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46% of the vote in i guess all this is a little late.
Closing the doors after the horse has bolted, so to speak.

Clearly EF residents have organized themselves to run this campaign,
If they look at what Burt St is facing,
Issues like Jshed,
Poor community consultation
The concerns at McCabe St,
Concrete in our Parks,
Esplanade given away for events to use for free and rate payers picking up the restoration costs,
Simple things like rubbish collection at major sites a ongoing issue,
Inappropriate developments for areas.
100+ mature trees cut at Kim Beazley site.
Sale of city assets, i.e. parking?
Empty shops
$50,000,000.00 outstanding maintenance,
Anti-car attitude
Housing diversity policy
Parking Policy
Poor anti graffiti policy or even a pro graffiti policy
Encouraging CBD begging, then moving it around or banning in certain places??????
A state government that doesn’t want to invest in Freo
No public facilities and closing existing ones in and around the CBD
i could go on,

You wonder why they are concerned??


East Fremantle Voting on Amalgamation

ball and chain

CityofFremantle map

Saturday 7 February 2015 in the Town of East Fremantle, votes on amalgamation.

There seems to be a strong movement of locals in EF to block or stop this part of the state’s amalgamation process. I have an opinion but this is a decision best left for EF electors to resolve. In the best interests of democracy let’s hope they get a good turn out as this will give the best true reflection of electors wishes.

Notice to Electors

Full page add in the Herald, you will need to look at page 5 of the 17/1/2015. The article makes some good valid points, worth reading.

The most important point raised, which is something I have mentioned in past posts is the issue of elected members, Mayors positioning themselves for a commissioners appointments in their own city, to run council till a new body is elected. Could you think of anything more detrimental to the democratic system than allowing current elected members and individuals, to be appointed commissioners who could then run for the coming election? This is a massive conflict of interest, isn’t it?Them to have virtually unvetted control over our cities operation, finances, budgets, manning, contracts, planning, etc. poor decisions could leave us financial crippled for years to come.

I think the minster would be wise to appoint an independent commissioner, to run the city till a new council could be elected. This commissioner should also be ineligible to run for an elected position, (this removes any concerns of acting in self-interest or bias) it would be in the best interest of a true democratic election or process. Not hard, just ensure that the commissioner/s are not a resident or rate payer of the new Greater City of Fremantle.

Further in the interests of real or true democracy, ensure that no delaying tactics are used to extend the commissioner/s appointment time by guarantying an election as soon as possible i.e. come Oct 2105 we should go to polls to vote in a newly elected body, as recommended by the Local Government Advisory Board. Surely it would be in the Minister best interest to have a smooth transition and to have a truly independent commissioner/s, well it would be a good start? Not ones that have questionable self-interests in taking up the roles?

More importantly no real community consultation on this issue at all, just elected members sitting in chambers voting for themselves to be appointed. If that’s not self-interest what is????? The government will leave themselves very open for public scrutiny and criticism by appointing a non-independent person, should anything go wrong, well its they who will be held publicly accountable.

No wonder people in East Fremantle want to put a stop to amalgamation.

One last point on amalgamation the government has put out a list of pros and cons, the pros are pretty much opinion, they are yet to be proven, watch out for that coolaid.

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Independence Day 4 Freo

crosses southern

Come July 2015 a commissioner or commissioners will be appointed as care takers of the new greater, City of Fremantle (COF).

This individual or group will be in place till a new COF council is elected, supposedly in Oct 2015.

As this commissioner is not elected by the electors of the new Fremantle but appointed by the minister for local government,  we would hope they would be an independent individual or group, just to keep Freo ticking along till the new COF council is elected.

Nothing new for issues to before COF council for more than a year,  so hopefully the commissioners have limited power or authority,  to keep the amenity for ratepayers and residents functioning, leaving issues, like budgets, policy, major decisions to the new in coming council.

Independent what does this mean in this situation, someone who is?

  • Unbiased
  • Impartial
  • Neutral
  • Un-involved
  • Unprejudiced
  • Detachable
  • Fair
  • Objective
  • Equitable

So the question is what sort of person will the minister appoint to this position?

Will they for fill these points above, someone who’s there as a care taker, just to mind the shop, till a real representative body is elected by voters in Freo to get on with business.

So it begs to question how could a person who is currently working for the city or an elected member of the old entity, or anyone who intends to run for the new election possibly be independent.

So I find it quite disturbing that the current council wants to attempt to influence the ministers appointment of commissioners to be made up, by putting forward themselves.

Further they already have decided to attempt to delay elections till possibly mid 2016. This is a council that has already had 2 special electors meetings called due to community concerns about due process (making decisions in the best interest and procedure for the residents and rate payers.

Is this the best independent body the minister could appoint for the duration of 1st july 2015 till elections are held.

If something controversial has to happen in this time, the minister would be clearly open for criticism, something I’m sure the opposition, anti-amalgamation crowd and press/media would love.

I think the government has learn good lessons from Canning,  Cockburn etc, so true independent commissioners seem the best way forward.

Roel has some great points on this issue and some great comments from locals,  the ones who will have to live with whomever the minister appoints



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