Freight Link proves rocky path for past two years – The West Australian

It is almost two years since the Abbott government announced the Perth Freight Link.

Source: Freight Link proves rocky path for past two years – The West Australian

Shame the article misses about 1/2 the discussion on the PFL or Roe 8 as outer harbour or not Fremantles traffic situation is not going to get any better with out some new infrastructure

No matter what the naysayers (nimbys) talk about, non have a solution for the current situation apart from banning cars. Though you hear many complaining about dangerous it is on High st and Stirling hwy intersection.
The council is still driving its suburban in-fill having large projects in Nth Freo bringing thousands of more residence there, most will drive car.
Thousands more residences just south of High St in and around White Gum Valley, who will mostly drive cars.
The huge projects that will develop south of Fremantle in Cockburn also filled with car driving families.

And the best we get is a complaint about a bottle neck forming at Canning Hwy, instead of looking at all the advantages it will bring. and the six or seven bottlenecks that will disappear.

If an editorial is going to be done knocking the issue at least bring to light all the problems that will only get worse by doing nothing.

Also not sure how this project is new as the road reserve for this road has been there since the 50’s the tunnel part is new but not the concept.

Though it was interesting the Gillard Labor government was the 1st to start funding of the PFL, NE with a high st upgrade.

Today we a another stunning relation by the Mayor of Fremantle on FreoView,

Roel and Shane Wright are correct A well known effect of new roads is “induced demand” and add this to a growing capacity for the port that the PFL enables and North Freo will be increasingly unpleasant.
regards, Brad”

So today we see again the basic failure of whats scarcely, city representatives that building a road will increase port activities, the city’s own report paid for by the rate payers, in their next phase of anti-road/anti-car campaigns, say that port in Fremantle will continue to grow even if the Outer harbour is build.

What all these collective ostriches with their heads in the sand will find is that while they are all against the PFL non have said what they would do to fix the current problems with traffic. Our Mayor with out removing the 1st foot from his mouth slams in the second one while stating as you see above , that building roads attracts more traffic, the traffic is building with or with out a new road Brad.

Sadly what they fail to admit is that cities far bigger than Freo have massive road infrastructure in planning and construction.

Here are a few links to see what the world is building despite what a few dreamers think in freo.

Nordhavnsvej (Northern Harbour Link) Project, Copenhagen – Road Traffic Technology

Councils Push fThe Hamburg Port Authority’s Impressive IoT Project – Forbes #fremantleor Big Road Projects, well not Freo Council?

Fremantle Councils Ideology Over World Reality

Remember Fremantles council never lets the facts get in the way of one of  their  good stories.




Fremantle’s waterfront development ‘bigger than Elizabeth Quay’: Mayor

The City of Fremantle has a radical plan to transform land in front of Fremantle Harbour and the Swan River into one of the biggest waterfront developments Perth has ever seen.

Source: Fremantle’s waterfront development ‘bigger than Elizabeth Quay’: Mayor


Reading this I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

This is a council that can’t do maintenance on its own Town hall in a timely manner

This is a council that has watched various assets run into rack and ruin, warders cottages, with crazy ideas of getting loans to fix it so it could become social housing?

The Mayor who thought that losing Myers was no big deal? Look how that turned out.

Sitting back watching the hospital get slashed, only to make a noise in the dying months, closing the door after the barn burnt down.

The city that lost its footie team the Dockers, but made such a rubbish deal they can lose the team to another city and then the embarrassment of the dockers keeping the lease for the footie ground for the next 40 years or so?

The mayor and his idea of the Kings Sq project which was suppose to be become the catalysis for growth and rejuvenating Fremantle, instead its just added to keeping the CBD a dead heart. Seriously if this Mayor and council are not capable of getting a single government department to Fremantle what chance is there of this idea getting off the beer coaster.

Fly by night dying a death, deck chair theatre done, just one lose after the next.

Vandalism and crime is on the rise, parts of the city look like a ghetto, we have houses in town with squatters, back packers and camper vans treat the suburb like a public bath house.

