Councils’ Costly World Tour For Rubbish Junkets Continues

Perth councils’ costly world tour for a rubbish solution. Here we go again, we see reported in the West another overseas junket trip for councils to look at how to manage waste? What a joke, with the internet why is it necessary to travel over the world to see how to handle rubbish.  Just recently we […]

Rate Payer Funded Junkets are not just the Rage in Fremantle?

Looks like it’s not just Fremantle councillors who refer to rate payer funded overseas trips as Junkets? A link to a letter from last week. Quote from herald letter “When Melville councillor Susanne Taylor-Rees mentioned the word “junket” in reference to a similar state government trip to Japan, she was ordered to withdraw the word (despite […]

Cost of Fremantle Mayors Rate Payer Funded Junket, Doubles

Last week I posted a piece called Fremantle Junket. based on the agenda from the full council meeting of Feb 2015. In this I reported that the mayor has made a request to have 50% of his trip to funded by the COF to look at cities in Europe. Now as Brad was the topic […]

Fremantle Made Junkets

Well you could take 2 basic meaning for this? Junket is light and refreshing custard made with milk, rennet, sugar and vanilla, or even flavoured milk? n: a conference, retreat or otherwise third-party (read: company, government, etc.) subsidized event for which an individual personally pays little to nothing, but reaps benefits. So what was today’s junket well let’s say […]

Councils bill ratepayers for 150 trips – The West Australian

  Perth mayors and councillors took more than 150 ratepayer-funded trips last year at cost of nearly $500,000. Source: Councils bill ratepayers for 150 trips – The West Australian   Looks like Fremantle council skates by critic on its flight even though the Mayor Brad Pettitt just returned from ✈ Europe on a trip to look […]

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