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Well not quite what Brad was telling in his letter to the Herald last week was it ?

Faction fiction His Piece on no party politics in council seems to fly in the face of the greens ad above on the basics of starting in local government. Their statement “With strong Councillors on Local Government throughout the Western Australia, we will be able make sure we all have a brighter greener future!” I take that as green Councillors?

So I suppose as long as the rest of the community agrees with their ideology that’s great but sadly the %’s from state and federal government elections cast the truer reality of where peoples politics lie that’s not even mentioning all the smaller parties and independents.

Then we have  Brads comment that he does not support individual candidates as I quote ” I will not be endorsing any individual candidates as the mayor needs to work with whoever is elected.”

Well that’s not what the history of the last election tells us, as he clearly supported candidate in that one, did he not?

Local issues are not what state and federal politics are based on, this is clearly evident in Fremantle as we see basic community amenities so poorly catered for, (public toilets for instance) yet plenty of time, energy and cash for their green political issues.

Its important not to just listen to what they say but watch for how they vote in council, as that shows their true ideology.

Have a read of the two links to the articles, the stories tell the true picture and the contradiction between them. Again read the info and decide for yourself.

Unfair advantage claim over ad | Fremantle Herald Interactive


Source: Unfair advantage claim over ad | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Great piece in the Fremantle Herald on Friday, covering the shocking waste of rate payers funds, in an ad that tells us nothing new. Though is conveniently timed just before the local government as an attempt to tell us what a great job they are doing.

Claudia Green makes some great points in this piece, well worth a read if you are interested in the use of your rates.

If people read the figures and look at the details, it shows very little action on development in the never ending billion dollar pipeline that Mayor Brad loves to go on about. At the last election we heard “Lets finish what we started”, perhaps it should have been “lets start what we have been talking about”.

We can’t get a clean functioning toilet in town, yet we have thousands of $$$ to spend on self promoting ads at rate payers expense for Councillors benefit, just before the 2 yearly election, nothing “suss” there right?

As I have mentioned before its all about priorities, clearly the rate payers and residents amenity seems to be low or  non existent on that priority list?

Fremantle Town Hall On Deaths Door

Tonight we see where council will pull the money from for the Town Hall restoration work.

Last week at SGS we heard that the town has 12 months of life left as if it has to face another winter rain the damage.

Even from google street cam it doesn’t look real flash does it, decades of neglect.

The exterior of the historic Fremantle Town Hall building is in need of urgent conservation work to arrest the rapid rate of deterioration occurring due to water penetration. It has now been almost thirty years since the last major capital expenditure on the building and key elements such as the roof cladding and rainwater goods need to be replaced before winter 2016. Problems caused by inappropriate surface treatments and repairs to masonry elements carried out in the1950s – 60s when there was little understanding of how to conserve traditional building fabric, also need to be addressed to prevent ongoing deterioration of masonry, embedded steel and timbers and decorative stucco work”

Lets hope we don’t get any heavy summer rains in 2016 before the needed work starts?

It’s a little hard to see how this has been allowed to get so bad, for years the COF has been finding restoration work that was done badly from decades ago, so it can hardly been surprising that the town has a similar issue.

Then there is the stories about the town hall rood access being dangerous as I understand they could not use the flag poles due to access restrictions for safety.

The fact that our town hall is in such a poor state of repair is disgraceful. The council has no problems finding for funds for concreting our grass areas, parks, funding political rallies/advertising, etc, spending millions of dollars on issues like that. How many 10 of thousands of dollars has Brad Pettitt the Mayor spent on his Junket trips to Japan, Europe over the last couple of years to name a few? No problems funding those.

Here’s a few items out of the 2015/16 budget they can find money for;

  1. One Planet crowd match $100,000 which appears to be a crowd funding group in Holland great value to the Fremantle rate payer
  2. One planet sustainability $100,000 festival
  3. EV Highway gateway $20,000, one day they are against people using cars and pushing for public transport, how they are investing in something hardly anyone uses. How many people in Fremantle have a 100% EV, as hybrids don’t need recharging stations, just a regular petrol station? I’m sure the carbon emissions to build the network will far out way the carbon savings of the handful of people who may use it.
  4. CUSP report another $20,000, which reads more like a political/ideology document than a factual representation of the issues not in the budget that I can find but spend it they shall.

That’s just a quick glance and that’s getting towards $250,000 on feel good stuff with no measurable outcomes, or KPI’s

Looking through the budget they seem to have stashed away cash from the investment reserve everywhere, I thought the investment reserve was to be used to invest in property to generate revenue to ensure the city can provide amenities, services and lower the burden to the rate payers?

