East Freo Damning Indictment of Fremantle?


Over the last couple of weeks a group of East Freo residents have run an advertising campaign to encourage their eligible electors to come out and vote in the poll deciding the amalgamation of East Freo and Fremantle City Councils.

The adds they have had raised some good questions/issues, I’m sure there will be many different opinions on whats right wrong and somewhere in between lies the truth.

Clearly there is a strong feeling one way or the other in East Freo with the strong voter turn out.

Already with just on a week to go 42.93% of votes have been returned, only needing about 366 more to come in over the week to make the poll count.

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If the vote turns out to be against amalgamation, and it looks like that’s where the Kwinana poll one is going too, what will Freos future be? I have asked this question at the reform dlg office I did not really get a clear response as they seemed unsure of what would actually happen if both amalgamations failed the poll test. Though it still seemed likely that Melville would get its chunk of Freo but not so certain if the areas of Cockburn would still be merged into Fremantle? Fremantle could end up being the same or even smaller than it is now. So the real question is what will happen to Fremantle, would the government go back to its original plan or maybe look at a Cockburn Fremantle merger, through parliament?

What ever happens, the amalgamations have raised a lot of questions about how Fremantle is run with such a strong voice coming from East Freo against joining Fremantle. Seemingly a growing list of groups/residents that are unhappy with the direction Fremantle is going, the gallery again full at last council meeting with objections to council direction. Last EF local election had just a 23.1% turn out so much is their disdain for COF that they have doubled the voter response for the poll and there is still a week to go.

Have a read of the articles or add in the Fremantle Herald over the last 3 week they have been run. 24/1/2105  pages 6&7.20150123_162906




Does Fremantle Have Good Governance

leaders wantedimage governamce wall

I saw an interesting interview on the 730 Report the other day. It was with Tony Fitzgerald.

This was the man who headed the crime and corruption commission in QLD, some 25 yrs ago. While of course his commission looked into many issues, he has raise 4 simple principles of accountability and good governance in the interview.

  1. To govern for peace and good order of their electors,  district or state.
  2. Treat all people equally with no privileged  access.
  3. To make decisions in the best interest of the district or state & not by reference to personal considerations or considerations favouring contacts and so forth.
  4. To keep people properly informed, accurately informed and as promptly as possible in relation to all matters of public interest or potential controversy.

Now these principles can be applied I think to all levels of government

He further spoke about the public expectations declining in reference to these basic principles due to the elected members have ignored their electors for so long. These principles are the basis of what representative democracy is or stands for. Its where the elected members are elected to represented and govern on behalf of its people. Not run their own ideology and special interest groups.

You should watch the video on the link or read the transcript. Its quite interesting quite relevant what he is saying which is based around the upcoming Qld election. These principle I think apply equally to local council.

The various individuals/groups, who have spoken  @ council this last couple of years should read the principles above and see how they where applied to their situations. Do they think the they  have been the recipients of the good governance?

Its not just a matter of what you  do or don’t like but whether a proper procedure has been truly followed, that does not mean a box ticking exercise, but good governance in the spirit those rules are intend to applied. This is the question to judge our elected members by?

A good comparison is the outcome of Burt St and McCabe St, this week at full council. One was deferred for more reports to be finalized. For me I don’t think it will help the outcome, but good to see they have a window of hope. Interestingly that night we heard current councillors speak of ex-Freo councillors involved in the process of speaking out for the deferral, due to the knowledge of council process , experience, etc they understand he said. So did that help them get a deferral, Now the Burt St group presented a strong sensible argument for not going ahead with R160. Yet theirs had no stay of execution, perhaps if they had had East Freo councillors talk on their behalf or an ex-Freo councillor on their side, could it have changed the result? So it brings me back to the 4 points of good governance mentioned above, did both groups get the same fair go?

Refer to the written submissions for and against the rezoning of Burt St, submitted to council, 2 private citizens for, 47 against, is the outcome fair representation?


We saw this in 2029 report, $90,000+ for we know best?



