What is not quite clear in the regards to the East Freo poll, was did the electors vote against the Principle of Amalgamation or was it as you have noted several times Roel against the council that runs/sits in COF chambers?

You did note several times that people should look past the current ideology driven council and look at a possible new election outcome? So if it was that they are voted against not the fundamental idea of the amalgamation? Is it really Barnett’s fault that EF electors don’t want Freo Councils controlling their future? They just possibly thought it wasn’t worth the risk?

Perhaps the original idea of Melville/Freo/EF amalgamation would not have raised the ire of EF electors, allowing the amalgamation to proceed? Now was it Freo council with Kwinana and Melville, who came up with the new border plan, as part of the save Freo Campaign? So in a sense it was their map for amalgamation that was not sold to the electors who voted against it?

It seems many people agree with Amalgamation, so the reform committee listen to council submissions and generally followed them, if they had not had listen they would have been damn for that too.

Now the council wants the state government to pay, for me it doesn’t really matter who pays as a rate payer and tax payer I pay anyway?

The mayor of Freo seems to support the principle of amalgamation so agreeing with Barnett? The minister’s office took on-board councils submissions, put them in place now it’s his fault the Electors voted against the councils plan or submissions?

Barnett did offer money for amalgamation doing ahead, did he offer money for the process falling?

I can see both sides of the argument, it will be an interesting couple of weeks watching it unroll.

Fremantles Battle For The Burbs


Yesterday the Premier announced that he agreed the amalgamation have failed and would not seek to force council together unless they both agreed to them. Which in some ways is great as it shows the Premier is finally listening to what the community wants and needs. I wonder how long it will take for that sort of epiphany, to reach elected members in local government?

Then at the bottom of that article we see our Mayor Brad, reported as saying “Mr Pettitt said Fremantle would still want to take Hamilton Hill and North Coogee from Cockburn, plus Palmyra and Bicton from Melville.” Note that’s take not agree!

Sadly it makes no mention of our suburbs that where going to Melville, so it looks like our Mayor is happy to cut lose Samson and parts of O’Conner, suburbs that have been part of the Freo community for decades.

The battle will come for all the merger planned areas to and from Fremantle’s borders, will Melville give up Pt Walter, I can’t see that happening, a very unpopular move in the mind of Melville residents, will the Cockburn Council allow Freo to take all of Hammie Hill, why cut a community in 1/2 in an area that has been a community for decades?

Then there is the North Coogee bit and the North Freo re-aliment, also in the air. I can’t see Cockburn wanting to let Hammie go, especially after the back room deals between some councils that left Cockburn on the chopping block while Melville and Freo carved off chunks to suit themselves, I bet that has left a sour tastes in many mouths?

Listening to the ABC this morning the minister is reported to be saying it’s still to be decided, if Governors orders are to be revoked, if not the whole process would leave a suburb like Cockburn considerably smaller than they started the process at, does that make sense, does it?

Leaving us the community wondering what’s next, on one hand we read the Premier says he will not force the councils to give communities up, unless they agree, yet on the other hand we read that Freo’s Mayor Brad still wants, Hammie Hill, Palmyra, Bicton, Point Walter and North Coogee, I can’t see any of those residents wanting to come to Freo, especially with the clear message that East Freo sent on Saturdays Polls. H sayse doesn’t want to force the East Freo issue possibly as he got well and truly canned there. But he seems to be happy to force suburbs from Cockburn and Melville to come to Freo while kicking some existing areas of Freo to the gutter, seem contradictory to anyone?

On 6pr we hear this morning, WALGA president Troy Pickard told 6PR the sector had moved too far from the original objectives and had become “flawed beyond repair”.

Tonight our Freo council is looking to drive along policies for suburbs that may or may not be part of Future Freo, and have had no input to such policies, is this good governance? Yet another council saga continues, funnily I saw Roels Blog this morning about rubbish left for weeks at the Round House yet again. So we have a council struggling to supply basic amenity to our city and a mayor who wants to add to their woes by making it bigger.


East Freo Damning Indictment of Fremantle?


Over the last couple of weeks a group of East Freo residents have run an advertising campaign to encourage their eligible electors to come out and vote in the poll deciding the amalgamation of East Freo and Fremantle City Councils.

The adds they have had raised some good questions/issues, I’m sure there will be many different opinions on whats right wrong and somewhere in between lies the truth.

Clearly there is a strong feeling one way or the other in East Freo with the strong voter turn out.

Already with just on a week to go 42.93% of votes have been returned, only needing about 366 more to come in over the week to make the poll count.

photo (2)

If the vote turns out to be against amalgamation, and it looks like that’s where the Kwinana poll one is going too, what will Freos future be? I have asked this question at the reform dlg office I did not really get a clear response as they seemed unsure of what would actually happen if both amalgamations failed the poll test. Though it still seemed likely that Melville would get its chunk of Freo but not so certain if the areas of Cockburn would still be merged into Fremantle? Fremantle could end up being the same or even smaller than it is now. So the real question is what will happen to Fremantle, would the government go back to its original plan or maybe look at a Cockburn Fremantle merger, through parliament?

What ever happens, the amalgamations have raised a lot of questions about how Fremantle is run with such a strong voice coming from East Freo against joining Fremantle. Seemingly a growing list of groups/residents that are unhappy with the direction Fremantle is going, the gallery again full at last council meeting with objections to council direction. Last EF local election had just a 23.1% turn out so much is their disdain for COF that they have doubled the voter response for the poll and there is still a week to go.

Have a read of the articles or add in the Fremantle Herald over the last 3 week they have been run. 24/1/2105  pages 6&7.20150123_162906




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