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I was checking out some streets on google Fremantle maps again tonight and was annoyed to find out google is not quite as accurate as it could be for how it defines Fremantle as a greater city.

Its seems when you type into google “Fremantle map” it does not give an accurate representation of the suburbs.

Now while the definition of Fremantle changes in the political arena i.e. state and federal government it should be accurately reflected by the local governments boundaries?

Type this into google “map of Fremantle suburbs”  this is what I got.

Strangely WGV, Hilton, O’Connor, Hilton and Samson aren’t part of Fremantle but East Freo is. Though I have heard people in the burbs make this comment before especially with the councils strong CBD blinker view of the city and lack of attention to the Eastern suburbs.

Sadly if its on google its considered fact. So maybe it might be good if the council used the google comment section to make some adjustments to get google on the right page.


Fremantle’s King Square, No News

Another month has pasted and Fremantle Council must be loving the much needed distraction of the PFL issues to take attention off issues like Kings Square, which seems to have gotten no further.

It gives them a chance for a little more state government bashing, to distract from Fremantle’s lack of direction and real issues facing our Great little city.

Good to see the High St Mall area getting a touch of love, shame to see even the Pop ups moving out of the mall again.

Disgraceful to see the state of our town hall, has been left to degrade to, lets hope we have a dry summer and no strong out of season rains which could have real destructive effects on our icon building.

Fremantle’s Mayor Brad Pettitt told Fairfax Media last month a maximum output, privatized port connected to a tolled freight freeway has the potential to chop the port city off at the knees economically.

I think our Mayor is being a little theatrical pointing the finger at something that has not even happened bringing Fremantle to its knees, when its been there for years now, seriously how much worse can it get for Fremantle. Seriously, has Fremantle ever been in a worse financial state than it is now, retail is dead, office workers have left by the thousands, it has a shocking rep for parking, driven by council. An image for anti-social behavior, also not helped by council decisions. The council has been for years driving an anti-car strategy, now to blame a road that could bring thousands of more cars from the east to Fremantle as killing off Fremantle is truly amazing? If u think they don’t have an anti-car stance just read their (ITS) Integrated Transport Strategy

Over the last years we seen Fremantle suffer loss after loss, of course not all council fault, there is a variety of factors, but for the Mayor to now claim a Port Lease that has not happened and a road that has not been built, is bringing Fremantle to its knees, is just laughable, its blame shifting at a colossal level. I’m sure it suits somes political ideology but does Fremantle no good at all?

Fremantle city council has taken years of poor decisions making to get Fremantle to its current state. The recently released City of Fremantle’s 2015 community perceptions survey paints a true picture of Fremantle being at perhaps at a decade low, is that an all time low, can anyone remember Fremantle looking worse?

King Square project was suppose to be a beacon to attract development into Fremantles CBD, instead it may well have become a lighthouse to warns others of pending doom.

Looking forward to hear some good news for the Kings Sq development and Freo as a whole real soon.

Why Does Fremantle Need or Not Need, Perth Freight Link (PFL)


Friday the Herald published an article in their Thinking Allowed, I wrote last week called “OPEN MINDS” in response to another thinking allowed a few weeks back. Now while I think everyone should have their say or opinion, what’s been missing in this issue is actual debate. Missing is a discussion on the pros and cons. What if we do PFL? What happens if we don’t do PFL. All fair questions which deserve fair/honest answers. Currently the public discussion just involves no, I have not heard any points about what happens if we don’t built it? What happens if built part of it, or what do we have to modify to make it work?

I understand there are lots of reasons people will not support this project.  To be perfectly honest it does not actually solve the real problems that need to be addressed, as it stands or as is proposed now.

I understand the councils positioning, they have an anti-car platform, so saying no to a new road suits their ideology. That doesn’t help the average Freo resident, as by far the vast majority use their cars on a daily basis.


My concern is, if we blindly state NO and it wins through, nothing will happen for years to a decade or more. Can we afford to allow the trucks to increasingly drive through our suburbs, as the situation will continue to increase each year as predicted by the PFL by approx. 7% a year. Even if the outer harbour is started tomorrow, container freight in Fremantle will continue to grow and grow for years to come.

Once they have an actual plan for the new port, I’m sure we will have plenty of protest and environmental issues to deal with, which could drag out the project for years.

So if the PFL is built which route will it take?

Will PFL be a  massive Hwy down High St, joining Stock Rd, or will it be tunnel off Stirling Hwy under WGV and Beaconsfield?

Will the tunnel be drilled underneath the burbs or open cut?

Will the tunnel have exhaust funnels, if so where?

Would exhaust funnels have filters, if not why not?

If PFL is not built, what is Fremantle’s Councils truck/traffic solution over the next decades?

If the PFL is not built, how many more numbers of trucks will drive down Stirling Hwy, High St, and Leach Hwy?

