CCC warns of council corruption – The West Australian

CCC warns of council corruption – The West Australian.

Its good news to see that the auditor general will now be extending its reach to local government.

Last Wednesday night at Fremantle city council again Bill Massie asked well if we are voting on this item, what will be the cost to roll it out, the answer through the chair was they would get back to him. Wouldn’t good governance require for to be properly informed about something before you make a decision and it would seem to me cost is quite a big part of things.

Bill went on further as the response was they would find out about the cost, was well what budget is it coming out of? Seems like a logical question right? He was then told they had a budget for the item, Bill Massie responded, well if you turn to page 60 of the agenda its says under risks and implications that you currently have no budget for it. Which is it? No real response to that, so my question is how do you vote on things when you have no idea about the cost impact will be and where the money will come from?

Bill voted against the item, all the rest of the votes were for the motion.

Which voting style do u think showed good governance?

Do you think this is a sustainable practise?

How many other decisions has council voted on without understanding the cost implications of doing so?

Perhaps this is where ideology gets in way of practises, like good governance?

A quote from the article,,,,,

“Local government is set for a dramatic external intervention into financial affairs after a corruption report warned councils were routinely open to rorting because of weak governance.”


Governance 22



It sounded much better when they where taking about it council a few weeks when I down loaded the file Freo 2029 I was a little disappointed the same old stuff in a glossy publication, all waiting for the state government to come and spends hundreds of Millions of dollars in the CBD and nothing for all the suburbs.
So far the major parties all have outstanding promises on rail links mostly North of the river, so before we get anything they will need to satisfy current obligations, I can’t see any of that in the next decade, so maybe Freo is 15-20 yrs before it even gets a look in if at all?

Clearly the State Governments over the last 20 yrs or so have little interest in investing in Fremantle. Clearly the current council has done nothing to change that.

Fremantle Made Junkets

jet polution

Well you could take 2 basic meaning for this?

  1. Junket is light and refreshing custard made with milk, rennet, sugar and vanilla, or even flavoured milk?
  2. n: a conferenceretreat or otherwise third-party (read: company, government, etc.) subsidized event for which an individual personally pays little to nothing, but reaps benefits.

So what was today’s junket well let’s say it doesn’t involve rennet or milk.

It involved council voting on C1502-6 Application to join study tour of European liveable cities with local government planning association-Mayor Brad Pettitt.

So due to procedure as the mayor was the item of discussion he left the chambers, it was then open for discussion and some clarification.

Basically or summing up the facts the mayor has $1586 left in conference study account, but to doesn’t want to use this as it seems he has other uses for it planned for later in the year. It costs $7080 to go, he’s offering to pay 50% so the city needs to cough up the rest.

Bill Massie voted against and called it what it is a Junket, he raised several good points, i.e. how does the rate payer benefit, what is the deliverable, outcome? Just last year the Mayor flew to Japan to check out some incinerators for burning rubbish. (Not very green all those flights and/or burning rubbish). The only real question is what did the city (ratepayers) get out of it what did we learn that justified the expense, well we had a meeting shortly after his Japanese junket but have not seen/nor heard much since, so how did the Rate Payer benefit whats is the measurably benefit, we didn’t even get any sushi or sake?

So considering some guys already written a book on the subject, what would the city get out of this junket that we couldn’t get from the book or the internet?, Doctors can give prognosis online, we can explore wrecks in the deepest oceans, do scientific experiments on mars, but our Mayor has to fly around the world, to check out bikes paths, parks and where the office is in relation to home and the shop. Our leaders tell us of the great benefits of the NBN will bring us, bringing the world to our homes, offshores offices etc, well it can’t be true as everytime a pollie wants to learn something its all Jumbos, hotel suites and junket ahoy?

