‘Insensitive mediocrity’ on the rise | Fremantle Herald Interactive


Ever wonder why Fremantle has the constant rate rises on Non mayoral elections years, keep reading

Source: ‘Insensitive mediocrity’ on the rise | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Great piece by John Dowson, straight to the point kicking off with what a waste of rate payer’s money the council ad piece was wrapped around the Fremantle Herald. Its only point was to be self serving.

Cutting to the chase of the Mayors claim of no politics on council, where anyone who watches or takes interest in the CoF, politics is all you can see. Does the Mayor seriously expect anyone to believe that statement.

It seems Fremantle is not the only place state and federal politics are driving councils.

Greens play dirty pool to get Mayor in to Canning?

Cutting to John’s passion the heritage in Fremantle. Anyone questioning the councils lack of care just has to go and stand in front of the our town Hall and see holes in the roofing and plumbing sections, to see the lack of care and respect our town hall has had over the last 10 years. Look up just past the entrance an RHS of the town hall and see bits just waiting to fall off. Their own reports say if the restoration/maintenance work is not done by next winter the damage could be irreparable. Its not even safe to use the flag poles on its roof.

Fremantle Town Hall On Deaths Door

Then this weeks Herald, another great piece for a thinking allowed NO MORE STATUS QUO  bringing together months of issues right through to the 2029 vision the council had, which lacked the real input left by the community.

Sadly community input is only taken into count of if it follows our council group think or ideologies. Which leaves Fremantle’s future with a woeful forecast, when taking into account the recent survey statistics it’s even more worrying. From this report it shows residents are far from happy and at some of its lowest level in this surveys history


You may read on other blogs statements like this but you need to always go to the original source and see what was actually stated.

JOHN DOWSON:  The council’s business plan for King’s Square states, “the project derives a positive net present value to the city (enhancing community wealth)…”.However, independent assessments claim $30 million of community wealth is actually being destroyed. 

John Dowson actually stated “However, independent assessments claim $30 million of community wealth is actually being destroyed. Former mayor Tagliaferri called the deal with developer Sirona “crazy” and warned of a Freo Inc-style outcome. “

Kings Square deal ‘crazy’ | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Till now these questions remain unanswered, with council hiding behind secret council meetings called with out proper agendas being posted, but don’t worry this is the council that believes in transparency? This is why we cant see the reports used to justify their $30 million gamble with our funds and assets. The best yet we saw was the Mayors Brad Pettitts & CEO’s thinking allowed which attempted to belittle the resident who raised questions on this Kings Square business promo piece.

07/11/2012 Planning services committee Agenda Agenda Minutes Minutes
05/11/2012 Ordinary meeting of council   Minutes Minutes
24/10/2012 Ordinary meeting of council Agenda Agenda Minutes Minutes

Read the articles, look at the surveys on the links above and below & decide for yourself. To me this council looks like 1 step forward two steps back.



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