What is the maximum amount of Fremantle container Freight to be put on rail?

What is the maximum number of containers that can be put on rail and why?

What is the the pollution reduction for driving on a  newly developed PFL compared to the route currently we have for trucks?

How will the Fremantle council supported CUSP plans, solve the traffic issue for North Fremantle?

How will the Fremantle council supported CUSP plans, solve the traffic issue for Stirling Hwy?

How will the Fremantle council supported CUSP plans .solve the traffic issue for High St?

How will the Fremantle council supported CUSP plans, solve the traffic issue for Hampton Rd?

How will the Fremantle council supported CUSP plans, solve the traffic issue for Leach Hwy?

What contingency plans does the council have for a train derailment in the CBD ?

How will a Roe 9 effect Fremantle Cemetery, if at all?

How will Lat 32 cut truck miles, emissions and volume of trucks out of Fremantle in the next decade?

Will stopping the PFL improve the traffic on High St, Hampton Rd, Stirling Hwy Nrth Freo?

What improvements/additions will PFL bring Fremantle?

What improvements/additions will stopping PFL, bring to Fremantle?

What are all the negative of PFL and what do we need to do to negate these if we can?

What are the positives from PFL that are worth keeping?

How will Lat 32 help the north Freo traffic issue?

If we put 30% of containers on rail how many trains would go through Fremantle each day and how long will they be?

What environmental issues will building new roads to Lat 32 cause, how much native bush land will need to be cleared to build the necessary links?

How much native bush land will be cleared to build Lat 32?

What environmental issues will building a new port or outer harbour in Kwinana cause?

What is the current council plan to deal with truck issues in our suburbs without PFL?

What needs to be done to PFL plans to make its connection into Nth Freo’s port area and what is the cost?

What road treatments will be needed to cross Canning Hwy if PFL goes ahead and what will it cost?

If the PFL is built what is the traffic management plan for  Stirling Hwy, High st and Leach Hwy while its being constructed ,what new route will the current trucks take?

How Long will it take to build Lat 32 and what will it cost?

What will the outer harbour cost to build?

How many more Kms of road need to be built for Lat 32 to work?

Does Lat 32 increase truck miles or decrease truck miles i.e, pollution, emissions?

What do the people of the areas that are effected by Lat 32 think of the Fremantles/Cockburn plan to push Lat 32?

Questions, questions, but no real answers for us to make informed decisions with.

The State government and main roads certainly have lots of info to give out, including future modeling of what happens with PFL and without PFL being built.

Perhaps asking these questions and getting answers will lead to another solution not currently on the table and will be more agreeable to the community as a whole.

What ever happens, we will have to live with the impacts of whatever is decided for decades.

So with the magnitude of this issue it needs to looked at from a level headed point of view taking into account many aspects, including what is missing from the discussion, this is not just a Fremantle issue but one that’s effects the whole greater Perth metro, if not the whole state.


89 trees to go | Fremantle Herald Interactive

What impact is increasing density is having our lives and health and where will it stop?

Source: 89 trees to go | Fremantle Herald Interactive


Here we go again with more of what Fremantle Council loves, increasing density. Just for the record I’m not blaming COF for this one. Just saying they love density at any cost.

More trees to be cut down to make way for more high density developments. Why is it not possible to subdivide the blocks if need be and keep the trees as a mandatory condition of the subdivision. 

We have just see what happened to the Kim Beazley site which lost over 100 mature trees thanks to Fremantle council approval. Burt St is getting R100, parts of WGV are heading for R160, McCabe St, is heading the same way. Only last month parts of South St are being looked at for R100 as well.

Right now there is a community backlash against the PFL, quite rightly if they are going to be flattening people’s homes if it’s not needed. Why is the PFL is constantly being branded a truck sewer, it’s the car and other vehicles that make up the bulk of the traffic. The higher councils drive density, the worse that congestion is going to get. It’s fanciful to think the state government is bringing light rail to Freo in the next couple of decades. The higher the density the worse congestion will get. So everytime Freo council infills, increases density they add cars to the roads, then protest when the state government plans to build roads to accommodate the increase in traffic being partly driven by councils increases in density.

So we are set to get higher density, more congestion, less green space and eroded green canopy, more anti-social issues and in general a lower standard of living just to suit the ideology of a few on council so they can obtain their next step up the political ladder. Blindly adding density without the services needed to make it function is folly indeed, one that we the community will pay for.

I know some will say claim building roads build congestion, well its the increase in population that adds cars to roads.

Just like the PFL will add more trucks to our roads, really, only more containers being off loaded will increase trucks on our roads. If you want less trucks driving out of the port buy less stuff u don’t really need, or buy more local products, means less importation, better trade balance and more jobs for Australians. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Check out these links so you can an idea what other parts of the world are up to.

