Fremantle Councils Anti-car Campaign Continues

Here we see again Fremantle’s campaign to drive out cars, keep cars, their drivers and their cash out of Fremantle.

Recently the Mayor Brad Pettitt was quoted that the proposed Perth freight link would cut Fremantle off from cars coming into the city hence crippling its economy. Sorry isn’t that what the Mayor and council having been doing for years, trying to keep cars out of Fremantle. They are doing their best to stop people in Fremantle even owning a car, as we saw from the city’s new car parking policy they just voted on at SGS.

These pictures attached are one of the reasons why cars aren’t coming into Fremantle, its part of the anti-car campaign.

This street and many others have worked fine for decades, this one with a pedestrian crossing just a 100m or so up the street supplies constant windows to give you an easy safe access out to do a right hand turn on to Phillimore St from Pakenham Sts, T-junction.


The island just in front makes it harder to turn off Short St into Pakenham.  Also making it more dangerous to turn onto Pakenham as now you have to pull into the lane of traffic heading north, which view is partially blocked by the building.

Where as you can see from the google maps pic, before was a much safer and sensible design.

Driving in Fremantle is not just a simple task of watching where traffic should be coming from but also watching for the cyclists and skateboarders riding on the wrong side of the road or the wrong way down a one way street. Here is a clear example of where the city change has made this intersection more dangerous.

On Adelaide St another classic of their anti-car strategy that actually makes the design more dangerous for all road users, this gem I have already complained to the city about when it was 1st done. At the time I also pointed out that apart from the design being stupid and completely void of common sense has no warning signs for users of the street that a modified road layout is ahead.


Now we see it littered with broken temporary road signs, no painted curbs or reflective signs to signal the hazard ahead. When you come around the corner from Parry St to turn left onto Adelaide St, you veer right so you can turn left, makes sense? To make it worse before it was a merging road, now you have to do a 90% turn to get out on the street, your wing mirrors being obsolete for this manoeuvre, so you must drive left while looking right. The other challenge I found on my first navigation of the road disaster was, I had a cyclist coming against the flow of traffic up the green lane towards my left, with a bus on my right, you can’t look 2 ways at once.

It’s all this constant road modification that makes driving in Fremantle more difficult and dangerous for all road users. It’s clearly just part of the anti-car campaign to discourage drivers from coming to town. So Brad, no need to worry about Barnett’s Freight Link killing off access to Freo, your constant screwing up of the road network and parking has beaten Barnett to the punch.

A quote from Brad from the  The Wests piece, “We’ve been putting in so much effort trying to bring Fremantle back to life economically. This is one of those macro issues that could undo a lot of that good work.” Brad what you are blaming on Barnett is something you are doing right now, Brad the macro issue is that if people can’t park they don’t come, if driving around to find a parking space is a massive pain in the ass they just go somewhere else next time. Every booming shopping precinct has reasonable traffic flow and lots of free parking, fremantle has neither, no cars, no vibrant economy, well not unless he can point to an example in here in WA, somewhere to prove different.  Freo mayor warns over Link hazard

After a decade of decline can’t they see their direction is not working, trying to pin Fremantle’s future outcome on Barnett is lame to say the least, for sure he hasn’t done us any favours but his road if and how or where it happens has no effect on the last decade of Fremantle’s Decline. The legacy Brad will leave is the Mayor who helped choke the life out of Fremantle with his councils anti-car ideology, you will regularly hear council say they are not anti-car, but their actions tell a different story?

Anti- parking policy for new developments

Selling off carparks

Cancer like death of street parking

Hazardous road modifications

Anti-car transport Policy

Policy to develop over car parking at the train station

Festivals taking over the streets

Removal of Parking permits for future developments in the CDB

Ridiculous speed limit proposals of 10km/hr

Trying to attempt to restrict car ownership in the suburbs to one car (see you tube clip)

Creating more rat runs through the suburbs with closures of side street exits or entries

Adding density to suburbs without traffic impact modelling to suburbs (the constant complaints from McCabe St precinct)

Plans to close streets to cars completely.

Complicated residents parking system for the CBD

The list just goes on and on.

This is not about being anti bikes, cycling should be encouraged as it adds another dimension to the city but not increased by driving out motor traffic.

After watching Brads you tube interview, ask some questions

Where does Brad live in a small apartment or a big house, how many people live in it?

Where does Brad park his car in Fremantle, who pays for his parking space who pays for his car?

