Fremantle Councillor Drive To Kill Off Local Business and Jobs

Source: Truck ban bid | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Lets look at the practicality of banning Trucks from Hampton Rd. Its Fremantle’s councils answer for everything ban, ban, ban.

All businesses west of Hampton Rd would be impacted with deliveries or operations that require trucks

The average brewery trucks are longer than a 20ft container truck, so that would make it quite difficult for pubs to get supplies.

No petrol for petrol stations west of Hampton Rd

I wonder how fishing boat harbour would function with no truck deliveries.

How would cruise ships get stores or deliveries on in Victoria Quay.

I guess that would make Little Creatures operations near impossible, no deliveries for them.

The council had an opportunity to redirect trucks off Hampton Rd by engaging with the state government to ensure that the Perth Freight Link did this function, leaving Hampton Rd only for necessary deliveries by trucks not through truck traffic. I guess they choose to not to ensure a good outcome for Freo.

Sadly as they are anti-car, anti-truck, anti road development they are also, anti business, anti jobs, anti development. You can’t have basic water front businesses that cant get deliveries. I guess this will make it difficult for businesses to move into Freo as they don’t know what our loony council will ban next. Bit hard to establish a business future with such instability.

Do they really think that they will be able to do all the development in Fremantle and ban containers at the same time.

I wonder how their events will run without containers?

When I drive down Hampton road the fastest traveling vehicles flying down the road are buses, trucks are stuck in the single congested lane with all the cars. the close calls I’ve seen for cyclists are the buses trying to overtake the bike riders without enough room for it when other vehicles are along side the bus.

You really wonder why a city ward councillor is trying to get traffic lights in Henderson, miles from Fremantles borders, this is the issue with many Fremantle councillors ,their constant meddling in others a fares, if they just stuck to relevant Fremantle issues which is what they are paid and there for.

Perhaps the real reason and timing for this story  is just another attempt by a councillor who has rarely been seen around town by the residents and ratepayers of the city ward, to get her profile out there for election time. Pretty sad a couple of months of community engagement ever 4 years.

Even sadder it must have been a slow news day for the herald to put his story on the front page of their paper, a rehashed idea that has been going on for 20 yrs plus, and the best the Councillor is promising is to lead a petition??? There is a reason its never been done, as with out a replacement route its a stupid impractical idea that shows little sense of the practicalities of life, business or common sense.

As a business and job killer its a great way to go. Fremantle already has a shocking reputation with delivery drivers as a place not to go to, business in town don’t need anymore challenges or extra costs.

What’s not surprising is this councillor Rachel Pemberton has spent her whole time saying what she is going to do, what she wants, I haven’t yet seen the action of representation, it seems to be all about her and what she wants.


Fremantle’s Broken Window’s

A few days ago I posted a blog titled Broken Windows Theory, does it fit Fremantle, this raise the association of allowing petty crime to go unpunished/unchecked to attract or encourage much more serious crime. Have a read it has lots of detail and links.

So today we see the Herald with an article of the growing Ice problem, ICE CONCERN GRIPS VALLEY ,  in the eastern side of WGV.

“In response to criticism that overgrown verges, scruffy council-owned sumps and sloppy maintenance in the parks are contributing to the problem, Cr Coggin says he’ll ask council managers to do better.”

These issues have brought to councils attention for years now, I have written about them on this blog, left comments on Roels freoview, called the council and made comments, spoken to councillors about these issues, been discussed at Precinct meetings. Its these issues that allow the environment or ambience to led people who are involved in these illegal businesses to think they can do these activities and no one will notice or care. Now to drive these illegal trades, dealers and users out will take  months if not years, hundreds of man hours from the police and lots of stress and concerns from the local residences.

Council is far to distract with all their world issues, party political agendas pet projects, and spend far to little time dealing with the basics of of our cities, I know verges will not get you on TV or your picture and story in the West Australian, but it would represent the concerns of the residents they should be representing.

Issues like Neighborhood Watch again not a flash sound bite for talk back radio, and would requre lots of effort but would better tend to locals concerns more than solar or wind farms . Herald quote “There was a strong desire from the residents to work together to combat the problem, and a suggestion from local precinct co-convenor Mark Woodcock to resurrect Neighbourhood Watch and the Safe Houses program received a round of applause.”

Council is about “Local not Global”. Instead they need to wait till residents are screaming for the issues to be dealt with before the basics are addressed.

Sadly the city is too distract by the mayors, big issues like electric cars, one planet and irrelevant nonsense, with no focus on the basics, children should not to find used needles in their parks. One resident raised a good point about the needle exchange in Fremantle if it enforces the policy of bringing back one to get a clean one? I guess drug addicts aren’t the most responsible of people for public health and safety

Children shouldn’t have to find drug baggies on the walk to school. Not to mention the long grass on verges is a great place for snakes to hide, with the Kim Beazley site in dug up state how many snakes have been driven out into the suburbs.