Its  councils claim to fame or success was the skate park, where they spent over $2 million pouring concrete into park/reserve of the  city, which already has one of the worse hard covering areas in Australia, with a shocking tree canopy. According to 202020.

The high density plans has suburbs across the city up inn arms as our amenity just worse and worse.

Suburbs like North Freo would rather move to Mossie Park council control.

He claims to want to improve retail, but is selling off car parks with no visible plans to replace the lost space.

The debarcle  where the council approved a plan that cut down over a 100 mature on one block, in White Gum Valley, its a suburb name after trees and here is its council approving the whole block.

The worse ever rating from its residents in its history. Yearly rate rises, some of the highest in the state. the lowest election turn out in history. the last election more votes cast against the council than for it.

If they can’t run the basics it’s lunacy to think they could get a project like this of the ground even if it was a good idea.

Somehow in the Mayors reported thought pattern, its a good idea for the state government to turn down a $1.5-2 Billion dollar lease, (being not sold but rent out so we get it back) to get quarter of a $ Billion deal in land sales which will we not get back. How is that a good idea for the state. How is his idea at 1/8 of the revenue a better plan for the state.

So while he just rejected the idea of improving basic road infrastructure and seems happy to keep the traffic problems, that multiple suburbs have been complaining of for years, while planning to add thousands more people to the CBD only to compound the problems making everything worse.

So tell me the if the article came out on April 1st i get it, hahaha good joke, but seriously who do they think they are kidding with ideas like this when the simplest of routine  tasks appears to evade them does this scare you?

The state government comes up with some clangers but this council takes the cake.

The property market is dropping vacancies are rising, a forecasted  glut in the apartment market over the coming years, rental prices on office space has dropped, companies in Barnetts Betty’s jetty are pulling back or slowing development all this is happening and seemingly oblivious to all the above mentioned we read Brads latest thought burp.

It  doesn’t seem to will be happy till he kills off the last big functioning business in town, the port.

Scary shit.



Society election sizzle | Fremantle Herald Interactive


Source: Society election sizzle | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Tomorrow could be a big day for Fremantle future as its seems one of Fremantles last voices of preserving what Fremantle was, could be in the future or will be, is about to have a vote on whether we have a committee that protects freos heritage or whether its gets another groups which seems to on side with the mayors development crew. Who look to run rough shot over the few policies left to protect Fremantles heritage.

The link below has a lot more detail and the heralds link also tells a story.

A Tale of Two Cities

Like most things if you want a reasonable outcome balance is important if one of Freo’s last organizations is taken over by the development crowd the balance is out the window. It likens to the expression leaving the fox in charge of the Hen house.

The argument that this development is need to kick start Freos revival I think is a bit lost as its supposed main stay or kick off was suppose to be Kings Square which seems to have slipped away.

That as a separate issue, as the Fremantle Society FS asked questions of the Kings Square project and never got the answers allot like Martin Lees more in depth  questions on the Kings Square Business Plan and its lack some of financial information that is needed to justify the councils amazing financial outcomes.

If the the FS is gagged Fremantles future just got a little more dire. I know hard to think it would get much worse



Unions’ Gray day | Fremantle Herald Interactive


Source: Unions’ Gray day | Fremantle Herald Interactive

The link above is a thinking allowed article by Phil Mercer, Phil had sent me the unabridged version so here it is. I understand the heralds space for thinking allowed is about 500+ words, Phils is a little longer than that.

Reading this is a reason i know i couldn’t be in a political party, all the BS is just to much, I’m sure i couldn’t put up with it?

Phil “Page 5, Page 5, Thinking Allowed from the insightful and provocative Fremantle Herald, edited down from 1500 words to 527, still kinda got the gist.”

Anyway here is Phils full article;


Gary Gray takes the fall for Fremantle’s Union Queens

Rockingham’s Labor stalwart and Shadow Minister for Resources is having his Parliamentary career targeted by a concerted attack by the MUA/CFMEU Super Union and United Voice.


It seems an unlikely fate for an articulate warrior that has been such an asset to the ALP brand and a heart on his sleeve Labor man.


