fremantle, Wave or Wind Energy Whats the Future?


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Yesterday the World’s first grid connected wave generator came online in Perth.

Carnegie Wave Energy says the Perth Wave Energy Project is the first grid connected wave power plant and the only one anywhere in the world operating multiple wave units.

Great to see such a technology and a world first happening here in Western Australia

Bringing light to which is a better way to go Wind or Wave?

Most of Perth’s population is spreading up the coast now we can take power generation along with expansion. Think of the power saved in transmission loss, it’s 3 times more predictable than wind, being a great help to the grid supply system management.

The volume of wave energy hitting WA is theoretical able to deliver 10 times the state’s power needs. It would be great to see this sort of power in places like Rottnest?

I can really see advantages in this type of power generation systems, plus the cosmetic effect of no ugly wind turbines which really are a blight on the landscape. No bird strike kills, no rotors throwing themselves apart, no 100m high gearbox fires, to fight no more research needed to find out what damage wind turbines are doing to the health of those living close by.

This current unit also has the ability to generate drinking water with its turbines supplying water pressure for the desalination plant, supplying renewable energy and fresh water.

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As I understand the systems have to become much bigger to make them compatible with current fossil fuel systems but pilot project like this are a great start for a real deliverable system with a great collaboration of private investors state and federal government making it possible, with the military part contributor and the purchaser of the power and water being generated.

The next step I have read is a 1MW system 4 times larger than this current unit.

Great to see another world first in W.A. I really hope it works out and it seems like a great way forward. What better to power a place like Perth and Freo, the ocean we all love to live alongside?

Inside Singapore’s ultra-futuristic inner city gardens




Inside Singapore’s ultra-futuristic inner city gardens – RN Afternoons – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Now check out how Singapore does a park/garden. This is a city with a vision very limited land space and several massive port infrastructures?

What do we get in Freo, concrete on the Esplanade?

A possible caged A-class reserve @ Jshed

Now more concrete to come at South Beaches grassed area.

The bit of grass area we do have council is giving out for free to private enterprise to profit on leaving the rate payers to fix up the tab

R160 at Burt St I wonder how they will provide the 10% of space as open public area?

I think the council was very upset to be the second most concrete or hard surface area in WA according to the 202020 report, could their aim be, to become Number One ?

Bring on the concrete mixers, super size anyone?


Ready_Mix_Concrete_Truck super size me

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