Why Does Fremantle Need or Not Need, Perth Freight Link (PFL)


Friday the Herald published an article in their Thinking Allowed, I wrote last week called “OPEN MINDS” in response to another thinking allowed a few weeks back. Now while I think everyone should have their say or opinion, what’s been missing in this issue is actual debate. Missing is a discussion on the pros and cons. What if we do PFL? What happens if we don’t do PFL. All fair questions which deserve fair/honest answers. Currently the public discussion just involves no, I have not heard any points about what happens if we don’t built it? What happens if built part of it, or what do we have to modify to make it work?

I understand there are lots of reasons people will not support this project.  To be perfectly honest it does not actually solve the real problems that need to be addressed, as it stands or as is proposed now.

I understand the councils positioning, they have an anti-car platform, so saying no to a new road suits their ideology. That doesn’t help the average Freo resident, as by far the vast majority use their cars on a daily basis.


My concern is, if we blindly state NO and it wins through, nothing will happen for years to a decade or more. Can we afford to allow the trucks to increasingly drive through our suburbs, as the situation will continue to increase each year as predicted by the PFL by approx. 7% a year. Even if the outer harbour is started tomorrow, container freight in Fremantle will continue to grow and grow for years to come.

Once they have an actual plan for the new port, I’m sure we will have plenty of protest and environmental issues to deal with, which could drag out the project for years.

So if the PFL is built which route will it take?

Will PFL be a  massive Hwy down High St, joining Stock Rd, or will it be tunnel off Stirling Hwy under WGV and Beaconsfield?

Will the tunnel be drilled underneath the burbs or open cut?

Will the tunnel have exhaust funnels, if so where?

Would exhaust funnels have filters, if not why not?

If PFL is not built, what is Fremantle’s Councils truck/traffic solution over the next decades?

If the PFL is not built, how many more numbers of trucks will drive down Stirling Hwy, High St, and Leach Hwy?

What is the maximum amount of Fremantle container Freight to be put on rail?

What is the maximum number of containers that can be put on rail and why?

What is the the pollution reduction for driving on a  newly developed PFL compared to the route currently we have for trucks?

How will the Fremantle council supported CUSP plans, solve the traffic issue for North Fremantle?

How will the Fremantle council supported CUSP plans, solve the traffic issue for Stirling Hwy?

How will the Fremantle council supported CUSP plans .solve the traffic issue for High St?

How will the Fremantle council supported CUSP plans, solve the traffic issue for Hampton Rd?

How will the Fremantle council supported CUSP plans, solve the traffic issue for Leach Hwy?

What contingency plans does the council have for a train derailment in the CBD ?

How will a Roe 9 effect Fremantle Cemetery, if at all?

How will Lat 32 cut truck miles, emissions and volume of trucks out of Fremantle in the next decade?

Will stopping the PFL improve the traffic on High St, Hampton Rd, Stirling Hwy Nrth Freo?

What improvements/additions will PFL bring Fremantle?

What improvements/additions will stopping PFL, bring to Fremantle?

What are all the negative of PFL and what do we need to do to negate these if we can?

What are the positives from PFL that are worth keeping?

How will Lat 32 help the north Freo traffic issue?

If we put 30% of containers on rail how many trains would go through Fremantle each day and how long will they be?

What environmental issues will building new roads to Lat 32 cause, how much native bush land will need to be cleared to build the necessary links?

How much native bush land will be cleared to build Lat 32?

What environmental issues will building a new port or outer harbour in Kwinana cause?

What is the current council plan to deal with truck issues in our suburbs without PFL?

What needs to be done to PFL plans to make its connection into Nth Freo’s port area and what is the cost?

What road treatments will be needed to cross Canning Hwy if PFL goes ahead and what will it cost?

If the PFL is built what is the traffic management plan for  Stirling Hwy, High st and Leach Hwy while its being constructed ,what new route will the current trucks take?

How Long will it take to build Lat 32 and what will it cost?

What will the outer harbour cost to build?

How many more Kms of road need to be built for Lat 32 to work?

Does Lat 32 increase truck miles or decrease truck miles i.e, pollution, emissions?

What do the people of the areas that are effected by Lat 32 think of the Fremantles/Cockburn plan to push Lat 32?

Questions, questions, but no real answers for us to make informed decisions with.

The State government and main roads certainly have lots of info to give out, including future modeling of what happens with PFL and without PFL being built.

Perhaps asking these questions and getting answers will lead to another solution not currently on the table and will be more agreeable to the community as a whole.

What ever happens, we will have to live with the impacts of whatever is decided for decades.

So with the magnitude of this issue it needs to looked at from a level headed point of view taking into account many aspects, including what is missing from the discussion, this is not just a Fremantle issue but one that’s effects the whole greater Perth metro, if not the whole state.


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