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Source: No more status quo | Fremantle Herald Interactive

What a great piece, hits the nail on the head issue after issue.

  • Inappropriate use of rate payers funds with their blatant, self promotion, serving no purpose than to show how easy it is to throw around rate payers money.
  • Dodging legitimate questions with spin, smoke and mirrors
  • Thought bubble process, with little consideration of the basic functions of council, leading to loss of image and identity of what Fremantle really is.
  • The council of loss- retail, artists, cultural and community spaces like the Fly By Night Club.
  • Lack of true process with 2029 visioning, council telling us what it was before it was finished, another COF classical box ticking exercise instead of true community engagement.
  • Only verbalization of heritage protection as they constantly look to drive inappropriate developments in the city.
  • King Square business plan, which raids the cities long term investment fund to build a monument to our current mayor.
  • Lack of transparency in the Kings Square business plan.
  • Hidden documents that show the true financial impact of the Kings Square Business Plan, which the rate payer paid for.

Point after point is well made, a young lady with her finger on the pulse and clearly too on the ball to be influenced by The Mayor and councils spin.

Well worth a read, sums up quickly many of Fremantle’s underlying issues.

Well done.


Great to see So Many “Lat 32” Clicks

Great to see so many readers hitting the Lat 32 click or link.

This is really important that people inform themselves on the issues and not just listen to the tabloid style information being put out on the PFL from both sides of the argument.

Its knowledge, good information and listening to both sides of a debate that allows you to make an informed decision. Sadly this issue has had no debate and most of the information is loaded to suit their soapbox speakers own argument or point of view.

Questions; if you had to choose, between the impact on Beeliar wetlands and the impact on Cockburn sound which one would you choose. Now of course its ok to choose neither, then I hope you don’t buy imported products as they have to get here somewhere?

No where in this barrage of ranting on this issue has any arguments been for the pros and cons of the decisions before us, its all just crappy politics. It was quite clear to see when our council quite inappropriately invite a politically based Media group to film their decisions on the PFL. Cheap politics yet we hear them say they have no political leanings, really 1st thing is don’t just listen to what they say, look at what they do and how they vote, its just politics.

Kudos for those who choose to inform themselves on the issues.

Perth Freight Link Damned if we do Damned if we don’t Pt 2.

If they bothered to read the Lat 32 plan it does not take trucks off roads or shorten truck trips it actually increases them and requires a longer road to be built. Plus it has Roe 8 as part of its plan. If anything the Lat 32 would increase truck miles and more than likely the number of trucks needed to do the job. Have a look here is a link


Perth Freight Link Damned if we do Damned if we don’t Pt 3.

Following up from Pt 2.

To sum up they don’t want PFL, fair enough everyone has a right to an opinion, environmental impacts a big reason, they seem to want Lat 32 which needs the outer harbour, but that will also have huge environmental impacts greater than the PFL, so maybe its they are just against development? Sadly the whole thing is just political not practical and the residents of Fremantle will be left to have large trucks driving many different routes through our suburbs and our roads congestion will just get worse. Outer harbour has many challenges before construction can even begin, the biggest will be where will the $5billion to build it, come from?

Not to mention the $90 per 40′ container subsidy that each container doing onto rail gets from the state government, doubling the containers onto rail will also mean doubling the budget for subsidies. A budget that runs out soon, then what?

Rail struggle in Fremantle due to ‘shorthaul’ competition

One thing for sure this Lat 32 will not put more containers on rail or lower truck miles or stop bad environmental impacts on our local areas.  It will just shift it, though it will;

  • Increase truck miles for most containers
  • Need more trucks to the same job that is done now
  • Increase truck pollution
  • Increase costs for shipping and freight
  • Not increase rail out of Fremantle Port with out new infrastructure being built, ie dedicated rail lines and links
  • Have a huge impact on cockburn sound and on the areas for the Lat32 intermodal area and all the new roads it needs to work
  • Do nothing for Fremantle’s current congestion problem which will just continue to grow

Fremantle’s New Bunny Problem


Young Fremantle girls campaign to stop rabbit-baiting at Bathers Beach

It seems Fremantle council has a new issue for its bunnies problem at the beach and esplanade areas.

I read last night of a couple of young girls who like Freo’s local bunnies and looking to have them relocated instead of poisoned/baited which I believe was suppose to happen as soon as Wednesday. As its has been approved by council

Another interesting situation humanely trapping rabbits may prove a bit of a problem and where to relocate them to as they will provide the same issues where ever they are go to.

Maybe they have become Fremantle’s version of the Quokka, cute but possibly annoying for the locals but a lovely distraction for visitors.

Personally I think rabbits are a pest but each to their own.

The only issue I have with baiting is what else goes it kill with its poisons?

Interestingly poisons came at council last month with one councilor looking to see if its possible to go back to a weed poison program instead of  their current system, which appears to be more expensive.