How many parking permits does the city hand out to its staff for free parking in the CBD?

Its ok for them to drive cars, park in the CBD, but not for the rest of us, sounds pretty hypocritical to me.

From the interview it’s clearly a message of, Do as I Say, Not As I Do – (Says) Council



Fremantle Port Sale Could Cripple City’s Economy: Mayor,,,,,,,Seriously?

The Barnett government’s plans to privatise the Fremantle Ports could drag the port city into an economic malaise it may never recover from warns, Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt. Brad isn’t it a bit late to blame that on someone else?

WA Today on economic downside of Freight Link

Source: Fremantle port sale could cripple city’s economy: Mayor

I thought Fremantle is in an economic malaise, retail is already pretty crippled as it is? Talk of selling the port crippling the city is petty scare mongering talk, especially when we have no idea what a new lessee of the port would do or bring to the table? Or what conditions would be placed on them by the government. Further to that the city had no real control of the plans the FPA had or has anyway, FPA are free to do as they will and currently do. Could the fear mongering be any more dramatic than with catches cries like “an economic malaise it may never recover from warns, Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt.” Its seems the mayor is trying to build fear into our community, perhaps to aid in the councils plan to blow $100, 000.00 of ratepayers and residents on a politically motivated electioneering agenda either for his own profile or that of his council team running into the next round of local elections? Fremantle’s $100,000 Fighting Fund Deferred.

The city over the last decade has been on a pretty much downward trend with no real light at the end of the tunnel.

What also comes across as strange is a council and mayor that have been doing their best to drive cars out of Fremantle, are now complaining that the state government are putting in a bi-pass to make traveling past Fremantle by car quicker?

I don’t see it making Fremantle any harder to get into. The council has been actively doing their best for years to achieve that for car users, with the selling of car parks, more road obstacles, talk of closing cars to streets, removing street parking which is like a cancer spreading across the CBD.  Plans to drop the speed limit in the CBD to 10km/hr, another councillors drive to make the whole greater speed limit thru the suburbs city to 30km/hr. Crazy parking policies, for residents actively encouraging developers not to have sufficient parking in new developments, the list is endless. It is our current council and Mayor who have actively made Fremantle a harder place to drive into, park, and given Fremantle’s its anti-car image that is to blame for helping to cripple our CBD’s economy over the last decade. Now to point fingers at a port that may be sold, or a road that may be built, for causing Fremantle’s demise is quite laughable.  If they want to see who has driven car users cash out of Fremantle look in the mirror, not now blame the State government for keeping cars out of Freo by roads that have not been built is ridiculous. Its just playing politics and a bit more state government bashing to cover the truth or misdirect blame and accountability of their own actions.

The loss of places like Myers really drove the nail into the coffin for retail. Encouraging the homeless and street begging, encouraging graffiti, anti-social behaviour, drinking, drug issues with their go softly attitude or just plain ignoring the issues, actively has driven shoppers out of Fremantle, as we have seen retailers complain about in the press. We recently see an increase in police activity (More Cops) to start stamping down on these issues. About time, as lately we have seen a councillor criticizing the police for pulling up bike users for not following the road rules, a mayor who has actively criticized the police for the giving tickets to cyclists not complying with basic road rules. These actions all send a clear message don’t worry about the rules or law. A mayor who encourages graffiti vandalism. We’re Freo, we are above such mundane issues as the laws of WA, hence we have the issues we have.

The city’s own  strategic transport policy makes it hard for cars to get into, travel around, park and get out of Fremantle, now they blame the Perth Freight Link for doing what they have been trying to do for years, please?

I pretty much think selling off assets to pay for today’s state government debt is pretty short sighted and bad for our long term future but I don’t think these arguments will go far with Barnett’s Boys. What is concerning is the councils current record of dealing with the state government to get positive outcomes for Freo (i.e. a tenant for Kings Sq DOH, shark nets, ocean pool, any real investment in Freo actually). Strangely the council is involved in the same activity as the Barnetts government by selling off city assets that are critical to the city future ie parking. Does that not strike anyone as hypocritical, perhaps Brad is going to run under a liberal flag for his run at state or federal politics?

Do we really think they can hit the winning runs considering we are 9 wickets down in the last over needing 40 to win? Will they be able to get a more positive outcome on these issues or will their anti- government on everything ideology seal our fate?

