Kings Square deal ‘crazy’ | Fremantle Herald Interactive


KINGS SQUARE DEAL ‘CRAZY’ by the Fremantle Herald

FORMER Fremantle mayor Peter Tagliaferri has broken cover to declare Fremantle council’s plans for Kings Square are “crazy, seriously” and a “disaster waiting to happen”.

Source: Kings Square deal ‘crazy’ | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Well that says it all, front page of one of Fremantle’s local papers.

Comments from an Ex Mayor.

Questions in Parliament.

Secret hidden documents by council.

Letters to the Minister for local government.

9 months of unanswered questions from members of the public.

The Mayor and CEO public berating a member of the public for asking questions they are still yet to answer.

$30 Million question on the councils business plan

Millions in lost revenue from Queensgate?

No transparency from council

Council reporting different cost figures from the how the business was calculated.

A $2.35 million park bench

Who came up with the magic $97,500,000.00 figure?

The list of questions just goes on and on, the more you look the worse it gets.

Now an Ex Freo Mayor saying the plan is too risky an investment for the city and a crazy idea, better still he warned them before they did it, why ask advice and then not take it when its given?

Its getting clearer why the Leedwell business is being kept hidden, did they warn the council not to proceed too?

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