Killing the Great Australian Dream – Limit urban sprawl, says Freo mayor Brad Pettit – The West Australian

Call for urban boundary to define Perth’s metropolitan area rather than allow for continued growth.

Source: Limit urban sprawl, says Freo mayor Brad Pettit – The West Australian

As long as I can remember I have just wanted a house to live in, just like I grew up in. The block may not be as big no huge gum tree in the back yard to climb and play in but it’s pretty damn close. I’m lucky to have a house which has become a home for my family. Giving me a chance to give my child some of the great experiences I had growing up.

A safe place to play, invite friends to come over and play with, The great Aussie BBQ which we have had many with friends and family. Place for pets to roam freely, chicken taking care of our kitchen scraps, rewarding us with eggs for not throwing it in the rubbish, fruit trees, veggie garden, aquaponics for fish and herbs, giving my little boy and education on where food comes from and how to practically use our waste, with worm farms, compost, bokashi, solider fly farms etc great place for bees to live and another bonus of honey while pollinating our 15 so fruit trees..

Non of this will exist in Brads high rises, everything for rubbish will need to be collected and processed just like a large factory, not exactly living is it?

I have also had the good fortune to live all around the world in high density cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, KL, Miami, NY, London.

That’s when I realized how lucky we are in Australia with the life style we have.

While in these city you see every time there is an accident, fire, natural disaster, disease out break, the higher the density the greater the casualty rates.

Now to think that the only way we can be environmentally friendly is to live in high density areas is just crap. It might be the dumbest easy solution? But with the right mixture of incentives for business, government departments and jobs to develop out with the sprawl, and finding incentives  to encourage people to live with a certain distance of their jobs. We can maintain a live style worth having while controlling our foot print.

Or as Paul says build new hubs to drive businesses away from one hub and made several more satellites cities, like Mandurah, Joondalup and Midland.

Sooner or later cars will not run on fossil fuels, fixing the pollution argument, the style of car we drive in 20 yrs maybe completely different.

So while Brad Pettitt our Mayor is determined to force his personal ideology on the rest of us, even though he doesn’t seem to practice what he preaches, it should send a clear message to the wider community if guy runs for state or federal government, he’s the guy you want to vote for if you like living in a  hi-rise Dog box, no car, surrounded by concrete, no tree canopy, concrete parks and booze barns, while he lives in a house with a garden across from a great green oasis with his 2 cars parked out front. While your rates increase each year to fund he’s personally ideology and so he can give our assets for free for business to profit off while, spending your money on his jet set junket trips overseas. Sounds good right?

Cost of Fremantle Mayors Rate Payer Funded Junket, Doubles

He seems perfect for politics, a real hypocrite no?

But I’ll be voting to live not just to exist in a concrete jungle.

Fremantle Made Junkets


Inside Singapore’s ultra-futuristic inner city gardens




Inside Singapore’s ultra-futuristic inner city gardens – RN Afternoons – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Now check out how Singapore does a park/garden. This is a city with a vision very limited land space and several massive port infrastructures?

What do we get in Freo, concrete on the Esplanade?

A possible caged A-class reserve @ Jshed

Now more concrete to come at South Beaches grassed area.

The bit of grass area we do have council is giving out for free to private enterprise to profit on leaving the rate payers to fix up the tab

R160 at Burt St I wonder how they will provide the 10% of space as open public area?

I think the council was very upset to be the second most concrete or hard surface area in WA according to the 202020 report, could their aim be, to become Number One ?

Bring on the concrete mixers, super size anyone?


Ready_Mix_Concrete_Truck super size me

Fremantle’s Councils Perceived Anti-Car Stance

anti car freo

Here is really another opportunity to solve Brads concern on the concrete jungle that car parks,  roads etc will bring destruction to Australian culture as we know it. (Still haven’t figured out why its a concerns to him, as he is/has approving  concrete to be poured in to our parks). So with a bit of vision instead of the heading, –  Parking, ‘will cover Perth in concrete” It could read Parking, “Could Cover Perth in Parks, Gardens and Grass”

Anyway we know from history that gardens on buildings and terraces have been around for thousands of years (roof top gardens) Over the years i have heard lots of chat about greening our city all i have seen so far is some mozzie breeding pots scattered around the city looking like chopped rain water tanks. Roof tops gardens its old hat, nothing new.

So from history we can see back to the ziggurats of ancient Mesopotamia,Villa of the Mysteries from Pompeii, the hanging gardens of Babylon. The ancient city of Fustat had buildings up to 14 stories with roof top gardens and automated water wheels, for the plants and people. Anyway the point is that all these concrete buildings, car parks, that Brad is concerned about, could or should have their roofs tops as open green spaces, look at Rockerfeller building. Today with all the modern and adapted techniques, of Hydroponic, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, pumps, etc its all quite easy.


 Recently i have read that Hamburg, Germany have the Hamburger Deckel project which will bury the operating A7 Autobahn under parks, garden, reuniting divided suburbs, so instead of the wall coming down in this case German unity, is by burying the freeway.

Imagine that on the upgrades for high st, park lands, gardens, pedestrian ways, more homes, and a freeway running underneath. So from the evil car rises a phoenix of opportunity.

Possibly why the Germans are at the forefront of activated urban, livable, environment, instead of shifting around pot plants.

So there the automobile, its road, car parking, present an opportunity, here its a obstacle, to be driven out, the car is not really the problem, just the way it is looked at or used.


More Council Concrete for Fremantle Parks?

COF Council has a new community submission page for the their plans for a basketball court in a south beach park.

Council just received a damning report form the 202020 group for Green space and tree canopy,etc. see here

Page 21 for WA.

HARD SURFACE HEAVY, Fremantle,  comes in the top two. These reports  information were gathered, before the council approved concrete for the Esplanade, or approved to cut down 100+  trees at the Kim Beazley site. So how much worse would it be adding in these factors


1. City of Maribyrnong (VIC)
2. City of Fremantle (WA)
3. City of Holdfast Bay (SA)
4. City of Rockdale (NSW)

Now its quite common in recent media reporting  that green space is good for you. 202020 click here to read if u are interested to read more.  FRRA also held a community info event on this and invited all councillors to come along. Here is their FB page Fremantlerra

Why is our council, so determind to keep concreting our parks, ok it could be asphalt/bitumen, still you can bet more grass will go?

Anyway  if you don’t want more concrete poured in our parks, have your say.

Say No To More Concrete in our parks

See court locations

For the amount of school areas that have easily accessible courts throughout our city, is there really a need to build more, not to mention the Frank Gibson Park Reserve?




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