Roel link

The residents around Burt Street would feel less than happy with Council approving the Department of Housing development there that will have considerable parking, traffic and social impact on the area. Councillor Bill Massie was on the side of the residents, saying that it needs a lesser scale development and that Council should listen to the community on this, while Councillor Sam Wainwright said it would be a Berlin-style development that would be o.k. as long as traffic management considered bicycle and pedestrian priorities.”



Good to see council Massie has a better understanding, than most of the representation we see.

Strange a councillor would mention Berlin in this discussion, as just recently a resident group led a battle against government plans to build high density developments on the old Tempelhofer Park (airport) the residents being victorious in their kämpfen (struggle). This was done by a similar polling system to our current amalgamation process, petition with signatures, to call for a poll, the polling giving electors their voice.

I find it quite amusing to hear our council complaining about their wants from state and not being heard, “bit like kettle calling the pot black” don’t u think?

Berlin is an example of where the resident’s voice was heard and acted upon by government saving the old closed Berlin airport from inappropriate development, now planned to continue being used as a park  with many activities for locals and tourists alike. The local residents feared the outcome of another high density development, rightly so with issues it has brought in the past. Perhaps why Berlin keeps such a high open public/green space ratio unlike our own cities dismal 202020 report.

As mentioning Berlins high density also comes its huge crime rate and social issues being more than double that of places like Munich in the south. Which has far less gang, drug, violent crime and dense living or high rises.

Update 1, Residents Speak,,,,,, it didn’t appear so.

more monkeys

Residence’s Speak, When Will Fremantle Council Hear???

My 1st update, to the fore-mentioned,

So Burt St had a good showing, a strong voice from their community, sending a clear message to council. Sent but not heard it seems. Bill Massie heard it, while others did vote against the R160, sadly it didn’t appear it was because of community representation but due to their own ideology, a word mentioned by quite a few community speakers. So Burt St R160 was voted in, though I see their community advertising, meeting’s, and voice got them some token amendments sadly which will not change the outcome. Well I guess voting in the next election, just became allot clear for the Burt St! Precinct.

What hasn’t changed in council, is the shocking PA system leaving many in the gallery scratching their heads on what is being said by members. Just because council may be not interested in hearing what the community is saying, doesn’t we don’t listen in the gallery. If you want to encourage people to take an interest, in what happens at chambers then fix the PA problems or maybe that’s the plan to discourage/keep out the ones trying to participate?

McCabe St another great turn out, great speakers, good knowledge, real passion another great community group, they stayed the execution by council tonight with a great turnout again lead by a Mosman-councillor, ex-Freo councillors and a plethora of community speakers. So they got what looks like lip service to their community consultation while some reports are being completed. To note, that several councillors inferred it will not change the outcome and at meetings before we have heard councillors say that they will extend community consultation but don’t expect it to change their minds?

I heard some real strange statements by councillors tonight, I have to go and check a few of them out so that will be another post.

Bill Massie made a great comment tonight about getting closed toilet facilities back open, while other councillors believed that pot plants where great activator of areas, really u have to wonder, unless of course they intend that u take a leak in the pot plants. Brad prefer to wait till the Kings Square project is complete before getting a toilet open, that’s a long time to cross your legs could be years, if history tells us anything? It really makes u wonder Bill mentioned getting a toilet in the High St mall, can u believe  a councillor actually scoffed at him, pretty much tells the story of why Freo has sunk so low? Shame Dave Hume didn’t give his anti-social speech at full council, at the Planning committee meeting he made a good point with it, guess he knows the “u can lead a horse to water but …..”

Speaking of water, more complains about lack of basic services at the beach, not restaurants or bars but simple stuff like drinking water, toilets, change rooms,showers etc. Issues about poor facilities at south beach, non at bathers, nothing at Leighton? Council harps on about its second city status, yet 3rd world countries can supply better basic facilities at the beach. What is amazing is they can spend over $1.5 million  pouring concrete on the esplanade but can’t supply basic facilities which are used by thousands of resident and visitors each weekend and hundreds every week day at our local beaches. I was at Port Beach last Tuesday about 6pm it was packed.