Gary Gray’s problems come from his refusal to sign the candidate’s pledge which dictates obedience to the State Secretary and the Campaign Director in campaigning for the office. Incredibly they use the actual work obey, not discuss or co-operate but O-B-E-Y OBEY. I haven’t met one Fremantle female who would allow that stipulation in their marriage contract let alone a work agreement. Clive Palmer could only dream of dictation.


The document is quite emphatic going on to request “I will act as the State Secretary and the Campaign Director direct me in carrying out my duties.” It begs the question, why would anybody sign such a document? And why when you are on the Federal executive, when you should be democratically voting in the interests of the people are you beholden to the State Secretary – (The Great Leader). In that situation anything could feasibly happen, a fair and just person the likes perhaps of a Simon Crean, Kim Beazley or Martin Ferguson could be replaced by any wild card. Do we really want to inadvertently endorse the views of a Joe McDonald or Dave Noonan whilst voting for the wholesome appeal of Mel Parke.


In the lead-up to the last Federal Election the Fremantle Herald graciously ran an article by myself urging the Browse Basin gas reserves to be processed onshore and the unprecedented billion dollar royalties to be spent on indigenous prosperity. LABOR LOSES BLUE. The project has subsequently gone offshore and state revenue lost despite a die hard, desperate and futile fight by Mr C Barnett.


I really was not expecting a response mainly because of Fremantle’s ingrained support of indigenous advancement and really what profile do I have? Just another pleb out there in the Valley, it’s the first time I have ever written to a newspaper and I had to check myself, or at least become comfortable with early onset crack-pot-ness.


I was truly flattered that none less than the current Minister for Resources and inexplicably Small Business wrote a passionate and reasoned defense. OFFSHORE JOBS A GRAY AREA. It left out any reference to Indigenous royalties, but nonetheless was an informative piece written by somebody with in depth knowledge that gave the public insights to the decision.


What was telling however was no comment from the then Fremantle based Minister for International Development Melissa Parke. Whilst the gist is it’s Gray’s area, the article was in The Fremantle Herald not the Rockingham Community News, in the lead up to an election the views of some misguided Liberal hippie are hardly his concern.


“I have never give in to bullies and I will not now”. Is Mr Gray’s statement that spiked my interest, because he forcefully seems to be acting upon it. If you are one of the thousands of construction workers who bristles at the totalitarian ‘no ticket no start signs’ or Coles employees who have had their wages traded off by the AWU then you’d be impressed too.


Depressingly it’s exactly Mr Gray’s stance on offshore builds that has him in the sights of the cashed up Super Unions wanting to terminate him. These are the same unions that support so generously the Political careers of Ms Parke, McGurk and Ludlum. In an act of Political suicide Gary Gray has pushed the self destruct button by provocatively blacking out parts of his Candidates Pledge, is Rockingham’s Sam Worthington casting for a remake of Jerry McGuire?


What would posses such a bespectacled Labor achiever to buck the system so courageously? The answer also lies in his attacks from the Electrical Trade Union. This being the mob that spent millions promoting the lie that Canning Candidate Andrew Hastie and his troops were war criminals and not regular members of the ADF. Perhaps he could not stand the thought of seeing those Anti Chinese Free Trade Agreement billboards parked outside his office and begrudgingly having to accept the laundered campaign money from his Union masters.


To add insight into the benefits of the China FTA is exactly the reason we need more politicians like our plucky hero.


The ETU’s cherry picked misinformation from the heavy volumes of the ChAFTA is “removes the requirement for mandatory skills assessment for ten occupations including: Electrician (Special Class)…” In isolation it sounds truly scary a little bit like “you have cancer” leave out the ‘but you will still live to 110’ bit and it’s not an accurate statement. The reason requirements like this are in the document goes to the heart of any trade agreement and will always benefit the more sophisticated country.


If for example Fiona Wood was sick of her name being tarnished from bad press about Australia’s most impressive hospital and wanted to manufacture her patented plastic skin in China, helping millions around the world and international affection for Team WA, then the only way to do this would be to send the only technicians in the world capable of setting up those miraculous machines. That’s right the Special Class Electricians from good old WA!


