Fremantles Future, Where Are we Headed?

I am stuck behind a big yellow recycling lorry in Bristol, which this year became the UK’s first European Green Capital. It is collecting food waste from the special brown… Read more

Source: Bristol, the European capital of green nannying and bureaucracy » The Spectator

Take this story, remove the word Bristol and replace it with the word Fremantle, add a couple of years and you will see where Fremantle is heading with its current political ideological driven council, if things continue on the way they are.

A few choose cut & pastes to set the tone of the article, its long but the mintues it will take to read are a window to future freo.

“If you want to be a Green City, anti-car is what you have to be. And so when I finally make it past the wretched yellow truck, my journey continues to be blighted by the overweening traffic regulations with which we are now awash. We have a dense network of car-sharing lanes, bus lanes and cycle lanes strewn about our streets like chopped spaghetti. It’s dangerous, because to avoid falling foul of enforcement cameras it is necessary to veer from lane to lane while trying to read what times of which day you are allowed to drive where. I find it tricky enough and I live here; heaven knows how visitors cope.”

“And then there are the dozens of new 20mph zones, introduced at a cost of more than £2 million, and neatly denounced by one local councillor as ‘a total waste of time and money’. Our nitwit elected mayor, George Ferguson, voted for by less than 12 per cent of Bristolians, forced through this idea only to then be nabbed for speeding himself. The incident seemed emblematic of the city’s increasingly totalitarian brand of environmental idealism. Like fundamentalists the world over, here was our green leader failing to practise his own preachings while dismissing rational objections — such as the Swedish study which shows that 20mph zones increase accident levels due to the creation of a false sense of security.”

Any of this sound familiar to Freo? Our council is pushing for 10km/hr zones, try driving in that, it will be mixed zone, pedestrians, cyclists, skaters, wandering from any which way, between cars trying to drive safely to their destination, its just another Step in their Anti-Car Campaign. The wedge driven in a little deeper.

“In some situations, residents’ parking zones have a place, but predictably the mayor and the anti-car zealots have overdone it. In my own street, for example, there never was a parking problem — but now we have to pay to park in a designated bay. Parking is now harder for residents, because the total space to park in has been reduced. Tradesmen and even doctors, carers and district nurses have had to buy expensive permits in order to visit customers and patients without penalty. It follows that, as a city, our collective bill for both plumbing and healthcare has just gone up substantially.”

Looks Like freo’s plan when you read their Parking policy proposals?

“Worst of all, though, is the change in the city’s mood. Life here is feeling increasingly parochial, anal, nagged and petty. The boho artsy feel we used to have is being slowly strangled by a sanctimonious mayor and local authority who seem to want to colour-code our lives with a barrage of rules and regulations that simply make it harder to function. It may well be that the less we are able to go about our lives, the less carbon we produce — but Is becoming inefficient and dysfunctional an intelligent approach to preserving the planet?”

This is coming to Freo, greens lanes, armadillos, plans for 10km/hr speed zones, blocked streets, lost street parking, useless speed humps, sold parking sites the list just goes on.

“Of course we were promised rewards for our sacrifices: in return for giving up our cars, public transport would be improved. Precious little seems to have happened so far, though work is in hand to introduce a rapid-transit metrobus scheme, which essentially comprises building extra lanes for specially coloured buses.”

Fremantles Public Transport  dream is nothing more than a thought bubble (on a rate payer funded glossy brochure), that only a couple on council have conjured up, “light rail”, with no funding, just plans for more increases in parking fees and rates. The two major state partys  not even considering the possibility. All talk no delivery, but it sounds nice. Not even on main roads radar, they don’t even have enough road reserve to do it.

“Don’t get me wrong. I love this city, really I do. It is just a shame I now live in Bristol, the style-over-substance, ideology-over-common-sense, baby-out-with-the-bath-water Capital of Europe 2015.”

My thoughts exactly. Remember replace Bristol with Freo.

Hit the link the whole story is worth a read it will be like looking into a crystal ball to freo’s future. So Sad.


Future Freo 2029 Concerns and Beyond?

space port

Plenty of Concrete


Recently the COF council, had the Future Freo presentation in the city chambers for general public, it was not a bad showing the reception room was 3/4 full and a bit of a different crowd from usual?

