My thoughts on Roel post on his blog, my family live in this area so i think i have quite a good understanding of what locals think, i don’t know anyone who owns there own home in the area that wants high density or large apartment blocks. the area has been plagued with anti-social issues, drug dealing and petty crime and vandalism. History from the world tells us that the higher the density the worse the problem. We have a council that drives this high density but as best i know most of them live in houses with yards, garages, drive ways etc, not the they preach how everyone should live.


Roel the community in Blinco St are galready up in-arms about development just across the road as their homes/houses where getting two story in front of them. Not to mention the street already has huge parking issues. So how you think that 8 stories is OK I have no idea.

The area has a mountain of homes West housing just up the street, just over in Beaconsfield is a whole lot more, known as the Beacy Broncs, also well known for massive police raids and a continually hot bed of trouble, petty crime home invasions, vandalism graffiti and intimation to those who call the authorities to complain. Across the road on the northern side of High St is a heap more.

Just up the Hill from this area going East, they have over a couple of years homes demolished, Homes West houses, which were also well known for drug dealing hot spots and domestic violence.

Some quotes from the herald

“He says some locals will welcome Homes west’s exit as tenants’ drug-dealing has been an issue for years.”

“Hope Street’s Les Moyle has lived in the area for 32 years and he’s glad to see the back of Homes west and hopefully backyard meth labs and police visits.”

I was standing alongside Steve Grant when he took the photo at this community group meeting, 6 or 7 mins walk from the place your article is referring too. Again lots of promises at the this meeting about actions the council was going to take, (possibly as it was just before an election) now the election has past, action seems pretty much nothing on the  issue.

Fremantle already has a higher than average % of homes west than the average suburb and needs no more. Just 2 weeks ago we see cars torched at the cold store area as drug dealing issues come to the front in homes west houses again.

Tales of blood and bins

“Car blaze last straw for terrified tenant

A CAR that was set alight in an alleged arson attack belongs to a man who was last week involved in a fracas with neighbours at Fremantle’s Cold Stores housing complex(“Residents besieged,” Herald, February 13, 2016).

A 43-year-old fellow tenant of the WA Housing complex between Queen Victoria and Beach Streets has been charged with criminal damage by fire”

We shouldn’t even need to mention the traffic issues in the area as both High St and Stevens St have traffic issue leaving the valley on Steven St at both ends is already dangerous with dumb design on Hampton Rd and the council ignoring a decade of complaints about the other end on Carrington where you have to blindly out onto a major rd.

South St has its own set of problems and the High St intersection with Stirling Hwy is another traffic black spot, well known for accidents and is full of trucks from the port as it’s the major route out.

The local primary school is full, past capacity with transportable units on the school oval. The Kim Beazley site is yet to have single resident move in, which is set to add 100’s more on just one block, in the middle of the mess I have just mentioned

And you think adding thousands on more people into a suburb area in high rises to create future slums is a good idea?

You may not have noticed but people who spend millions on penthouses don’t like the idea of a possible drug dealer or meth lab on the ground floor under their penthouse, having to rely on the roll of the dice you get from homes west.

High density in this area would be a disastrous outcome for what was another leafy green suburb, rapidly being destroyed by a political motivated councils density drive which is destroying our tree canopy and massively increasing our urban heat sink

Ours suburbs should look more like this

Residents report feeling better and having fewer health problems when there are more trees on their street. Photograph: Jon Hrusa/EPA

Residents report feeling better and having fewer health problems when there are more trees on their street. Photograph: Jon Hrusa/EPA

than more concrete boxes like we see on Amherst St as in your pics.

Roel Loopers Freoview

Roel Loopers Freoview


Leaving less and less space for kids to play while driving more traffic in poorly designed and maintained road network

The council could not f-/: up more if they tried.

I have been to places our Mayor  Brad Pettitt wants to mimic like Malmo, I have friends from there and outlaying districts all have seen their amenity deteriorating, as Malmö has become a centre for crime, violence, drug dealing and organized crime.

Not exactly what I would like to see copied into Freo we have enough shit as it is.




Council robbing the kids of the Aussie backyard experience.

clothsline backyard

Backyard fun with a Hills Hoist. SMH

A trend of smaller blocks,low-maintenance, designer backyards is robbing children of fun in the outdoors, a new book claims.

Source: Design trend takes child’s play out of backyards Please click to read its worth it.