Fremantle Councils Ideology Over World Reality

Fremantle Bias Where We Need Balance

What’s happened to Fremantle Councils Missed Opportunity with Plastic Bags

plastic bag smile1

The council and Mayor Brad Pettitt instead of pushing for a law to fine/punish business for not using the biodegradable bags, could have taken this idea and turn it more to a marketing opportunity. Given Fremantle another brand, it would even opened them up to run a competition for logos, branding, marketing etc.

Taking something like the BID, and using a Fremantle branded Biodegradable bag to sell to businesses in town, with a simple QR barcode on the bag that could link back to a website promoting all the business that have Opted to join Fremantle’s councils save the ocean or cut plastic bag usage or whatever program. It could be used as a tool to promote Fremantle businesses that are ecco friendly or ethical.

Giving consumers and informed choice of where they could choose to shop and businesses a choice of whether they take part or not. More carrot less whip.

Then there are the added benefits to business that bulk purchasing would lower the cost to the business, as collective buying would enable you to bargain a better price for bags, giving business a lower cost than them going out and sourcing them for themselves. Possible seasonal marketing programs, shops using the brand to promote their own business etc. The city using it to promote events etc.

Instead of education and encouragement the council has chosen the whip over the carrot to drive their ideology with Fremantle businesses and wasted time and resources with a pissing contest with the state government. Which smells more of more of cheap nasty party politics than good environmental outcomes. Fremantle’s councils true weakness.

Personally I’m all for changing the plastic bags to a better product, but I’m against the COF starting its own little state by making up its own laws, especially when the law they put in place will have little to no practical outcome. Fremantle banning bags will no practical measurable outcome for the environment, its just another cheap political stunt, some banner waving to distract from real issues the cities has. Its also another example of poorly spend rate payers money for something that will have little or no benefit in the end at all.

If what the Fremantle council says is true why do Fremantle business use plastic bags why do they have them at all?

If customers didn’t want plastic bags they would not use them.

So if what the council says is true that business and customers don’t want them then the bags would not be in shops and customers would chose not to take them. If the community feeling was so strong this issue would have sorted its self out by now

We don’t need another level of government making laws.

Banning plastic bags in Fremantle would achieve nothing, Fremantle’s retail is dying as it is, how many people in Fremantle shop outside Freo where the ban would stop. So just bringing back their plastic bags from other suburbs.

It’s ridiculous to think the plastic bag is legal on the east side of East St and illegal on the west side of it.

The efforts should be placed making the bags ban for the whole state or country.

While the council is preaching why do they use single use plastic bags in their own street bins with no garbage separation? Fremantle city council can’t even supply recycling bins in the streets it all goes straight to land fill

recycle bins

Something Fremantle Lacks

Why does the council not have separated garbage for commercial operations in town instead everything goes into one bin for land fill I guess.

Perhaps they should get their own house in order first before dictating to the world how it should be?

America already has a screwed up system with county’s making their own laws and enforcing them, lets no go down that path and leave law making to the State Government. Its starting to look more and more political the actions of Fremantle council and less and less like a local government to take care of services and amenities to the resident and rate payers of Fremantle.

Over the last couple of days there has been a bit chat about the state government not pushing through the COF plastic bag ban.

Peter Katsambanis MLC has said  the businesses he has spoken to are not in favour, hes probably better off to not to name them so they don’t have to suffer any backlash from some of the extremists.

Bid to block plastic ban irks councils I’m always amazed to hear councillors say how they speak for the majority especially when so few people actually vote in local elections. If the MLC is so out of touch with community wants/concerns etc, again I ask why so many people use plastic bags and so many businesses have them, if community will was as strong as they make out, this issue would be self regulating with customers refusing plastic bags or not returning to shops that use them, businesses not wanting to lose customers would naturally change their operation to keep customers happy, but that’s not what happening, so who’s out of touch with what the real majority want?

Bid to block plastic ban irks councils

“Mr Katsambanis last month introduced a motion to disallow Fremantle’s plastic bag ban. The law has been tweaked since Fremantle’s last attempt was disallowed by the parliamentary committee charged with reviewing local laws, which includes Mr Katsambanis.

Mr Katsambanis said Fremantle retailers had overwhelmingly told him they feared being disadvantaged if the ban went ahead. He said allowing councils to introduce plastic bag bans “ad hoc” would lead to uncertainty and disadvantage local small businesses.

“Local governments have an important role to play in their community but every law or by-law that they pass is subject to review by the State,” he said. “Many of these retailers have expressed fear that if they went public with their concerns there may be a backlash from council or the proponents of the plastic bag ban.”

Fremantle Council Whats the Real Deal on Plastic Bag Ban?

Fremantle’s Plastic Bag Saga

So I guess we are waiting for parliament to sit so we can find out what the outcome will be.


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