Department of Housing Not Coming to Fremantle Confirmed by Minister

One WA public housing property destroyed or damaged by fire each week, estimates hearing told ABC

“One public housing property is damaged or destroyed by fire in Western Australia on average each week, Government officials have revealed.

The statistic was provided by the Department of Housing to a Legislative Council budget estimates hearing, with Housing Minister Colin Holt describing the figure as “incredible”.

During the hearing, Mr Holt also backed away from the Government’s previous commitment to relocate the Department of Housing to Fremantle.”

So where to for Fremantle’s Kings Square project? Was the government backing away from a commitment or is it just an expression of interest that did not happen? Has the COF put all its eggs in one basket, which perhaps wasn’t there in the 1st place, as has been suggested on Roel’s blogs, by commenters?

Will the city use its option to get out of the deal or has the COF agreed to the one year extension, I haven’t seen it come to council, so it will be interesting to find out what happen, by whom and when?

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