East Fremantle Poll, One Day To Go

voting 2


So only a day and bit to go till the votes are counted,,,, well maybe?

It will be interesting to see if any factions question whats constitutes a valid ballot even to the extent of its counted or not to make up the 50%

Town of East Fremantle Plympton Ward  597 50.13%

Town of East Fremantle Preston Point Ward  720 54.84%

Town of East Fremantle Richmond Ward 639 47.51%

Town of East Fremantle Woodside Ward  722 54.33%

Town of East Fremantle Total 2678  51.7%

89 ballots over the 50% and still counting


City of Kwinana  9,436 51.82%

Cockburn I think will not gain enough votes to make their ballot count, same for Vic Park.

South Perth will take it to the wire needing another 147 ballots to hit 50% will it be enough though allowing for non compliment ballots. Still a massive showing from South Perth with almost 13500 votes return so far.

Perhaps this amalgamation shambles may have a silver lining with the state government stimulating interest in local government, I’m sure that will make a few nervous knowing that its resident and voters may be taking more of an interest in what goes on, as before they could happily trundle along with their own personal agendas and ideology.

What I find amazing is the comments over the last few months how great it was Freo was not taken over by Melville or what ever but when East Freo stands up and asks for the their independence, their arguments are all lies and conspiracies, hypocrisy is alive and well in Fremantle.

At some point I’m sure the cities will merge in one fashion or another, we just need  leadership capable of bring the people together not dividing them. As if this amalgamation fails it will be a judgement of the ones who proposed its borders and how many $10,000 wasted on that?

Go democracy!!!!!!!!!!


Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander, Freo style?



Later last year  I was at a council meeting where the COF council voted to divest our city funds from any  financial institution that did business with industries  that support  fossil fuel companies, I QUOTE,” In August this year Fremantle Council adopted modifications to its investment policy that gives clear directions not to place council funds into banks or financial institutions that support fossil fuel industries, unless there is no alternative.”

So I was very surprised  to see that our mayor Brad Pettitt was dealing with a committee that is funded by mainly fossil fuel. Now I’m the pro car guy so I have no problem with these big companies taking an interest with our great state or city.

The question is our Council and Mayor  voted, as quoted above to have no dealings with financial institutions that supported fossil fuel industries so why is our Mayor appearing to be dealing with a group (committee for Perth)  that is funded primarily by fossil fuel industries?

Further future freo shares a vision with the committee for Perth, which its primary or foundation members are predominantly from fossil fuels producers, so the question begs why is it not suitable for COF to invest with banks that deal with fossil fuel companies but its ok for the direction of Fremantle to be shared with a group who is driven by the sort of companies that the council choose to reject?

Does that seem strange to anyone?

Perth Have, Fremantle Have Not

Just looking at a couple of new developments, between Perth and Freo, a difference that’s you see straight away is parking.

no parking arrows

South of the Border

Now we have heard the argument made by Freos Mayor on a you tube post, that living in the CBD areas you don’t need a car and if you don’t intent to leave the CBD that’s possibly true, so I guess that also means friends that come to see you have to pay for the privilege. Also due to the cost of building parking reported to be up to $50,000 per car bay, you think you would get an apartment cheaper due to the huge saving by not having a parking bay built?

So looking at this development in Perth on Lord St 2bed, 2 bath, 2 car bays, in a nice looking apartment low density development, lots of in house facilities with easy access, to Northbridge, East Perth, Perth, train hub etc. So in this location you would possibly need a car less than Freo, with number of services available, yet they offer two bays.

Further I wonder if they would charge $100,000 less if it came with no parking spaces? That’s about a 20% discount? Not bad.

Thinking a little more which apartment would give you a quicker capital growth or return, one with parking bays or one without?

If you had a bay, you did not use, it could be a revenue generator by letting it to someone who needs one?

When you go to sell what attracts more buyers, 2 beds, 2 baths, 2 car bays, or the one that has, 2 beds, 2 baths,  0 car bays?