A concerning issue is that Mayor Brad pettitts comments that the new freight link will cut access to the CBD from the north and east. Now while I’m sure the mayor’s office has access to documents the average resident doesn’t, in all the plans I have seen for the Perth Freight link I have not seen one that cuts access to the old traffic bridge from Stirling Hwy.  If this road is still operational how will it change access to the CBD from the north. As it has been a bottle neck for years?

If no changes are made to Canning Hwy coming into Fremantle, as Stirling Hwy crosses it, how will that effect people coming into Freo’s CBD from the east? In any case the cities own transport policy doesn’t list Canning Hwy as a mayor or primary traffic link anyway.

If Marmion Street is supposed to have an underpass or fly over how will that effect people travelling into Freo from the east?

Apart from access to Freo from High St it seems pretty much as it was before. Which speaking of bottle necks is what happens as you cross over Ord St the carry on of Hampton Rd right now. Requesting a slip road off the new link onto the existing High St could solve this and would not be a big deal?

If the traffic coming in and out of Fremantle was a concern for the Mayor Brad Pettitt you think he would think twice before trying to  drastically increase density on thoroughfares like South St, which is already burdened at peak hours. This density will only make South St worse for congestion and more dangerous for users. As all of these residents will have cars, despite his fantasy ideas that an imaginary rail system down South St will take all these new residents to where they wish to go in the time they have, of course it won’t. I wonder if the city has had any professional independent traffic modelling done on these scenarios, especially as if High St is closed to the CBD, what impact will it have on South St as it gets an increase in traffic?

If the city has plans or info they should make it available to the general public so we are as well informed as possible, to make our own decisions, as taking their word for it is a bit much to swallow, especially as we have seen how they handle community engagement information over major projects,  the esplanade, J-shed, Kings Sq business plan, to name a few. Transparency is not a word you would use to describe them,  not unless it started with “Lack Of”. It is clear their own political agendas are their primary focus.

I find it quite hypocritical of our council and Mayor when they are shocked at the lack of detail from state government, when they continually do the same thing  to residents and ratepayers of Fremantle, maybe the heading for this story should be “The pot calling the kettle black”

It’s starting to look like the mayors plans to revitalise the city of Fremantle have failed his “Lets finish what we started” campaign is looking more like “Let’s start what we talked about last time”? So now of course Fremantle’s future economic failure looks to be blamed on the state government not the councils last decade of failure. As we see in last weeks Herald the mayor Brad Pettit preparing his exit from local government as he looks to bigger and better things like state or federal government. I guess he needs to lay the blame on someone for the cities last decade of decline, so pointing it at Barnett’s government would certainly appear to suit his political agenda and appeal to certain groups in our community. For sure the state government has a lot to answer for the lack of focus on Fremantle, be it Liberal or Labor, but our council is front & centre on this issue.

Perhaps instead of all the scaremongering being done by council they should approach this with a positive drive to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved by ensuring any road or tunnel has the best possible connections to get commuters in and out of the CBD. That of course would mean fixing the parking mess they the council and mayor created in town in the 1st place. If we get a more efficient road network in and out of town it could bring more people in then of course they would need somewhere to park.

So fingers crossed if the state government puts a tunnel through under WGV or such to join the Roe Hwy connection, saving all of the homes on High St, Leach Hwy, saving all the trees by the golf course, what then will be the Mayors objection to the road, as his concerns of cutting off Freos’s CBD will not be relevant?

I wonder where the Committee of Perth sits on this issue are they pro or anti Perth Freight Link?

Some articles to read

Fremantle’s Real Problem, Too Much Politics in Council

Fremantle port on Barnett Budget sale list

WA budget 2015: Fremantle Port part of WA $5b sell-off

WA Budget: Fremantle Port set to be sold in Government asset sales



Fremantle Parking Policy Before Full Council Tonight

no car

Fremantle’s night to see if the COF is about Rate Payer and Resident Amenity or Anti-Car Ideology

One of the purpose of the council is too ensure that rate payers and residents amenity is improved or at least not eroded.

So tonight the residents and rate payers of fremantle will see what is the case.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this report is to present an amended version of the City of Fremantle’s Residential and multi-purpose parking permit policy to the Strategic and General Services Committee for consideration and adoption. The report provides commentary on the objectives of the amended Residential and multipurpose parking permit policy and discusses the results of a community survey conducted in September 2014.