Now I take it this plan was formed from the 2029 workshops back in 2013, I attended a couple before they were cancelled. Late in 2104 a year or so after the workshops were finished, the finalized report was ready for public release. Reading it I was a little surprised as it did not reflect the meetings I had been too, I can’t recall anyone wanting a train running through the cappuccino strip, I did hear discussion back and forth about closing to cars and buses but no clear direction came out of that discussion that I saw, or heard. Not surprising it was seemingly a great document for supporting council’s current ideologies that they are driving? Surprising that, really, ok maybe not? It only cost us about $100,000.oo

I was one of many who were surprised to see the report released in December 2014 and how it resembled little of the workshops I had attended. I’m sure in the discussion we had at the workshops on increased density no residents envision things like Burts St R160 zoning proposal, in a completely inappropriate location and so close to the Fremantle Arts Centre. The area already has a parking issue, if council’s requirements for this development will be as weak as they area they have been other places in regards to parking, the problem will only be exacerbated. No requirements for open public space, for this new development, or councils plan to drive for 40m+ at McCabe St? While @2029 workshops there was a clear message of additional park space for new developments? No luck for Burt St just suck it up?

For me the concerning part of the direction is that why council is planning for light rail (a nice idea I would love to see it happen) the body (state Gov), COF council is expecting to pay for the idea, reports a week later in the press they move away from light rail to more bus oriented. You would think that if COF council was coming up with a vision it would at least be in the realms of possibility? Even labor is not promising rail for Fremantle and Freo MLA Simone McGurk was reported as being pessimistic about the vision coming to fruition. “It’s one thing to come up with ideas for how to revitalise Fremantle, but to my mind the real issue is how this is actually achieved,” she said”

It’s one thing to be on a different page but it seems COF council is at the other end of the Dewey decimal system from state government plans and more importantly budgeting, Speaking of libraries that was the other hot topic for the presentation that the Mayor caught some flack on was


February 27, 2015 · by Your Herald · in News. ·

BIBLIOPHILES have declared war on plans to bury Fremantle library.

As part of its long-planned revamp of Kings Square, the council wants to put the library underground.

But critics say the plan is short-sighted and fails to harness the library’s potential as an attraction in its own right.” end quote.

It seems a few residents don’t like the idea of stairs for our library as it will be underground or maybe it’s the electrical power hungry lifts or escalators they object to and with the aging population demographics of Fremantle, it’s probably a smart comment, and I see the same issues hit the comments/letter to the Herald last week too.

Another comment raised was apart from the CBD what does this plan do for the other 90% of rate payers or so? But a question for another day perhaps, as I trying not to let these posts get to long.

Fremantles Battle For The Burbs


Yesterday the Premier announced that he agreed the amalgamation have failed and would not seek to force council together unless they both agreed to them. Which in some ways is great as it shows the Premier is finally listening to what the community wants and needs. I wonder how long it will take for that sort of epiphany, to reach elected members in local government?

Then at the bottom of that article we see our Mayor Brad, reported as saying “Mr Pettitt said Fremantle would still want to take Hamilton Hill and North Coogee from Cockburn, plus Palmyra and Bicton from Melville.” Note that’s take not agree!

Sadly it makes no mention of our suburbs that where going to Melville, so it looks like our Mayor is happy to cut lose Samson and parts of O’Conner, suburbs that have been part of the Freo community for decades.

The battle will come for all the merger planned areas to and from Fremantle’s borders, will Melville give up Pt Walter, I can’t see that happening, a very unpopular move in the mind of Melville residents, will the Cockburn Council allow Freo to take all of Hammie Hill, why cut a community in 1/2 in an area that has been a community for decades?

Then there is the North Coogee bit and the North Freo re-aliment, also in the air. I can’t see Cockburn wanting to let Hammie go, especially after the back room deals between some councils that left Cockburn on the chopping block while Melville and Freo carved off chunks to suit themselves, I bet that has left a sour tastes in many mouths?

Listening to the ABC this morning the minister is reported to be saying it’s still to be decided, if Governors orders are to be revoked, if not the whole process would leave a suburb like Cockburn considerably smaller than they started the process at, does that make sense, does it?