Its time for council to focus on the basics, over the months I’ve made many comments or blog on the lack of councils focus to the basics. Its disgraceful that these issues have to reach such a low point to get basic action from our so called elected representatives.

Just recently I wrote a post on called ” Fremantles Dangerous Street Sumps” look at the picture, drive past the sump all that was done is a new piece of plastic netting was replaced. Allowing as the police stated for drug dealers to stash drug, use as a place to hide etc. Again giving this anti-social group, criminals added space to operate their sick destructive business.

Soon another poor decision one widely argued against by residences of our city will kick off the J-Shed this will become another anti-social issue for city not to mention the plethora of other issues it will cause. This one the council was not just asleep at the wheel for they intentional drove it off the cliff. If WGV has its problem in a quite suburb with ICE imagine a venue like this what it will attract? Another council created problem to be solved in the future.

The question will be at what cost?

Fremantles Future, Where Are we Headed?

I am stuck behind a big yellow recycling lorry in Bristol, which this year became the UK’s first European Green Capital. It is collecting food waste from the special brown… Read more

Source: Bristol, the European capital of green nannying and bureaucracy » The Spectator

Take this story, remove the word Bristol and replace it with the word Fremantle, add a couple of years and you will see where Fremantle is heading with its current political ideological driven council, if things continue on the way they are.

A few choose cut & pastes to set the tone of the article, its long but the mintues it will take to read are a window to future freo.

“If you want to be a Green City, anti-car is what you have to be. And so when I finally make it past the wretched yellow truck, my journey continues to be blighted by the overweening traffic regulations with which we are now awash. We have a dense network of car-sharing lanes, bus lanes and cycle lanes strewn about our streets like chopped spaghetti. It’s dangerous, because to avoid falling foul of enforcement cameras it is necessary to veer from lane to lane while trying to read what times of which day you are allowed to drive where. I find it tricky enough and I live here; heaven knows how visitors cope.”

“And then there are the dozens of new 20mph zones, introduced at a cost of more than £2 million, and neatly denounced by one local councillor as ‘a total waste of time and money’. Our nitwit elected mayor, George Ferguson, voted for by less than 12 per cent of Bristolians, forced through this idea only to then be nabbed for speeding himself. The incident seemed emblematic of the city’s increasingly totalitarian brand of environmental idealism. Like fundamentalists the world over, here was our green leader failing to practise his own preachings while dismissing rational objections — such as the Swedish study which shows that 20mph zones increase accident levels due to the creation of a false sense of security.”

Any of this sound familiar to Freo? Our council is pushing for 10km/hr zones, try driving in that, it will be mixed zone, pedestrians, cyclists, skaters, wandering from any which way, between cars trying to drive safely to their destination, its just another Step in their Anti-Car Campaign. The wedge driven in a little deeper.

“In some situations, residents’ parking zones have a place, but predictably the mayor and the anti-car zealots have overdone it. In my own street, for example, there never was a parking problem — but now we have to pay to park in a designated bay. Parking is now harder for residents, because the total space to park in has been reduced. Tradesmen and even doctors, carers and district nurses have had to buy expensive permits in order to visit customers and patients without penalty. It follows that, as a city, our collective bill for both plumbing and healthcare has just gone up substantially.”

Looks Like freo’s plan when you read their Parking policy proposals?

“Worst of all, though, is the change in the city’s mood. Life here is feeling increasingly parochial, anal, nagged and petty. The boho artsy feel we used to have is being slowly strangled by a sanctimonious mayor and local authority who seem to want to colour-code our lives with a barrage of rules and regulations that simply make it harder to function. It may well be that the less we are able to go about our lives, the less carbon we produce — but Is becoming inefficient and dysfunctional an intelligent approach to preserving the planet?”

This is coming to Freo, greens lanes, armadillos, plans for 10km/hr speed zones, blocked streets, lost street parking, useless speed humps, sold parking sites the list just goes on.

“Of course we were promised rewards for our sacrifices: in return for giving up our cars, public transport would be improved. Precious little seems to have happened so far, though work is in hand to introduce a rapid-transit metrobus scheme, which essentially comprises building extra lanes for specially coloured buses.”

Fremantles Public Transport  dream is nothing more than a thought bubble (on a rate payer funded glossy brochure), that only a couple on council have conjured up, “light rail”, with no funding, just plans for more increases in parking fees and rates. The two major state partys  not even considering the possibility. All talk no delivery, but it sounds nice. Not even on main roads radar, they don’t even have enough road reserve to do it.