A great quote from some residents in fremantle that i was sent on the issue,

Interestingly if the Council was to do some comparisons with Australian and international cities that have grown to achieve significantly higher population densities (you can look as close as City of Perth, or inner-city Sydney, or inner-city Brisbane, or inner-city Melbourne or as far away as San Francisco) that not only do they provide parking permits for residents, they generally provide more, at much lower cost, and also prioritize residents. I guess those Councils must think making a place attractive to live will encourage more people to live there. CoF seems pretty keen on driving the few that already call the CBD home away.

So far voting in SGS For the issue;

Cr Andrew Sullivan,

Cr David Hume,

Cr Sam Wainwright,

Cr Dave Coggin,

Cr Robert Fittock

Quote from the agenda, 323 responses were received on Survey Monkey with 4 emails, 2 letters and an email submission from the Beaconsfield Precinct.

A statistical summary of survey responses has been included in this report as Attachment 4. Within the survey, questions 7 & 8 allowed respondents to articulate their thoughts and opinions in free text. Copies of all 212 public comments have been provided to Elected Members as a confidential attachment to this report (Attachment 5). Due to the volume of comments received, paper copies have been printed and placed in the Councillors lounge for review.

Why are the public comments kept from the public view, whats confidential about any of that?

You Tube story about Fremantle Parking and Housing diversity

Fremantle’s New Parking Policy

At Fremantle’s next full council meeting, the council will consider the new council  parking policy for residents, link here to the meetings agenda.

Its an issue I have spoken about many times before, I have included links to the Heralds parking curbs article from October 2014. Also the interview I had back on WTV “Fremantle Parking Curbs”  from last year when I raised attention to the anti-car tack taken by CoF. Strange a council that wants to reduce the parking its residents and rate payers can use, yet supplies some 200 car parking bays free to its staff, sends a bit of a mixed message doesn’t it? What happened to their drive for workers to use PT to commute to and from work. While the council encourages its own staff to use cars with free parking right in the heart of the CBD.

Its interesting when you watch Brad talk on the WTV interview, he seems to think that if you live in the CBD, “you don’t need a car” so I guess that means, if you live in CBD you don’t need to leave Fremantle or go down south, even in an electric car.  Does that means people who own electric cars cant live in the CBD in Fremantle? Quite confusing really, Brad wants an electric car charging network, going down south but thinks we don’t need CBD parking spaces for residents, we need charging stations but not bays to park the cars in? This sort of ideology left common sense a long time ago.

The sad comparison of Fremantle with European cities or high density cities in the Americas is ridiculous. If they think bike riding will be as popular in fremantle as it is in places like Holland which is just dead flat. The biggest challenge to bike riding east to west or vise versa in freo is not the lack of a dedicated bike track, its the 2 big hills up south st. To think a parent with an infant will tackle that in + 30degrees C with shopping onboard riding a bike is ridiculous. That’s why as CoF continues to make car parking more challenging, shoppers make other shopping precincts their destinations. With out the mass of shoppers using freo as a destination, the businesses continue to leave, driving even the CBD residents to shop  more and more at other centres.

The councils primary function is representing the rate payers and residents of Fremantle, judging from the agenda for the upcoming parking policy item the community submissions and surveys tell a difference story from the direction council is heading, nothing new there I suppose? Especially since the council has decided to treat the 200 public comments on the subject as a confidential attachment.

So now we can wait and see whether common sense and the rate payers wishes guides council or is it their anti-car agenda.

Fremantle Special Projects Committee Last Night ITS

no cars

Well the wheels almost fell off the committee last night as after 6pm they were struggling for a forum, so final they kicked off with 7 out of 12 councillors.

Bill Massie started off the night with a straight up, common sense, good governance, real representation question to the fill-in chair, Brad Pettitt. (Brad was filling in as the chair and vice chair where no shows) Bill asked if it was appropriate to go ahead with voting on motion before them, as at that moment the COF did not even know what Fremantle will be, whom it will effect, what suburbs it will impact and whether it was appropriate,  for those suburbs. Not to mention if suburbs are added to Fremantle those new residents would have had no say or voice in the process, welcome to Freo, better get use too it right?

Bill raised the issue of budgets and the impact from adding suburbs and what feasibility studies had been done, sounds sensible, good questions?

Brad hand balled to the CEO, he gave the answer a crack then a quick hospital pass out too to the acting director Paul Garbett, whom gave a fairly long answer, though I must say Mr Garbett seems to be a pretty switched on guy.

Needless to say Bill concerns where brushed over like normal and the rest of the council voted in favour of the motion.