Forget the Perth and Fremantle Geographically, demographically, culturally, layout, infrastructure, population mass, density wise etc., are nothing like most European cities. I still love the comparisons between Fremantle and Vancouver, comparing issues like PT, rail use, the mass population differences not mentioned, just the lovely ideologies, Vancouver has Seattle just south, Perth has Bunbury, no real difference at all there?

Perhaps if its gardens or Parks I can recommend Genève or Lausanne, check out their policy on concreting parks and implement that in Freo. Or maybe go to Positano and see what we can learn about cycling as its very popular there, much more so than here in Freo no dedicated bike lanes there, well there is a decimated lane and it’s for everything, with wheels and feet and generally your lucky if it has a lane each way?

I think while a couple of councillors where shocked that Councillor Massie called it a Junket but it’s pretty close. But what I find really amazing is in all the chatter and even the written document is that it does not say what the COF hopes funding this Junket will delivery to the ratepayers in benefits? Where is our upside?

Even more notable is the this little quote, cut and paste from the agenda, Pg. 121 of the 25/02/2015 Ordinary meeting of council

“BACKGROUND Elected members are provided with an annual study/conference allowance of $2,000 to attend training and development opportunities. The CEO has delegated authority to approve attendance for elected members where it is relevant to local government matters, but that authority does not extend to international trips. The LGPA have invited the Mayor to join the tour as a vacancy on the tour has recently arisen and the Mayor has expressed a strong interest in joining the tour.”

So I wonder if the rules gave delegated Authority when or if we would we have heard of this?

I have put in a link to the minutes above should anyone want to read them and the book was by Professor Peter Hall’s recent book titled Good Cities, Better Lives1 , identified the places in mainland Europe that had become celebrated as examples of “best practice” – the best places in Europe to live and work in. I wonder if our libarary has it? I’ll check tomorrow!

Remember if you are in Bordeaux and ordering the foie gras by now the 75 d’Yquem is drinking superbly.




Water in USA pipeline is tapped for electricity

Hydro with a difference Luicd Energy


Now i’m not saying this would work in Fremantle, god knows they hate anyone using water.

But the science in this is pretty basic but smart its just a different type of Hydro power, but using existing water infrastructure.

Have a look the turbine is simple. I wonder if it would work with our sewerage system?

Adventure World could be a small power station in cockburn?

Reminds of a plan I heard years ago for the wellington dam being used as a base load battery, with a mixture of wind and hydro, plus cleaning up its water supply.

If we look around the world amazing technology is everywhere, makes you want to think before you leap?

Remember Fremantle Reforms tagline “Dont drink the Coolaid” Lets not just swallow the first idea someone throught at us, theirs always other options?

Will Wave Power Sink Fremantle Wind Farm

wave power pods

Just days after Carnegie launched a world first in WA, they announced a $20 million loan facility that will go to part fund its CETO 6 project.

Carnegie is reported to be close to finishing conceptual design, ahead of schedule. The CETO 6 is planned to be 8km further off shore than the one they opened up last week. This new plant will produce 3x what the Perth array project does. The loan new loan facilities/arrangements, through CEFC and ARENA, has guaranteed Carnegie, capital and cash flow as it develops bigger more commercial units.

So with this new drive and real operational units functioning, funding, from state and federal government, clients for their product, hopefully we won’t have to see wind turbines littering our coast line.

I also feel safer knowing that Carnegie has a solid funding model, where I saw on FB pages councillors eluding to, rate payer funds possibly being used to fund the wind farm. Again their own personal ideology driving council direction, not the best interest of the rate payers their amenity or true representation.

I think people would be better putting solar panels on their own roofs, to help lower their own energy cost or carbon footprint. Then again the people who really need lower energy costs, or have medical needs for AC etc. and can’t afford the cost probably don’t have the money to invest in a community wind farm either? So while it sounds good its only for those who can afford it, the cashed up? I think sometimes the word community has just become another spin term for do what I want as it’s for the community, weather the community wants,needs it or not?

Well power generation I can see looks good to me.




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