Fremantle Councillors Hypocrisy on Advertising or are they just having laugh?

I recall about a year or so ago the pompous Superior attitude of the Fremantle  councillors. When the Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club (FSLSC) came before council to ask for permission for a few signs to generate much needed funds (sponsorship) to sustain the FSLSC operations which are extremely costly and considering that the COF contributes next to nothing for its operational costs each year.Now FSLSC had over 500 nippers last season, a great service and educational system for the area. I thinks its disgraceful that the COF doesn’t support such an Australian institution more.

Getting to the point of the post, COF lame ass operations aside. The council and especially some of its councillors speeches where pathetic and condescending to say the least. Their concern lay in the subject matter of advertising that would generate much needed funds for FSLSC. They where concerned that a Surf Life Saving Club may attract inappropriate sponsors like Coca Cola or McDonalds, our deputy Mayor Josh was worried about the ambiance, look or ugly advertising signs polluting our shoreline.  So massive signs, stories high inflatable beers bottles are good for beach ambiance but a mineral water ad at Leighton beach maybe 5ft high on a wall, would be a blight on the landscape. Seriously you couldn’t make this shit up.


Council like.

Sounds very superior right? Well you may be surprised that our council just approved for south beach an event Sponsored by Corona run by Sunset events.

Sound strange that our council thinks a major brewery product is more appropriate to make funds for a profit making company than coke is to generate sponsorship for a community service like a surf life saving club. Not that FSLSC was looking at coke its just that our councillors thought it appropriate to give the club its superior moral ground, funny right.

So today with Fremantle’s anti-social issues, Australia domestic violence issues, so bad  that bad our federal government has committed an additional $100 million dollars  to fight the issue and our council is promoting, booze barns, booze based businesses and alcohol based beach parties from its superior point of view. The rest of the country is battling to fight these issues and our council is promoting them and working to make our social issues worse.


Clearly council has quite strict standards for volunteer, community service organizations that help train 100’s of youth free of charge, for life skills, community service, health and well being and that make our beaches safer for the general public., but are fine for booze based groups to make money for profit how ever they please.

Sorry but that’s just pathetic. Tells a story about our council, what do u think?

Well I guess that Surf Life Saving Clubs don’t donate enough for electoral campaigns?

With domestic violence being front and centre in the media and community concern over the last year, alcohol being such a big contributor to the issue, Fremantle council is clearly out of touch with reality.

Glad to see Councillor Rachels ad says shes wants to work with the police on anti-social behaviour, she didn’t make it clear if she was working to make it  better or worse.

homer beer


Fremantle Beach Chaos


Sunday I was down at Port and Leighton beach.

It wasn’t even 8am and the place was packed. The parking at the entire beach area is completely insufficient.

The real issue is safety a concern, due to inadequate parking and poor planning, it leaves a dangerous situation with people, children trying to cross the busy Port Beach Rd at multiple places.

I have written about this issue before but I doubt it will get far with the current Anti-car stance that the City of Fremantle councillors have. So I guess a direct call to the only councillor that shows any common sense on this issue, Bill Massie. Though poor Bill will have a fight on his hands as when he brought up the simple issue of public toilets for the CBD being insufficient, he was scoffed at by councillors.

I fear that the poor parking layout in regards to crossing a busy road will lead to a severe injury/accident or death.

This area is getting busier and busier with plans to increase the amount or residential area, 2 restaurants and now plans for a wave machine in the area, drawing in more people. Let’s hope anyone adding business to the area adds sufficient parking as well, God knows the council won’t enforce it.

The local surf club with over 500 nippers should be much better supported by basic stuff like parking, it’s great to see so many families giving their kids an opportunity where young ones learn life skills and can go on to do community services with beach patrols, plus having an active life.

Strangely when looking up the roads on google maps and google earth, it surprised me too see that a google maps shows a restaurant on the beach but does not show a SLSA club location or the fact that’s it’s a patrolled beach, hours operations etc. Which would be a great service or info for visitors to our great city, I have dropped that suggestion to COF and SLSWA.

surf boat over

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