It’s looking clearer and clearer that placing ideology, or flashy media bites it more important than supplying basic services. No one puts your picture in the paper or clicks your like button button or tweet sm your story, over a simple drinking fountains, building a shower for the beach, public toilets, a place for Mums to securely and hygienically tend their infant’s needs, guess it’s not just flashy enough? Councillor Sullivan made a good point in reference to something else tonight about it’s the little things that count, well it’s also the basics that count too. In references I used quite allot in my industry. It doesn’t matter how good a chef you are or what fancy products you buy, to sell your guests, it’s the 1st impression that counts, when your Riedel crystal flute, has lipstick on the rim or a dirty thumb mark on the glass, the fact it has Perrier Jouët Belle Epoque Blanc de Blanc 2002 in it is lost, it’s that bad 1st impression u now have to overcome, instead of being ahead your behind. So it’s that a guest to our city that can’t find a car park at the beach, then somewhere to change or wash the sand off their feet or even get a sip of water. Its send quite a clear message, no one really cares, it’s the message graffiti sends, rundown public infrastructure, anti-social behaviour,,,, I can go on all night, but u get the idea.

1560393_594400603992912_1101543101530769146_nBy the way, give this one the finger by clicking and support your fellow Freo residents at Burt St

Residence’s Speak, When Will Fremantle Council Hear???

Are there only 6 more full council elections to go, for this council?

Now there are many issues to come before council in this time, it will be a good indication of what sort of real representation electors (voters) can expect from our elected members (councillors/mayor).

Some voters have already seen what sort of representation they can expect, groups like the ones who protested the concreting of our parks, the residents of WGV, their 150+ public submissions against going forward with the Kim Beazley site development plans, where the locals saw the destruction of over 100+ trees on one site. The voters who opposed the booze barn on an A-class reserve and fencing it in at J Shed but still the council issued its support for a lease. The struggles Kidogo had over a simple toilet.  Council support for graffiti, leaving our city covered in tags, just look at the old married quarters if you need to see first hand the destructive nature of graffiti. The on going saga of the Carriage Cafe, the owners wanting to commit to their future in town& invest, the council looks as not so committed for business to stayIMAG0249 IMAG0251 IMAG0252

Dozens of streets or community complaining about inappropriate developments, lack of parking, sale of city assets, where will it end? Less public toilets than a year ago operating.

Now the new issues approaching our community, precincts.

  • Burt St R-160, completely ridiculous zoning, no interest in community representation,  just driving their ideology, completely inappropriate for social housing, but damn any common sense. Burt street residents took out a huge add in the herald too. Check it out Pgs, 9 from the 24/1/2105
  • MaCabe St, another, precinct where the locals have concerns about inappropriate height allowances, which just seems to go up and up, looking to be another  possible, white elephant or lemon as the media has referred? The local residents  even tried to get their point across by bringing in a Mosman councillor to represent them, says allot about representation in freo,when they feel the need to get a councillor from another city to represent them, does that sound strange to anyone, perhaps not a good look for the COF.
  • Wray ave another over sized out of place development, then more speed humps and traffic calming, just another obstacle on the road really.
  • East Freo can see the writing on the wall, they see their amenity under threat with amalgamation with Freo, 2 page add in last weeks paper, whole page add the week before. check it out, pg. 6&7 on the same issue as Burt St, 24/01/2105.
  • Noise and parking issues on Knutsford precinct, parking again, can you believe it???
  • Strange we heard in last SGS meeting that parking revenues are down for the city, sure enough this looks like its going to be added to by parking sensors so they have another more efficient way to raise revenue, i wonder if that efficiency will result in cutting a few jobs too, amalgamation just around the corner i wonder what that will get blamed for?
  • Plenty more but this may need  an update, as at full council meeting tomorrow council still has a opportunity to listen and hear
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