What is Fremantle?


Over the weekend we saw a heavy community backlash against the process of amalgamation, so what will this mean for Freo?

As the once to be greater City of Fremantle, we have lost East Freo which I think would have added a new depth to our city.

What happens to areas of Fremantle that where going to Melville?

What happened to the areas of Melville that are suppose to come to Fremantle?

What happens to areas of Cockburn coming to Fremantle?

Fremantle and Cockburn depending on what the State does, could end up being smaller than they are currently? How does that effect the budget and decision making process of our councils

Today I read and heard that this morning the Premier had admitted that amalgamation had failed but was talking to the party to see where next? This afternoon no amalgamation and council changes would happen without council approval, what does that mean, we already know Freo and EF council have cut deals on amalgamation, so does that mean the Premier is listening to the Poll or a Chat with the Mayor?? quote “By the afternoon, the Premier had clarified his comments, telling reporters no amalgamations or boundary changes would happen without the support of councils.

Then later I hear reported that all focus would be quote”He said the proposed City of Perth Act, to enable the capital to acquire Vincent and parts of the western suburbs, was the “immediate focus now”.

How does council tomorrow night have a Special Committee meeting and vote on Policy when they don’t even know what suburbs will be effected by the policies, surely making a policy for 26000+ residents or just under 60,000 is a little bit different god know it must effect the cost??

So in the process of good governance how can a council bring policies into place without knowing what suburbs it will even effect. I suppose that makes it clearer for the broader community, to see if the policy they make are based on their own ideology or whats the need and representation of their residents? Considering they don’t even know what residents and suburbs they will have? Must make it harder speaking for the silent majority when u don’t know who they even are?

which way confusion

Fremantle Engagement


On the City of Fremantle’s website is a page called Community Engagement.

This is where the city places surveys on projects developments, polices and such like for the community to find so you can have your say in in regards to the policy, development or survey that they are asking for your input on.

The City of Fremantle is currently developing a new Economic Development Strategy for 2015 – 2029 that will build on the achievements of its 2011 – 2015 strategy. It closes on 16/02/2015. 

So to be fair if you wish to comment on the city’s direction this is a good place to start. Whether they take any notice of the surveys input is a matter for debate, still if you wish to express your self on the record this is a good place to start.

Have a say on the Economic Development Strategy click here. God knows it will have  to be a hell of a strategy?

Some of the questions are quite amusing and very leading the parking is one i had a chuckle about, plus the beggaring situation, first they invite them to Freo, when Perth pushed them out, then strangely its doesn’t seem to have worked out  for our COF and have now limited the locations for non commercial begging?? But i heard at chambers a couple of weeks ago that all charity collectors have been banned from the High St Mall as i understand it.? From one extreme to another ???

Anyway click on the link above and give the city some direction, they need all the help they can get.


Fremantle Beach Chaos


Sunday I was down at Port and Leighton beach.

It wasn’t even 8am and the place was packed. The parking at the entire beach area is completely insufficient.

The real issue is safety a concern, due to inadequate parking and poor planning, it leaves a dangerous situation with people, children trying to cross the busy Port Beach Rd at multiple places.

I have written about this issue before but I doubt it will get far with the current Anti-car stance that the City of Fremantle councillors have. So I guess a direct call to the only councillor that shows any common sense on this issue, Bill Massie. Though poor Bill will have a fight on his hands as when he brought up the simple issue of public toilets for the CBD being insufficient, he was scoffed at by councillors.

I fear that the poor parking layout in regards to crossing a busy road will lead to a severe injury/accident or death.

This area is getting busier and busier with plans to increase the amount or residential area, 2 restaurants and now plans for a wave machine in the area, drawing in more people. Let’s hope anyone adding business to the area adds sufficient parking as well, God knows the council won’t enforce it.

The local surf club with over 500 nippers should be much better supported by basic stuff like parking, it’s great to see so many families giving their kids an opportunity where young ones learn life skills and can go on to do community services with beach patrols, plus having an active life.

Strangely when looking up the roads on google maps and google earth, it surprised me too see that a google maps shows a restaurant on the beach but does not show a SLSA club location or the fact that’s it’s a patrolled beach, hours operations etc. Which would be a great service or info for visitors to our great city, I have dropped that suggestion to COF and SLSWA.

surf boat over



My response to the blog post above.

46% of the vote in i guess all this is a little late.
Closing the doors after the horse has bolted, so to speak.

Clearly EF residents have organized themselves to run this campaign,
If they look at what Burt St is facing,
Issues like Jshed,
Poor community consultation
The concerns at McCabe St,
Concrete in our Parks,
Esplanade given away for events to use for free and rate payers picking up the restoration costs,
Simple things like rubbish collection at major sites a ongoing issue,
Inappropriate developments for areas.
100+ mature trees cut at Kim Beazley site.
Sale of city assets, i.e. parking?
Empty shops
$50,000,000.00 outstanding maintenance,
Anti-car attitude
Housing diversity policy
Parking Policy
Poor anti graffiti policy or even a pro graffiti policy
Encouraging CBD begging, then moving it around or banning in certain places??????
A state government that doesn’t want to invest in Freo
No public facilities and closing existing ones in and around the CBD
i could go on,

You wonder why they are concerned??


Fremantles Councils, Anti-car Message, Out of Touch with Community Reality??

car mrk2car mark1

I went out to run some errands this morning and dropped in at the Fremantles Growers Green Market, great crowd though it looked like it might rain, the place was pumping.

What was surprising is the amount of cars at the event, not that its bad but the parking areas where packed, and looking like they where quite well run. Clearly an organizer who understands that supplying parking is crucial as there where attendees in high-vis giving directions and nicely controlling the steady flow of traffic.


Then I had to see someone in Nth Freo so popped by Leighton to see how the carnival was running, nippers had their day between Port and Leighton beach. Again the message council is spruking on car use, has little effect on few, the beach south of port to out past cables was packed, every last space was packed with cars and thousands have been enjoying our great beaches.

So the question begs when will reality hit home to council, cars are an everyday part of the average West Australians life, to think any different, just flies in the face of reality.

All the comparisons with Europe, Canada etc, on car use, concrete, parking, made me do a quick google search as i remember a story from Sth beach (Miami USA) some years back about a shopping centre and its car park, good old google 20 seconds in  I found it, so another car installment coming soon, to keep a little balance and reality to the discussion.


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