Then this week I heard a discussion about electric cars on 6PR, strangely there is a need to put electric car rapid charging points scattered down the road going south to Augusta, guess you will only be able to go one way, (follow the supply of chargers) and if u live in the CBD you can’t go down south as you don’t have a car.

So one day we don’t need cars, the next concrete caused by cars is covering Perth now we need to build charging stations, meaning more concrete and cars which we can’t park? Following??? Its very clear, no mixed messages here?

I also read today that across Australia there is approx. 1000 electric cars, I wonder how many are in Perth and how often they go down south, I guess this is not a commercial arrangement, but rate or tax payers funded money yet again?

So it begs to question how many electric cars do we have in W.A. and how many want to drive down south? You think with the miniscule up take and the rapid advances in technology we would be better to wait for 5yrs or so and a wait till its commercial viable? I guess it will be rate or taxpayer money being used, so no matter right, that’s what we are for to fund, peoples social experiments and ideology?

Personally I think the new Tesla looks great if I had a cool $120,000 spare I would have one tomorrow, if they were available and I knew I would have somewhere to park it?

Common Sense Hits Freo Council like a Bolt of Lightning


Tonight at SGS Common Sense came in like a lightning bolt from Dave Hume.

Maybe it was because Dave was sitting in Bill Massie’s chair, maybe as he stated he had listened to concerns of rate payers and residents.

The issue was investment in High St Mall upgrades councils calls it a Revitalisation Strategy, anyway back to Dave bolt of common sense. he question not the upgrade its self but the idea of the timing of doing it, which is intended to attracted better retailers, shoppers etc, etc, without addressing 1st, the underlying problems/reputation Freo has for anti-social behaviour.

Dave argued that these issues are part of the core of Fremantle woes in attracting back retailers and shoppers, possible new businesses and their customers as well.

As Dave started his comment on cleaning up Fremantle, fixing the begging issues, homeless, drunks, druggies, anti-social behaviour, graffiti is part of it too, a stunned look appeared on a few councillors faces, I think surprise that he would dare bring these issues up. Imagine a councillor raising real community concerns, how dare he???

common sense

Strangely over the last year Freo was reported to welcomed street begging, that Perth was driving out, then they later start restrictions on them just before Christmas, so first they make the problem, then try to sort it out??? Bit like the graffiti issue as reported by police many taggers claimed that Freo Mayor  is pro graffiti so its ok here????

Dave well done, good to see a voice of the community being represented in the council.

Strangely no mention of issues like public facilities were listed, thought I have heard Bill Massie, promoting public Toilets and parent areas for infants in the mall.

Further to Dave bolt he questioned approving funds where there was no specific costing done on any areas or even discussion on what the money would be spent on. Cr Pemberton asked the committee to commit the funds for the area, but asked the wording to be change for item one in the officer’s recommendation, to allow more general use of the funds not necessarily limited to the actual list presented at council. Another presented the window of opportunity was small and action was needed quick, personally i think they should check the window is open before they dive on in marking more work to be undone.

So all in all good common sense points from Dave on that, sadly it was lost 4/2 with SGS passing the motion.

High St Mall does need revitalisation, then again so does most of Freo, let’s hope our funds are invested wisely and council takes on the issues raised by Dave and Bill.

Freo Future

Online yesterday I read on Perth News an article on Perth neighbors disputes at all time high.

Reading this I immediately though of the situation at Burt St

Is our current council ideology driving us into this situation, as density increases, more neighbour disputes seem to be happening, this has an added cost to society apart from the stress, increased need for emergency services to attend, police government agencies etc?

As increased density happens in our suburbs we increase the stress level of our lives, so in the future we will have more cost for dealing with stress, medical issue’s etc. Similar to other studies which show tree canopy, open spaces, parks, green areas, are good for our personal health, yet councils direction to concrete and build on parks, clear blocks of trees, increase density will only worsen our situation, is this the future we want for Fremantle?

You can see why Burt St is up in arms, they can see where Fremantle council direction is heading and how it will negatively impact on our amenity.

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