Fremantles Dangerous Street Sumps

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On the Cnr of South St and Hines Rd in O’Conner the street sump has started to subside for some time.


Even now the netting that was put up has started to sun bleach and has well and truly collapsed.


Anyone walking along the fence line in the dark would just disappear into the hole. Not to mention the further damage that will happen to the sump if left un-repaired, i.e. cost to the rate payer.


How simple issue are’s like this left unattended for so long?


What concerns me is that is council ideology is drawing funds and attention from the basic issues of simple maintenance?  Which should be concerning for all of us. Clearly maintenance issues aren’t getting the attention they need or perhaps the funding is not there as council prefers to drive/fund their own political ideology instead of resident and rate payers amenity, or in this case safety.


Fremantles Dangerous Bike Paths

I think we all know Fremantle Council is quite into bikes, I don’t think that is really news for anyone now days.

I go regularly to council meeting, it’s a common point of topic.

ITS had a real feature of Bikes

The 2029 promo for Freos future seemed quite bikieee.

Whole projects are into planning, car parking who cares, DO YOU HAVE BIKE RACKS?

The plans for dedicated bike lanes, cancelling carpark bays for bike racks yes the saga rolls on and on.

What really amazes me is when u look at the state of paths, curbs, bike/pedestrian, ramps off the road onto the Curb, you have to ask how serious are they?

Around the weekend I was driving in my car (its ok I had on my Cilice), on the way to Leighton beach, down Canning Hwy to go right at Queen Victoria St onto the old bridge. Waiting at the lights were 2 cyclists in front of me. The lights went green off the couple went turning right onto the old bridge, I held way back as I could see north bound cars coming up from Freo onto the Bridge, the 1st cyclist cut across both lanes and headed for what I thought was a ramp, the 2nd right behind her, instead of rolling up onto the foot path, she hit the curb and bounced back onto the road causing the 2nd cyclist to also fail to mounted the curb. The car coming up from Freo came round the corner straight at the 2 cyclists, both staggering around trying to get their bikes of the road, had I not stopped, the car entering the road could have had nowhere to go, so he swung out into my lane seeing me stopped in the intersection.

The cyclists looked fine and headed off over the bridge on the shared path, it was seconds away from what could have possibly been a really bad accident?

It may be better/safer to have a another clearly marked ramp going onto the NW island allowing the cyclist to deal with cars from only one direction at a time?

Que Vict bike ramp bridge west

Bad Ramp Queen Victoria St st bridge entrance SW side

The whole incident would have been avoided by a simple concrete ramp between road and path.

Thinking she had just missed the ramp I went back tonight to have a look at it, sure enough it’s just a really poor design bit of curb, see pic. The Eastern side has quite a nice ramp very functional. What they were thinking on the West side god only knows?

Que Vict bike ramp bridge east

Good Ramp Queen Victoria St st bridge Exit SE side

Also during the week I popped into the council office to mention to them the large chunk of curb laying in the contro-flow bike lane on Williams St, just 100m from the council building, a bike hitting that in the dark, would just be a face plant into the road.  Had a look tonight same, same? Will they wait for an accident to prompt action, what liability is the city exposed to with such issues?

broken curb bike paddy mall carpark cropped

Broken curb, dangerous for bikes, pedestrian, cars, motorcycles, scooters and shop windows

So perhaps while we have to listen to all the plans of grandeur we could ensure basic maintenance is being done. Do simple things that could stop the cyclists they are trying to encourage to ride from being injured or worse. I know it’s not flashy or photo op printable, no stories in the west but it is really important basic maintenance. Maybe it’s best to start with what’s possible while we are waiting for suspended bikes paths or bridges becoming parks or warp drive?

I really see why Roel gets so pissed off with his constant posts on garbage and maintenance.

So tomorrow I will trundle down to council again to let them know about this one, that ramp at the bridge for an average cyclist is damn dangerous?


Western Australian, Parliament House


Thursday I had a meeting up at Parliament House so I thought I would take the opportunity to sit in on the MLC & MLA sessions.

My god what beautifully maintained building and grounds, I was really impressed with the professionalism of the staff at parliament house it is a really nicely run operation. Perhaps I have not been getting out enough but what fantastically maintained grounds, the lawns the trees and plants and the massive amount of bird life was fantastic. As I left the MLA chambers the southern grounds was a live with native birds.

Its been years since I sat back in a Park by myself and appreciated the grounds, lush grass,  lovely tree canopy,  birdlife,  I can really say it was relaxing experience and so close to Perths CBD. No graffiti, no anti social behaviour, a pleasant place to be.

The only down side was going into parliament house and listening to those who are suppose to represent us, the level of civil discussion is just non existence, it really is just a groups yelling abuse at each other.

But inside and out parliament house is a beautifully maintained building its a credit to the staff both grounds and internal, I felt a real sense of pride (being Western Australian) on how our house of democracy is taken care of. Shame about the politicians behaviour inside. If you haven’t been, @1030 a tour starts its well worth it and I got to park for free.

When you compare it to the shabby state of our council chambers the lack of care or basic maintanance and cleaning, I had seen the same old water bottle(and it was plastic) under the back bench for a month. There’s spots where it looks bits of the ceiling will fall in?

Sadly maintenance and basically cleaning is not up to par showing a general lack of care for our beautiful old town, its buildings and its heritage,  just look at the town hall. It must make investors think twice if this is the right place to invest when the city invests so little in its own maintenance?

The other day just 100m from the council office is a huge chuck of concrete curb I rolled back, laying in the bike lane and this is something they supposedly care about, its a hazard for bikes,  pedestrians, cars, and even worse some dickhead will probably throw it at someone or their shop window or car, so tomorrow,  another call to the office, basic stuff just maintenance.







My comment to Roels Post, log into his blog to see his post and to read others comments too,

I think you forgot to mention the Council as well, complicit in Freos lack of maintanance and care.Why many issues you mentioned may be true, as it is for the all Major parties greens included what have any of them ever done for Fremantle.
What Fremantle needs is good independents in Local, State and Federal Government, who truly have Fremantle at their heart, not all the ideology crap from their parties? The shemozzle of governments around the country are allowing independents or minor parties to have a larger say, that’s what Freo needs an independent voice that cares about Freo at its core.

Having said that “Save Freo” was still a no campaign, as was “Hands Off Cockburn” when Freo backdoored them and came to a deal to carve pieces off to suit themselves, that whole deal was just like a pack of wolves looking for a lamb for dinner.



Roel its great to see someone taking an active interest in our city and especially in a sensitive area like our heritage spaces.

If you remember back to last weeks Herald where the where the Mayor Brad and CEO Graeme sign off on an add in the Herald on pg2. of the 14 of Feb 2105 edition.

Where they stated,

Myth 3: Care for public spaces will deteriorate

Our commitment was always to fully maintain all public spaces. We would continue to mow, prune, sweep and water at least to the same standard as you are currently used to. This goes for all the potential new suburbs. To say otherwise has no basis of fact whatsoever
 This not even a week after their propaganda piece, if you took a walk around Freo it wouldn’t be hard to come up with dozens of examples like this, you could just start at the Town Hall? Where I believe its not even safe to raise a flag on the Town Hall flag polls due to the poor condition of parts of the roof?
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