Great Community Meeting Tuesday Evening

leaders wanted

Thanks very much for the great turnout for last night’s meeting. It was great to see such a diverse attendance, we had representative’s from 4 precincts which was really great. I appreciate everyone’s efforts on such short notice

Thanks to everyone who came your interest, questions and participation was encouraging.

Thanks to Martin and Craig for the presentation it was very enlightening, plus the Q and A was really informative, everyone loved the detailed info, which has made this issue easier to understand for all who attended. For everyone who filled out the attendance sheet the presentation will be emailed out for your info for you to pass out to friend’s neighbours, family and anyone who’s interested.

Shortly I will organize a system to post the whole presentation here on the site, so it’s easy to pass onto friends, then people can ask questions as well, keeping in mind that know we don’t have access to some of the very important information as this is being kept confidential from us the rate payers and residents.

We will be working to set up more of this community based meetings or workshops to help people understand the concerns surrounding this issue.

Also finally thanks to the press that came last night, it was great considering especially the short notice you were given.


Good governance: transparency, accountability, consultation and responsible Council management of assets and rates.

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Will Wave Power Sink Fremantle Wind Farm

wave power pods

Just days after Carnegie launched a world first in WA, they announced a $20 million loan facility that will go to part fund its CETO 6 project.

Carnegie is reported to be close to finishing conceptual design, ahead of schedule. The CETO 6 is planned to be 8km further off shore than the one they opened up last week. This new plant will produce 3x what the Perth array project does. The loan new loan facilities/arrangements, through CEFC and ARENA, has guaranteed Carnegie, capital and cash flow as it develops bigger more commercial units.

So with this new drive and real operational units functioning, funding, from state and federal government, clients for their product, hopefully we won’t have to see wind turbines littering our coast line.

I also feel safer knowing that Carnegie has a solid funding model, where I saw on FB pages councillors eluding to, rate payer funds possibly being used to fund the wind farm. Again their own personal ideology driving council direction, not the best interest of the rate payers their amenity or true representation.

I think people would be better putting solar panels on their own roofs, to help lower their own energy cost or carbon footprint. Then again the people who really need lower energy costs, or have medical needs for AC etc. and can’t afford the cost probably don’t have the money to invest in a community wind farm either? So while it sounds good its only for those who can afford it, the cashed up? I think sometimes the word community has just become another spin term for do what I want as it’s for the community, weather the community wants,needs it or not?

Well power generation I can see looks good to me.




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