Council robbing the kids of the Aussie backyard experience.

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Backyard fun with a Hills Hoist. SMH

A trend of smaller blocks,low-maintenance, designer backyards is robbing children of fun in the outdoors, a new book claims.

Source: Design trend takes child’s play out of backyards Please click to read its worth it.


Good article based on a book from the CSIRO on the loss of the Aussie backyard.

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The decreasing blocks and house sizes, design are robbing kids of growing up my generation did. Now the council wants to limit the space for cars, the old driveway was a great cricket pitch, hand ball court, learning to ride a bike. Big back yard big trees, great natural play space, natural cooling, place for animals to find shelter or food, its all pluses, now look what council is pushing.

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Kids playing in backyard

Councils drive for tiny blocks are taking away the safety of the old backyard where kids could play with less supervision, longer, healthier, more creative and safer.

Their high density ideology is no way for a kid to grow up, i just came back form Hong Kong, there is no way I would want to raise a family there.

”Up until the 1990s, Australian backyards were like what you saw in Neighbours, with swimming pools and barbecues,” Prof Hall said. ”That kind of suburb is not being built any more. Instead, people tend to extend the house over as much of the block they can.

”Everybody in Australia should be concerned about the health and lifestyle implications of this.”

Professor Hall said front gardens and parks are no substitute for backyards, where children can run unsupervised in safety.

He said smaller backyards also contributed to environmental degradation, with vegetation around the house acting to absorb rain and cool the climate in summer.

”Plants give off moisture, trees give off shade and it all adds to biodiversity and attracts birds and things. This being close to nature is important for enjoying your house, especially for children.”

Plant and trees like this  are not built on shoe box size blocks or in planter boxes on the 6 story of a container city.

Its quite clear our council ideology is bad for our families health and well being., Everyone around the Kim Beazley site will feel the extra heat this summer from council decision approving  its tree canopy to be wiped out.

Councillor Rachel’s small blocks, Mayors Brads Highrise, high density are no place for kids to play and are killing our way of life. Along with  all their tree clearing, concreting parks, its leaving a nasty future for our families. Leaving Fremantle with the 2nd worse tree canopy in WA.

Their  path is just bad for our physical and mental well being.



More Council Concrete for Fremantle Parks?

COF Council has a new community submission page for the their plans for a basketball court in a south beach park.

Council just received a damning report form the 202020 group for Green space and tree canopy,etc. see here

Page 21 for WA.

HARD SURFACE HEAVY, Fremantle,  comes in the top two. These reports  information were gathered, before the council approved concrete for the Esplanade, or approved to cut down 100+  trees at the Kim Beazley site. So how much worse would it be adding in these factors


1. City of Maribyrnong (VIC)
2. City of Fremantle (WA)
3. City of Holdfast Bay (SA)
4. City of Rockdale (NSW)

Now its quite common in recent media reporting  that green space is good for you. 202020 click here to read if u are interested to read more.  FRRA also held a community info event on this and invited all councillors to come along. Here is their FB page Fremantlerra

Why is our council, so determind to keep concreting our parks, ok it could be asphalt/bitumen, still you can bet more grass will go?

Anyway  if you don’t want more concrete poured in our parks, have your say.

Say No To More Concrete in our parks

See court locations

For the amount of school areas that have easily accessible courts throughout our city, is there really a need to build more, not to mention the Frank Gibson Park Reserve?




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