It’s a bit funny having the council worry about the state of the vegetation on the esplanade and the damage done by bunnies after we see the state of the esplanade from the last event they approved that closed just last week, which was also given to the users for free.

Well good luck to the 2 young ladies on their crusade


Fremantle Logic



Fremantle council logic , needs a lot of twisting and spin to get the desired effect.

Recently on the city’s website was posted a community engagement notice for 12 Parry Street, Fremantle – DAP005/15

So while I don’t think the size of the place is bad or it’s too big you really have to wonder how the city will justify supporting a microbrewery in a location like this.

It’s clear the current council shredded its own alcohol policy just months after they adopted it by then voting for J-shed another micro-brewery with a capacity of 1500+.

The location of Parry St  for a micro-brewery could possibly not be much worse from a community point.

  • A church almost directly across the road from it.
  • A high school  CBC just round the corner
  • St Pats Community Support Centre just south of it
  • St Pats Primary School
  • Kids sporting fields just behind and along side.

All we are really missing is a kindie close at hand. Not so long ago the Fremantle youth Services centre was only metres away.

So if anyone’s wants to comment the 12 parry st at the top of the page is a link and the in blue alcohol policy has a link to the COF webpage to read the policy if you feel the need for some fiction reading.

What the hell this is short post here is the guts of policy for you to laugh at, well to be fair the policy is quite good, it’s just not followed which begs to ask why write if you are not going to use it. Again I get back to the box ticking exercise it was, it looks good, sounds good and for fills a great community feel good exercise, until people realize they don’t actually follow it, it’s just for show.

For info here are a few principles endorsed by the COF councillors from the meeting where they passed the SG50, funnily the same meeting they accepted the J-shed lease, classic. What a group of hypocrites, importantly it was not a unanimous decision.

The City (pg.95) is committed to encouraging a more responsible drinking culture and will consider health promotion strategies to initiate behavioural change;

  • The City supports restaurant and small bar licence categories as the type of low risk licensed venues that best compliment the City’s desired character and identity for Fremantle;
  • A general presumption in favour of alcohol-free events, attractions and other cultural, arts and recreation activities; and consideration of incentives for applicants;
  • Consideration of support for licensed premises where alcohol consumption is not the primary activity and is ancillary to other compatible uses carried out on site; and
  • Consideration of support for small, temporary, ‘pop up’ venues in the City centre zone that serve to activate underutilised areas or spaces, compliment surrounding land uses and display a commitment to responsible service of alcohol and harm minimization principles;
  • A general presumption in favour of development of small bars;
  • The City providing assistance to small bar applicants in the preparation of a public interest assessment report (PIAR) as part of their liquor licence application; • A general presumption against large or high risk licensed premises in the City centre trading past 1am and a general presumption against licensed premises outside of the City centre trading past 12am;”

How does J-shed for fill the councils commits above or policy below, then apply both to the new Parry st development as well? Reading the above comments from council, you would think we were living in a different city?

Looking forward to reading their comment to the RGL on point 6.

Alcohol management Reference Number: SG50


The objective of this policy is to provide for an integrated and holistic response to the management of alcohol related issues within the City of Fremantle.


The City of Fremantle considers that an integrated and population wide approach is necessary to improve attitudes toward alcohol consumption. The City also recognises its capacity as a local government to foster a healthy and responsible drinking culture and to implement a range of strategies to minimise the incidence of alcohol related harm in the community. To achieve its objectives, the City of Fremantle will –

1. Provide appropriate services and infrastructure to support the needs of the community in relation to the management of alcohol related issues; 2. Develop, promote and support a variety of events and activities where alcohol consumption is not the primary focus of activity including art and cultural programs, retail trading and recreational infrastructure;

3. Encourage a responsible drinking culture through the use of health promotion strategies to initiate behavioural change and reduce the normalisation of alcohol consumption in the minds of children and teenagers ;

4. Promote an appropriate mix of land use consistent with the objectives of the City’s strategic plan and Local Planning Scheme No. 4 and to minimise the impacts of the operation of licensed venues on surrounding areas;

5. Ensure thorough and integrated determination of liquor licence applications through the application of appropriate criteria having regard to the objectives of the City’s SG50 version 1 Page 2 of 2 Once printed this document becomes uncontrolled. Refer to electronic copy for controlled copy. Strategic Plan, Local Planning Scheme No. 4, other relevant City policies and applicable statutory requirements;

6. Provide appropriate comment to the Director of Liquor Licensing in regard to liquor licence applications as per the provisions of the Liquor Control Act 1988;

7. Promote a responsible approach to alcohol consumption at events supported and organised by the City and at venues it owns or manages.

8. Establish and expand partnerships with relevant stakeholders including community groups to improve attitudes toward alcohol consumption and reduce the prevalence of alcohol related harm within the community;

9. Consult and engage with the community regarding alcohol related issues and ensure an appropriate response to alcohol related concerns and complaints.



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