Leaving us the community wondering what’s next, on one hand we read the Premier says he will not force the councils to give communities up, unless they agree, yet on the other hand we read that Freo’s Mayor Brad still wants, Hammie Hill, Palmyra, Bicton, Point Walter and North Coogee, I can’t see any of those residents wanting to come to Freo, especially with the clear message that East Freo sent on Saturdays Polls. H sayse doesn’t want to force the East Freo issue possibly as he got well and truly canned there. But he seems to be happy to force suburbs from Cockburn and Melville to come to Freo while kicking some existing areas of Freo to the gutter, seem contradictory to anyone?

On 6pr we hear this morning, WALGA president Troy Pickard told 6PR the sector had moved too far from the original objectives and had become “flawed beyond repair”.

Tonight our Freo council is looking to drive along policies for suburbs that may or may not be part of Future Freo, and have had no input to such policies, is this good governance? Yet another council saga continues, funnily I saw Roels Blog this morning about rubbish left for weeks at the Round House yet again. So we have a council struggling to supply basic amenity to our city and a mayor who wants to add to their woes by making it bigger.


Fremantle You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

homer one love

Saw a story in the herald yesterday about  350 kicking off their launch  in Freo today, click 350 and you can read more about them. Nothing new for our mayor to be launching a such group in Freo. The city had passed a motion on the issue of investment, I blogged about it just recently. “Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander, Freo style?”  Last year the COF voted to divest cities funds from the companies that make money from fossil fuels. Strange the city won’t invest in banks that deal with fossil fuel companies. Though are quite happy to pay the fossil fuel companies money directly by buying the fuel they are using to power all the city run vehicles, I imagine most of the councillors have cars that burn fossil too? Reminds me of an old GF that went vegetarian, due to animal rights concerns, can’t fault her for that but her hypocrisy was she kept buying those nice expensive leather bags.

Strangely struggled to get a parking spot on a Tuesday night in town, i thought “there must be an event on”, then as i walked around the council building saw it was the 350 group, cars need fuel, no? Sorry but that’s worth a laugh?

I looked up some of theirs campaigns, Go Fossil Free is one, this is against saving funds with finance groups that loan or deal money to fossil fuels companies. If that’s what people wish to do, sounds fine to me, their money their choice, we are lucky to live in a place where we have such freedom and rights. The strange part, the bit I question is, that Brad is launching a group that’s against using fossil fuels or investing in groups funding fossil fuels etc, one day.

Yet another day is the on the steering committee of Future Freo, the little brother of the Committee of Perth, who’s Foundation members are based around fossil fuel groups, or business i assume that does business with fossil fuel companies?

That’s a bit like a Rabbi endorsing a brand of bacon? Personally I like bacon but i’m not telling others its bad for u, while scoffing it down myself. Or the other classic i saw years ago when a doctor gave me a lecture about the evils of smoking, then pulled out a cigarette and lit up, i have a cigar once or twice a year this guy was 2pkts a day and he’s lecturing me?

When the local surf club was trying to get permission for their advertising space on the side of their own club to raise funds for their community service organization that provides water safety to thousands of local beach goers every weekend. Council was adamant that advertising could not come from groups like fast food or sugar based drinks, (so i don’t name companies) etc. Yet their Future Freo comes under a committee founded by fossil fuel companies? Does that seem hypocritical to anyone?

Don’t just listen to what a person says look at their own actions and see what they do, you may find it more true than the PR they spin?



Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander, Freo style?



Later last year  I was at a council meeting where the COF council voted to divest our city funds from any  financial institution that did business with industries  that support  fossil fuel companies, I QUOTE,” In August this year Fremantle Council adopted modifications to its investment policy that gives clear directions not to place council funds into banks or financial institutions that support fossil fuel industries, unless there is no alternative.”

So I was very surprised  to see that our mayor Brad Pettitt was dealing with a committee that is funded by mainly fossil fuel. Now I’m the pro car guy so I have no problem with these big companies taking an interest with our great state or city.

The question is our Council and Mayor  voted, as quoted above to have no dealings with financial institutions that supported fossil fuel industries so why is our Mayor appearing to be dealing with a group (committee for Perth)  that is funded primarily by fossil fuel industries?

Further future freo shares a vision with the committee for Perth, which its primary or foundation members are predominantly from fossil fuels producers, so the question begs why is it not suitable for COF to invest with banks that deal with fossil fuel companies but its ok for the direction of Fremantle to be shared with a group who is driven by the sort of companies that the council choose to reject?

Does that seem strange to anyone?

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