Good article based on a book from the CSIRO on the loss of the Aussie backyard.

garden backyard

The decreasing blocks and house sizes, design are robbing kids of growing up my generation did. Now the council wants to limit the space for cars, the old driveway was a great cricket pitch, hand ball court, learning to ride a bike. Big back yard big trees, great natural play space, natural cooling, place for animals to find shelter or food, its all pluses, now look what council is pushing.

back yard play

Kids playing in backyard

Councils drive for tiny blocks are taking away the safety of the old backyard where kids could play with less supervision, longer, healthier, more creative and safer.

Their high density ideology is no way for a kid to grow up, i just came back form Hong Kong, there is no way I would want to raise a family there.

”Up until the 1990s, Australian backyards were like what you saw in Neighbours, with swimming pools and barbecues,” Prof Hall said. ”That kind of suburb is not being built any more. Instead, people tend to extend the house over as much of the block they can.

”Everybody in Australia should be concerned about the health and lifestyle implications of this.”

Professor Hall said front gardens and parks are no substitute for backyards, where children can run unsupervised in safety.

He said smaller backyards also contributed to environmental degradation, with vegetation around the house acting to absorb rain and cool the climate in summer.

”Plants give off moisture, trees give off shade and it all adds to biodiversity and attracts birds and things. This being close to nature is important for enjoying your house, especially for children.”

Plant and trees like this  are not built on shoe box size blocks or in planter boxes on the 6 story of a container city.

Its quite clear our council ideology is bad for our families health and well being., Everyone around the Kim Beazley site will feel the extra heat this summer from council decision approving  its tree canopy to be wiped out.

Councillor Rachel’s small blocks, Mayors Brads Highrise, high density are no place for kids to play and are killing our way of life. Along with  all their tree clearing, concreting parks, its leaving a nasty future for our families. Leaving Fremantle with the 2nd worse tree canopy in WA.

Their  path is just bad for our physical and mental well being.



89 trees to go | Fremantle Herald Interactive

What impact is increasing density is having our lives and health and where will it stop?

Source: 89 trees to go | Fremantle Herald Interactive


Here we go again with more of what Fremantle Council loves, increasing density. Just for the record I’m not blaming COF for this one. Just saying they love density at any cost.

More trees to be cut down to make way for more high density developments. Why is it not possible to subdivide the blocks if need be and keep the trees as a mandatory condition of the subdivision. 

We have just see what happened to the Kim Beazley site which lost over 100 mature trees thanks to Fremantle council approval. Burt St is getting R100, parts of WGV are heading for R160, McCabe St, is heading the same way. Only last month parts of South St are being looked at for R100 as well.

Right now there is a community backlash against the PFL, quite rightly if they are going to be flattening people’s homes if it’s not needed. Why is the PFL is constantly being branded a truck sewer, it’s the car and other vehicles that make up the bulk of the traffic. The higher councils drive density, the worse that congestion is going to get. It’s fanciful to think the state government is bringing light rail to Freo in the next couple of decades. The higher the density the worse congestion will get. So everytime Freo council infills, increases density they add cars to the roads, then protest when the state government plans to build roads to accommodate the increase in traffic being partly driven by councils increases in density.

So we are set to get higher density, more congestion, less green space and eroded green canopy, more anti-social issues and in general a lower standard of living just to suit the ideology of a few on council so they can obtain their next step up the political ladder. Blindly adding density without the services needed to make it function is folly indeed, one that we the community will pay for.

I know some will say claim building roads build congestion, well its the increase in population that adds cars to roads.

Just like the PFL will add more trucks to our roads, really, only more containers being off loaded will increase trucks on our roads. If you want less trucks driving out of the port buy less stuff u don’t really need, or buy more local products, means less importation, better trade balance and more jobs for Australians. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Check out these links so you can an idea what other parts of the world are up to.

Fremantle Councils Ideology Over World Reality

Fremantle Bias Where We Need Balance

COF Hilton Traffic Armageddon

Hitlon google view

Last special committee meeting there was a proposal for a zoning and height increase in Hilton at the South & Carrington St, cnr, taking in all the commercial space around, down past the old Hilton Fresh and IGA.

This area is already a really bad bottle neck effect for traffic and is really bad for traffic coming and going in the small side streets east of Carrington St.

To now take this congested area and take zoning from R-20 and increase it to the R-100 and taking heights to 17 metres or higher, is concerning to say the least? Add to this all the people and cars this would bring to the area, into this already chaotic busy place, not to mention South St is a major artery, into and out of Fremantle.

