Fremantle’s waterfront development ‘bigger than Elizabeth Quay’: Mayor

The City of Fremantle has a radical plan to transform land in front of Fremantle Harbour and the Swan River into one of the biggest waterfront developments Perth has ever seen.

Source: Fremantle’s waterfront development ‘bigger than Elizabeth Quay’: Mayor


Reading this I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

This is a council that can’t do maintenance on its own Town hall in a timely manner

This is a council that has watched various assets run into rack and ruin, warders cottages, with crazy ideas of getting loans to fix it so it could become social housing?

The Mayor who thought that losing Myers was no big deal? Look how that turned out.

Sitting back watching the hospital get slashed, only to make a noise in the dying months, closing the door after the barn burnt down.

The city that lost its footie team the Dockers, but made such a rubbish deal they can lose the team to another city and then the embarrassment of the dockers keeping the lease for the footie ground for the next 40 years or so?

The mayor and his idea of the Kings Sq project which was suppose to be become the catalysis for growth and rejuvenating Fremantle, instead its just added to keeping the CBD a dead heart. Seriously if this Mayor and council are not capable of getting a single government department to Fremantle what chance is there of this idea getting off the beer coaster.

Fly by night dying a death, deck chair theatre done, just one lose after the next.

Vandalism and crime is on the rise, parts of the city look like a ghetto, we have houses in town with squatters, back packers and camper vans treat the suburb like a public bath house.

Its  councils claim to fame or success was the skate park, where they spent over $2 million pouring concrete into park/reserve of the  city, which already has one of the worse hard covering areas in Australia, with a shocking tree canopy. According to 202020.

The high density plans has suburbs across the city up inn arms as our amenity just worse and worse.

Suburbs like North Freo would rather move to Mossie Park council control.

He claims to want to improve retail, but is selling off car parks with no visible plans to replace the lost space.

The debarcle  where the council approved a plan that cut down over a 100 mature on one block, in White Gum Valley, its a suburb name after trees and here is its council approving the whole block.

The worse ever rating from its residents in its history. Yearly rate rises, some of the highest in the state. the lowest election turn out in history. the last election more votes cast against the council than for it.

If they can’t run the basics it’s lunacy to think they could get a project like this of the ground even if it was a good idea.

Somehow in the Mayors reported thought pattern, its a good idea for the state government to turn down a $1.5-2 Billion dollar lease, (being not sold but rent out so we get it back) to get quarter of a $ Billion deal in land sales which will we not get back. How is that a good idea for the state. How is his idea at 1/8 of the revenue a better plan for the state.

So while he just rejected the idea of improving basic road infrastructure and seems happy to keep the traffic problems, that multiple suburbs have been complaining of for years, while planning to add thousands more people to the CBD only to compound the problems making everything worse.

So tell me the if the article came out on April 1st i get it, hahaha good joke, but seriously who do they think they are kidding with ideas like this when the simplest of routine  tasks appears to evade them does this scare you?

The state government comes up with some clangers but this council takes the cake.

The property market is dropping vacancies are rising, a forecasted  glut in the apartment market over the coming years, rental prices on office space has dropped, companies in Barnetts Betty’s jetty are pulling back or slowing development all this is happening and seemingly oblivious to all the above mentioned we read Brads latest thought burp.

It  doesn’t seem to will be happy till he kills off the last big functioning business in town, the port.

Scary shit.



Why Australian dealers don’t want to sell electric cars | Business Insider


Click the blue links to read some more.

Source: Why Australian dealers don’t want to sell electric cars | Business Insider

1st its probably a bad business decision short term for they would need to redo their whole business model as it effects servicing etc. Not to mention the employees to be retrain for EV or replaced with relevant trained staff.

Is the education system for apprentices geared up to met the demand if it comes?

Distances traveled look at most countries that lead the way in EV sales the distances needed to travel are short, doesn’t really suit Australia.

A good laugh is the biggest talker of EV cars is Freo’s Mayor Brad Pettitt does he own one NO his private car is a fossil fuel based one.