The ETU and Melissa Parke on the other hand are campaigning tooth and nail for our sons and daughters not to be able to engage with the world. They are saying that these same unique technicians will have to attend China’s version of TAFE and re-do their qualifications in Mandarin, and of course visa versa for the world wanting to bring its innovations here. Would Fremantle resident Ben Elton be forced to attend WAAPA until we thought his humour was properly Australian enough, or would we rather embrace his overseas success.  The rider of course is that the agreement does not affect our immigration or visa policies so the protections have always been in place. I’ll also concede that such complex agreements will never be perfect, but what in life is? Things can always be tweaked, there’s always another election. Where is the thrill of watching our children be challenged and prosper rather than shielded away on a Pacific/Indian Ocean island? Why should our offshore business pioneers live with the fear of their technology and companies being taken from them by unscrupulous Chinese officials?


Melissa Parke let Gary Gray publicly defend her from my claims about the benefits of onshore versus offshore Gas Processing, now The MUA, CFMEU, ETU, and Simone McGurk’s United Voice (formerly HSU) have lined up to execute Gary Gray’s political career. With friends like that who needs enemies?


Tragic that Gary’s best defence comes from the ALP member in Marrickville NSW. “They (Labor WA) are controlled by a set of left-wing militant unions who seem intent on expelling a politician who, I think, in fairness and speaking in a bipartisan way, has the respect really of all his colleagues within the parliament, including on the government side for the work that he has done as a minister.” Anthony Albanese told reporters in Canberra. And certainly not from his almost hostile Rockingham neighbour Mark McGowan who pointed out that the pledge has not changed in 20 years, great!


It’s interesting to see that nobody else seems to feel the confliction that is keeping Gazza up at night, as he pointed out; the state leader did not have to “ride a political horse, which is heading in two directions” like he did. Again it would seem that Ms Parke has no problem galloping along Michelle Payne style on her heavily backed steed.


My affection for the maverick Gary is only confused by the thought going through my head as I attended my teenage hero’s book launch at Notre Dame recently, it’s all very good listening to your principled stand on poker machines Peter Garret, but in the end you were a Frontbencher of a Party that owns a hell of a lot of Poker Machines!


Similarly Mr Gray you joined a Party that lets the Unions collect money from unwilling workers in the most blatant and aggressive manner whilst running a protection racket with the bosses.


If you run with the mob, sooner or later you will get a horse’s head in your bed, one way to stop it going in two directions I suppose.


Sincerely, well done, good luck. Lets hear what Melissa has to say?

Votes Cast Plunge for Fremantle Council, Shows Community Clearly Against Council Direction

Putting aside;

The best drive in the last 3 elections for candidates to run against fremantle council. Not one ward uncontested.

The huge amount of rate payers money spent on advertising by council to promote themselves.

The backing of two political parties in labor and the greens supporting their candidates

The sudden re emergence of several in active precincts.

Councillors throwing themseleves at the press with decade old ideas to get their faces in the media.

Council blowing huge amounts of cash on personal ideology to attract the political active  minority groups.

The $100, 000′ s of dollars on the perth freight link issue, with all councillors throwing themselves into it to draw ever drop of publicity possible. Considering not one of them have a solution to fix the ever worsening traffic issue in and around freo, abandoning freo residents to a decade of worsening dangerous traffic issues. Issues brought to WGV precinct for years now with nothing but lame answers.

All that and the Fremantle council clik took a huge hit in votes with a a higher % of votes cast against council than for it.

2013 53% of votes cast for council clik group

2015 46% of votes cast for councils clik group

So amazing that council thinks this vote was a vote for them but at well over 50% of the vote cast against them it tells a clear story, not to mention the damning 2015 community survey councils worst on record.

Pretty weak considering the 2 party support, the 1000’s of $ of rate payers money spent promoting themselves. $100’s of thousands or rate payers funds spent driving minority party political agendas.

All that for a huge hit in their voting support, tells a clear story doesn’t it. Step by step this council is out the door.


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