So while we have funds for basketball courts on the beach, we are $700,000 short of funds to save the town hall. thats if it all goes to plan with no cost over runs, which is highly unlikely?

The question is responsibility and priority, 1st you spend funds on things that need to be done, then the excess if any we use to build or improve ratepayer’s amenity.

It’s hard to do when we give out the parks for free to profit making organizations and then also pick up the bills for the damage they do paces like the esplanade?

How have things gotten so bad in maintenance issues which ultimately will led the final costs of repairs being higher than they should be. Last I heard the city was $50,000,000.00 behind in maintenance issues, I wonder where it stands now?


Update 1, Residents Speak,,,,,, it didn’t appear so.

more monkeys

Residence’s Speak, When Will Fremantle Council Hear???

My 1st update, to the fore-mentioned,

So Burt St had a good showing, a strong voice from their community, sending a clear message to council. Sent but not heard it seems. Bill Massie heard it, while others did vote against the R160, sadly it didn’t appear it was because of community representation but due to their own ideology, a word mentioned by quite a few community speakers. So Burt St R160 was voted in, though I see their community advertising, meeting’s, and voice got them some token amendments sadly which will not change the outcome. Well I guess voting in the next election, just became allot clear for the Burt St! Precinct.

What hasn’t changed in council, is the shocking PA system leaving many in the gallery scratching their heads on what is being said by members. Just because council may be not interested in hearing what the community is saying, doesn’t we don’t listen in the gallery. If you want to encourage people to take an interest, in what happens at chambers then fix the PA problems or maybe that’s the plan to discourage/keep out the ones trying to participate?

McCabe St another great turn out, great speakers, good knowledge, real passion another great community group, they stayed the execution by council tonight with a great turnout again lead by a Mosman-councillor, ex-Freo councillors and a plethora of community speakers. So they got what looks like lip service to their community consultation while some reports are being completed. To note, that several councillors inferred it will not change the outcome and at meetings before we have heard councillors say that they will extend community consultation but don’t expect it to change their minds?

I heard some real strange statements by councillors tonight, I have to go and check a few of them out so that will be another post.

Bill Massie made a great comment tonight about getting closed toilet facilities back open, while other councillors believed that pot plants where great activator of areas, really u have to wonder, unless of course they intend that u take a leak in the pot plants. Brad prefer to wait till the Kings Square project is complete before getting a toilet open, that’s a long time to cross your legs could be years, if history tells us anything? It really makes u wonder Bill mentioned getting a toilet in the High St mall, can u believe  a councillor actually scoffed at him, pretty much tells the story of why Freo has sunk so low? Shame Dave Hume didn’t give his anti-social speech at full council, at the Planning committee meeting he made a good point with it, guess he knows the “u can lead a horse to water but …..”

Speaking of water, more complains about lack of basic services at the beach, not restaurants or bars but simple stuff like drinking water, toilets, change rooms,showers etc. Issues about poor facilities at south beach, non at bathers, nothing at Leighton? Council harps on about its second city status, yet 3rd world countries can supply better basic facilities at the beach. What is amazing is they can spend over $1.5 million  pouring concrete on the esplanade but can’t supply basic facilities which are used by thousands of resident and visitors each weekend and hundreds every week day at our local beaches. I was at Port Beach last Tuesday about 6pm it was packed.

It’s looking clearer and clearer that placing ideology, or flashy media bites it more important than supplying basic services. No one puts your picture in the paper or clicks your like button button or tweet sm your story, over a simple drinking fountains, building a shower for the beach, public toilets, a place for Mums to securely and hygienically tend their infant’s needs, guess it’s not just flashy enough? Councillor Sullivan made a good point in reference to something else tonight about it’s the little things that count, well it’s also the basics that count too. In references I used quite allot in my industry. It doesn’t matter how good a chef you are or what fancy products you buy, to sell your guests, it’s the 1st impression that counts, when your Riedel crystal flute, has lipstick on the rim or a dirty thumb mark on the glass, the fact it has Perrier Jouët Belle Epoque Blanc de Blanc 2002 in it is lost, it’s that bad 1st impression u now have to overcome, instead of being ahead your behind. So it’s that a guest to our city that can’t find a car park at the beach, then somewhere to change or wash the sand off their feet or even get a sip of water. Its send quite a clear message, no one really cares, it’s the message graffiti sends, rundown public infrastructure, anti-social behaviour,,,, I can go on all night, but u get the idea.

1560393_594400603992912_1101543101530769146_nBy the way, give this one the finger by clicking and support your fellow Freo residents at Burt St

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