Department of Housing Not Coming to Fremantle Confirmed by Minister

One WA public housing property destroyed or damaged by fire each week, estimates hearing told ABC

“One public housing property is damaged or destroyed by fire in Western Australia on average each week, Government officials have revealed.

The statistic was provided by the Department of Housing to a Legislative Council budget estimates hearing, with Housing Minister Colin Holt describing the figure as “incredible”.

During the hearing, Mr Holt also backed away from the Government’s previous commitment to relocate the Department of Housing to Fremantle.”

So where to for Fremantle’s Kings Square project? Was the government backing away from a commitment or is it just an expression of interest that did not happen? Has the COF put all its eggs in one basket, which perhaps wasn’t there in the 1st place, as has been suggested on Roel’s blogs, by commenters?

Will the city use its option to get out of the deal or has the COF agreed to the one year extension, I haven’t seen it come to council, so it will be interesting to find out what happen, by whom and when?

Fremantle City’s D Day

Today in parliament the minister for local government Tony Simpson is due to answer the questions on the COF Kings Sq Business Plan he was asked in parliament last March by Peter Tinley the member for Willagee.

What’s more important is the residents and rate payers of Fremantle and come to think of it all of Western Australia will find out if the Minister for Local Government stands for good governance, accountability, transparency, true representation, responsible financial due diligence, for the residents and ratepayers, or will he allow the city of Fremantle to continue on its course of hiding behind confidential meetings, hidden documents and secret reports.

The residents and rate payers of Fremantle have asked simple questions of the city of Fremantle over the last 7 months + and over this time have received no answers, to not even one question.

What is it that the city has to hide, why the secrecy? Where will they try to spin this story too next?

Why is it after 7 months of ratepayers question there are no answers but we see in the media, quotes of answers next week? How is this possible, I wonder if the city has engaged professional help in answering these questions, if so at what cost? As it seems there Media or PR staff are busy with some  attempts at distraction over the last few weeks?

Why would the minister not assist the residents in their questions to find the truth?

If not the minister for local government who do residents go to when being stone walled by their council? Why do we need a minister for local government if he is not able to even assist in a simple but basic issue like getting reasonable questions asked?

If real answers do not come in due course the minister and council would be naive, to think these questions will go away.

Today we get to see what good governance means to the minister


Question On Notice No. 3834 asked in the Legislative Assembly on 25 March 2015 by Mr P.C. Tinley

Question Directed to the: Minister for Local Government
Question Directed to: Hon A.J. Simpson
Minister responding: Hon A.J. Simpson
Parliament: 39 Session: 1


(1) Is the Minister aware of community concerns over how the City of Fremantle has represented the financial implications of their $45 million investment of ratepayer funds in its Kings Square Business Plan, and if so, what action has the Minister taken to address these concerns?
(2) Has the Minister directed the City of Fremantle to answer legitimate ratepayer questions concerning the Kings Square Business Plan, and if not, why not?
(3) Has the Minister conducted a full and proper investigation into the questions raised with regard to the Kings Square Business Plan:
(a) if so, what were the findings; and
(b) if not, why not?
(4) Is the Minister satisfied that the Kings Square Business Plan:
(a) accurately represents the financial implications that the $45 million project will have on the City of Fremantle’s asset base; and
(b) correctly represents the rate of return and net present value derived from this investment of ratepayer funds?
(5) Is the Minister satisfied that the Kings Square Business Plan contains sufficient detail for ratepayers and Councillors to properly understand whether this project increases or decreases the asset base of the City of Fremantle, and if so, for what reason?

Amalgamation Hat Trick with South Perth Dumping on South Park

votehomer one love

So we are 3 nil so far with South Perth voting to dump Amalgamation , with 77.75% voting against, 22.25% yes.

So where will this leave the state government,  after a quick sharp slap?

Interesting days ahead?

Seriously who came up with name South Park, do they live in a bubble, smoke lots of weed, or just like taking the piss?

East Fremantle Voting on Amalgamation

ball and chain

CityofFremantle map

Saturday 7 February 2015 in the Town of East Fremantle, votes on amalgamation.

There seems to be a strong movement of locals in EF to block or stop this part of the state’s amalgamation process. I have an opinion but this is a decision best left for EF electors to resolve. In the best interests of democracy let’s hope they get a good turn out as this will give the best true reflection of electors wishes.

Notice to Electors

Full page add in the Herald, you will need to look at page 5 of the 17/1/2015. The article makes some good valid points, worth reading.

The most important point raised, which is something I have mentioned in past posts is the issue of elected members, Mayors positioning themselves for a commissioners appointments in their own city, to run council till a new body is elected. Could you think of anything more detrimental to the democratic system than allowing current elected members and individuals, to be appointed commissioners who could then run for the coming election? This is a massive conflict of interest, isn’t it?Them to have virtually unvetted control over our cities operation, finances, budgets, manning, contracts, planning, etc. poor decisions could leave us financial crippled for years to come.

I think the minster would be wise to appoint an independent commissioner, to run the city till a new council could be elected. This commissioner should also be ineligible to run for an elected position, (this removes any concerns of acting in self-interest or bias) it would be in the best interest of a true democratic election or process. Not hard, just ensure that the commissioner/s are not a resident or rate payer of the new Greater City of Fremantle.

Further in the interests of real or true democracy, ensure that no delaying tactics are used to extend the commissioner/s appointment time by guarantying an election as soon as possible i.e. come Oct 2105 we should go to polls to vote in a newly elected body, as recommended by the Local Government Advisory Board. Surely it would be in the Minister best interest to have a smooth transition and to have a truly independent commissioner/s, well it would be a good start? Not ones that have questionable self-interests in taking up the roles?

More importantly no real community consultation on this issue at all, just elected members sitting in chambers voting for themselves to be appointed. If that’s not self-interest what is????? The government will leave themselves very open for public scrutiny and criticism by appointing a non-independent person, should anything go wrong, well its they who will be held publicly accountable.

No wonder people in East Fremantle want to put a stop to amalgamation.

One last point on amalgamation the government has put out a list of pros and cons, the pros are pretty much opinion, they are yet to be proven, watch out for that coolaid.

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