It would also be interesting to see if any impact assessment has been done on how the changes to High St will effect corridors like South St. Of course COF will waddle on about their, once upon a time  light rail solving all the problems, shame it will not happen in the next 30 years if at all? So in the mean time areas like Hilton will be left to deal with a massive increase in zoning, height and people with little or no infrastructure to deal with impact on everything, except lifestyle that takes another massive kick in the ass. No need to mention open space as per usual it looks like they intend everything to be built on or covered in concrete, nothing surprising there right?

Hilton residents would be wise to watch as this proposal goes forward. The item was deferred to allow for more work by the professional staff which I imagine is to see how much higher they can squeeze up the R- rating and the height.  The mayor was eager to push the zoning area west of South St, that didn’t seem to get much support at the last meeting but I’m sure that is not the last we will hear of it.

Just recently in the Herald we saw a thinking allowed piece by one of the convenors from the Hilton Precinct, seems their concerns are well justified?

The insanity of density at any cost just rolls on from council, ideology at any cost. The whole issue that rail corridors will be attracting development along these links is just BS, if that was the case why aren’t our existing rail surrounded by high rises and high density living? They are planning density without having the infrastructure it requires in place, a sufficient transport corridor to start with?

Where u look at a place like Alkimos beach they are getting density that’s properly planned, “The project site will eventually host 3.6ha of playing fields, 6ha of conservation reserves and 41ha of dune and foreshore reserves. All homes will be within 800m of both the local centre and transport links.

Thirty per cent of the site will be reserved for open space and no home will be more than 200 metres from a park.

Walking and cycle paths will link the beach, the town centre and the train station and Wi-Fi will be provided in major public spaces to foster economic and social opportunities.

LandCorp chief executive Frank Marra said a key focus was growing WA in a planned and sustainable way. GBCA’s chief executive Romilly Madew said that Lend Lease had achieved many “firsts” in the sustainability space over more than a decade, but up until now these have all been in buildings and fit-outs.”


The first 240 hectares of the 710 hectare master-planned community is being developed by Lend Lease and LandCorp. Source: Supplied


“This 6 Star Green Star rating for a community project sets the bar for world leadership community development and demonstrates a long-term commitment to sustainability at scale,” Ms Madew said.”

So new areas get density well done, while Freo just gets random blocks of concrete where ever they can stick them. Residents and rate payers of Fremantle need to watch carefully what our council does as long term we will be the ones left to live in whatever mess they make, it’s us who will be the ones paying the price for their ideology? So as the COF scrabbles to throw in density where ever they can its places like Hilton, Burt St, McCabe St etc. will pay the price. More and more hard coverage, more concrete, less trees, less open public space, the 202020 report tells the story, Fremantle the city of planning for more concrete?

No Representation for Burt St, What’s New?


Fremantle, City Council kicked off 2015 , showing what representation means in Fremantle,  Bugger All.

After looking over public submissions they are massively against the proposed zoning at  R-160, did that sway council 1st night of vote for 2015?, at 4 councillors for R-160 and 2 against, I guess not?

So we will wait to see at full council, what ward representation means to COF elected members. Be interesting to hear Brads comments on the situation

This development will be over 30M high, towering over the arts centre.

Will have approx 290 apartments.

Approx 900 people, to this tiny block.

Does this represent the best interest of the electors in the Burt St area, or is more in the ideological interests of council? Support

Is anywhere in Fremantle safe, from council ideology, could your suburb be next, would u be happy to have a 30+M high building across your home, some 900 people added to a block near u?

We often hear the term nimby (not in my back yard) well now days it could be any of us.

3 yrs ago would White Gum Valley residents expect council to approve 100 + trees to be cut down on 1 block. 150 + residents put in submissions against it did it help, not likely

3 yrs ago would Fremantle residents have believed that council would approve tonnes of concrete to be poured into a park in Fremantle, well it happened.

3 yrs ago would they expect council to vote for allowing a booze barn to be set up on a A-class and fence it in, well it happened.

3 yrs ago would people in North Fremantle expect council to be talking up a 40M+ building in McCabe st, well its happening.

3 yrs ago would Freo Residents in Outer suburbs have expected council to be proposing parking limits of hours in front of their homes for street parking, well its happening.

3 yrs ago would residents of Burt St have expected council to drive R-160 in Burt St, with 47 strong worded public submissions against the proposal well u guessed its happening, anyway

What we would expect is bugger all parking for this development, and u guess it, bugger all, is what we got,  just as well we have a Ward system to ensure our views are represented by our elected members, yes u guessed it representation, we get/got bugger all of that too.

A piece on it by the Herald



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