Simple Questions, 4 Fremantle Council, Why No Answers, Where’s the Transparency?




It’s really quite interesting that Mr Lee’s simple questions couldn’t be answered, 1st of all, over 3 months he tried to ask quietly his questions but no answers, off the radar so to speak ?

Then his speaking aloud piece could have simply been addressed by the COF with answers from council, which would have given them an air of transparency, instead of spin, slight of hand or distraction, still no answers, just cheap personal attacks?

Then we hear the Fremantle Society has also been asking questions for years also no answer?

We see in the Mayor & CEO speaking allowed piece again no answers, just what is starting to look like typical COF response of disdain,  that started with factual inaccuracies.

Now we see in Roels Freoview a change in tack he has also acknowledged the COF slight of hand and lack of answers. Lets be clear we all want to see  Freo, develop and progress, as Mr Lees Thinking allowed article in the Herald stated last week. Despite what the underhanded piece from the CoF in the Herald attempted in a pathetic way to distort.

Good to see all the comments or questions from, Jayne, Craig, Mike, Robert, Kel, Diana, Dick, Suzanne, Steve, the Herald, Andrew,Lionel, Paul and Roel etc are keeping the focus and direction without cheap distractions, that the city and councillors attempt to use to divert attention from the real questions and issue’s.

Now we see a whole new level of questions raised by the Herald in their SAMSON REC TO PAY FOR NEW HQ. How long to get answers on that I wonder?

Lets hope this level of public scrutiny remains and even better increases, till we finally have a council that behaves in an open, transparent manner.

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  2. Transparency, is the used science, engineering, business, the humanities and in a social context more generally, implies openness, communication, and accountability. Wikipedia
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