“Don’t get me wrong. I love this city, really I do. It is just a shame I now live in Bristol, the style-over-substance, ideology-over-common-sense, baby-out-with-the-bath-water Capital of Europe 2015.”

My thoughts exactly. Remember replace Bristol with Freo.

Hit the link the whole story is worth a read it will be like looking into a crystal ball to freo’s future. So Sad.


Councils Push for Big Road Projects, well not Freo Council?


Councils push for big projects

Amazing the city of Cockburn and Armadale are pushing for big road projects in the cities, guess why;

  • To combat major road congestion
  • Growth of the cities
  • To improve Productivity
  • Road safety
  • To make hotspots safer
  • To attract business
  • To attract good development
  • To improve employment prospects
  • Efficency

According to the Mayor of Cockburn, congestion erodes business competitiveness and impacts negatively on productively and employment.

So these councils say building a new road will help improve their city’s.

Yet Fremantle City Council believe a new road into Fremantle

  • Will destroy business
  • Kill off the city access
  • Make roads more dangerous
  • Add congestion
  • Stop development
  • Kill off employment
  • etc.

Does this not sound strange, other councils are fighting to get government development, business, infrastructure, etc  into their city ,yet COF  is doing its best to stop or drive it out.

A version of Perth Freight Link could bring a lot of opportunities to Fremantle, but only if the local government fights to get the best possible outcome for its design, just like other citys in Perth are doing for their developments. Instead our Council just says no they don’t want it.

Anti-car of course means anti-road, which leads to anti business, anti growth, anti development, anti employment.

Look around Western Australia, find a  place that’s really thriving, is it going forward by stopping cars getting to where the occupants/shoppers/visitors want to go?

Ones a plan for growth, the others a plan for vacancies, not hard to see how Freo’s plan is working out?

Fremantle Local Elections Starts with a Big COF Add


Thanks Rate Payers 4 $$$$$$$$ sign green


Looks the City of Fremantle has kicked off the 2015 Local government election with a great self promo in the Herald, great for the herald but you have to ask over months of little in the Herald from the COF all of a sudden its local election time and out comes a 3 page wrap for the Fremantle Council. Wham Front page!

When I first looked at it, I thought it was an article done by the Herald, it was not till I opened to the next page I realized it was an advertisement from the city. Amazing months of nothing and just before the local election rolls up, out comes an ad like that. Nothing surprising  about that I guess, timed nicely for the mayors letter to the paper as well. Don’t worry I’m sure it’s all a massive coincidence, right?

Mayor Brad Pettitt’s letter to the Herald claiming there is no party politics on council was a classic, does he really expect anyone who is watching what goes on to actually believe such statements. The fact that he is online saying it, in the herald saying it, just tells us that’s the perception in the community is different, otherwise why make the statement in the 1st place.

Possibly about as believable as the statement that Fremantle council does not have an anti-car image, just look at the parking space they have sold or curbed over and the Strategic Transport paper it’s all about driving cars out of Fremantle.

Who actually believes that party politics are not present on council, how many of them have run for state or federal government seats. Currently work for political parties or have worked for them in the past and or are/were members of political parties. The question is how much time and funds are diverted into policy or issues that these parties support and drive, opposed to what rate payers and residents really need. Could you find a council with more political influence, god I’d would feel sorry for that community.

Could explain why the public toilet situation is as bad as it is in Fremantle.

Just watch as we see precincts becoming active and groups like the Fremantle Network have started gearing up again, is it Spring or is there a local government election soon, but right, there’s no political group think bias at all?? Seriously?? I wonder if councillors seeking re-election will benefit off these activities, how much rate payer funds or assets are used to drive them?

Then he states again that he does not support candidates in the upcoming election, again why state what you are not doing, guess that’s a perception locals have and I wonder why?

Strange as last local election he did support candidates in the local elections and they do in general support his platforms on many issues.

Roel’s Freoview has a good article “NO PARTY POLICIES ON FREO COUNCIL PLEASE!” calling for NO Party politics in the upcoming election. Is that another who thinks that state and federal politics has too much influence at our council?

I wonder what a 3 page wrap around in the Herald would cost a candidate running in the local election, in the range of $10,000 I would think? Not a bad start for the local election, with a promo piece like that to kick things off even better when the rate payers pick up the cheque, who wouldn’t like that? Rate payers you say, well they seem to be seen but not heard?

The bottom line is if the Fremantle community are unhappy with how Fremantle is currently then they need to vote for change. Just look at that ad and they wonder why people are Cynical ?

One question to ask of new candidates is what affiliations they have to current Councillors and political parties? The answers to that could speak volumes.


leaders wanted



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