The councils ITS Integrated Transport Strategy, was pasted through so COF delivered a strategy that pretty much will be done by someone else other than the COF. Most of these thing are out their control so mostly it’s a wishful thinking list. How I believe the Transport Authority is also so about to release a strategy, so instead of waiting to see what they have done and coordinate Freo’s ITS with a group capable of delivering actual outcomes? Freo’s has just happily made up a plan, they need someone else to actually deliver.

COF will assist the strategy by closing streets buses run on, selling the car parks, removing car parking from the west end, limiting time to max of 4hrs in the suburbs for street parking, one car per house limit, making Hampton Rd dangerous for trucks to drive on, adding more bike lanes, did I mention selling off car parks, putting a road thru the esplanade. While wishing for thousands of jobs to suddenly appear in the city where clearly there is an exodus leaving.

I believe we will get more and more people living in the city, but for the council’s figures to be achievable how many thousands of permanent full time jobs do we need in the city? Currently we see a glut of office space around Perth another 150,000sqm or so of new space coming on line this year, 15% vacancies and increasing and Freo’s plan, is to add another 70,000 sqm of office space, what developer in their right mind would build office space on some of the most expensive real estate in WA when there is a massive and increasing amount of vacancies? So the councils ITS strategy really only works if all the people coming to Freo are going to work by walking cycling to work, or are using easily accessible PT routes.

Their ITS plan is to more than quadruple bike riding as a transport means for going to work, triple walking as mode of transport to work and almost 1/2 the use of cars in 15 yrs?

Who’s to say someone living in Freo will work anywhere near Fremantle, gone are the days when people had jobs for 20yrs, the workforce is possibly more transient than it has been in years, just look at the FIFO situation?

The ITS plan is made around the personal ideologies of council, like one planet not around the reality of the situation we are in. Is there anything wrong with one planet ideas no but if we follow that blindly without looking at the reality of demographics and geography we are in, I think Freo will end up a lot worse off than it is now?

How will parents get kids to day-care, kindie or school then go to work, return from work, collect the kids, do the shopping, go to after school activities, doctor appointments and specialists to squeeze in etc, etc, is all this to be bike or foot powered? Time becomes more and more critical. Stand in front of any school in Freo and count how many bikes you see coming to drop off kids now compare that to the amount of cars, that’s reality.

Currently according to ABS WA homes about 40% have 1 car, over 33 % have 2 cars, over 12 % have 3 cars or more, that’s not including motorbikes, scooters, caravans, motorboats, sailboats, jet skis, trailers, campers, RUV’s etc. Where will we keep these things with a max one car per house policy and time limited street parking? Fremantle 1 car per household is 8% higher than the states average!

Now these number are increasing not decreasing so reality is going in one direction, Fremantle council’s ideology driven policy seem to be is heading in quite the opposite?

Anyway don’t believe everything I say have a read of the policy and decide for yourself, click onto the link it will take you to the daft discussed at last night’s meeting. I have only just highlighted a few of the clangers this policy has.

One sensible idea is to increase the CAT bus service, but they can’t increase it now as they can’t afford to?

A couple of other highlights below,

No trucks on Hampton Rd, how will fuel stations get petrol, how would all the marine industry survive at fisherman’s harbour, let’s have more jobs in Freo but no trucks which many need to function, maybe Little Creatures can get supplies and make deliveries by bike? Let’s not even mention all the businesses along Hampton road that need truck access to function? The classic last year council approved a restaurant to be built just of Hampton road on the west side and 2 weeks later pasted a motion not wanting container trucks on Hampton Rd. Yet the restaurant concept they approved was based on the restaurant being built out of 40ft containers, which they applaud as an innovative idea, the real innovation now will be how to get the containers there.

No Cars in the CBD?

Rail down South St, who’s going to pay for that?

No primary road transit corridor going north?

Increasing rail use but a better access from CBD to Port, will we have a tunnel or bridge?

Better visual and physical access to fisherman harbour but tripling the rail going through there that will make all the new home owners happy in South Freo?

On their Map Freo is a bigger destination than Booragoon or Gateways, who’s kidding who?

They oppose the Roe 8 great, but if it comes what’s the point in planning like it’s not, I believe main roads has upped the tempo to bring it in even quicker.

Do they seriously believe taking away car access to Fremantle will help retail or attract new business? The ITS really is just a big anti-car policy, though they end take pains to say it’s Not? Just google anti-car Fremantle and it’s enough reading for the night. If there is smoke there’s fire?

no car

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