Votes Cast Plunge for Fremantle Council, Shows Community Clearly Against Council Direction

Putting aside;

The best drive in the last 3 elections for candidates to run against fremantle council. Not one ward uncontested.

The huge amount of rate payers money spent on advertising by council to promote themselves.

The backing of two political parties in labor and the greens supporting their candidates

The sudden re emergence of several in active precincts.

Councillors throwing themseleves at the press with decade old ideas to get their faces in the media.

Council blowing huge amounts of cash on personal ideology to attract the political active  minority groups.

The $100, 000′ s of dollars on the perth freight link issue, with all councillors throwing themselves into it to draw ever drop of publicity possible. Considering not one of them have a solution to fix the ever worsening traffic issue in and around freo, abandoning freo residents to a decade of worsening dangerous traffic issues. Issues brought to WGV precinct for years now with nothing but lame answers.

All that and the Fremantle council clik took a huge hit in votes with a a higher % of votes cast against council than for it.

2013 53% of votes cast for council clik group

2015 46% of votes cast for councils clik group

So amazing that council thinks this vote was a vote for them but at well over 50% of the vote cast against them it tells a clear story, not to mention the damning 2015 community survey councils worst on record.

Pretty weak considering the 2 party support, the 1000’s of $ of rate payers money spent promoting themselves. $100’s of thousands or rate payers funds spent driving minority party political agendas.

All that for a huge hit in their voting support, tells a clear story doesn’t it. Step by step this council is out the door.


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