If you recharge in a public place your EV is more than likely being powered by coal as that’s what generates the electricity.

Battery driving distances are short. Australian driving Distances are long.

The countries who are driving hard on EV have only lifted sales with huge taxpayer funded benefits. Norway is a good example perhaps one of Tesla’s best consumers, but now the government funded rebates are being removed sales are expected to plummet.

Tesla failed to make any real impact on China the worlds fastest growing car market.

The battery business is a dirty one rare earth minerals is a dirty job for 3rd world countries so western ones can drive their EV’s.

Rare earth mining in China: the bleak social and environmental costs

Why Your Electric Vehicle Might Not Be as Green as You Think

Tesla’s new batteries may be harder on the environment than you think

“In a 2013 report, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment program concluded that batteries using nickel and cobalt, like lithium-ion batteries, have the “highest potential for environmental impacts”. It cited negative consequences like mining, global warming, environmental pollution and human health impacts.”

The Rare-Earth Crisis

“If the supply of rare earths falls short of demand in the coming years and no substitutes that approach their performance are found, makers of hybrid and electric cars will probably try to develop new motor designs that rely on induced rather than permanent magnetism, says Eric Rask, a researcher at Argonne National Laboratory. Before joining Argonne two years ago, Rask worked on the power-train system for General Motors’ electric Volt, which uses a rare-earth permanent magnet. But, he says, “the reason permanent-­magnet motors are used is that their efficiency is almost always higher in the range where you use it a lot—typically you can get more torque for a given supply of current.”

Few experts express optimism that there will be enough rare-earth materials to sustain significant growth of clean energy technologies like electric cars and wind power, which need every possible cost and efficiency advantage to compete. “The writing is already on the wall,” says Patrick Taylor, director of the Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy at the Colorado School of Mines. “You want to develop this big new energy economy, but there’s a limited supply and an ever-increasing demand.” Asked how China gained its edge over the rest of the world, Taylor points out that most of the necessary expertise and industry began moving to that country nearly two decades ago. Back then, he adds, no one was even paying attention.”


Fremantle Car Power, Whats in it for us?

The most popular electric car, a Nissan Leaf, over a 90,000-mile lifetime will emit 31 metric tons of CO2, based on emissions from its production, its electricity consumption at average U.S. fuel mix and its ultimate scrapping. A comparable diesel Mercedes CDI A160 over a similar lifetime will emit 3 tons more across its production, diesel consumption and ultimate scrapping. The results are similar for the top-line Tesla car, emitting about 44 tons, about 5 tons less than a similar Audi A7 Quattro.”


Fremantle what happened to the Electric Car?



Freo ‘slum’ goes, crime stays – The West Australian. Freo continues its slippery slide

Fremantle slum on 169 Holland St. A young man leaves after “Redge” sold him $20 worth of marijuana. Pic by Sharon Smith The west Australian

Fremantle slum on 169 Holland St. A young man leaves after “Redge” sold him $20 worth of marijuana.
Pic by Sharon Smith
The west Australian

Will Fremantle councils drive for higher density and cheaper and smaller houses , just add to this problem?

A private security company now patrols a complex dubbed the Fremantle slum as two residents remain.

Source: Freo ‘slum’ goes, crime stays – The West Australian

Fremantle Council Direction Drives Anti-social Behaviour

Here’s another case with the same factors building up so whats our council doing to stamp out this sort of behaviour in our city. We have on the cnr, of High St and Stirling Hwy another squatters setup what are the council the police and the owners of the building doing about this, its unacceptable for this to continue.

Fremantle’s Anti-Social Issues



Nordhavnsvej (Northern Harbour Link) Project, Copenhagen – Road Traffic Technology

Doesn’t the Mayor want Fremantle to be like Copenhagen, well they are building a tunnel and new road to make their growing port more efficient.

The Northern Harbour Link or Nordhavnsvej is a 3km-long bypass road being built between Nordhavn and Helsingørmotorvejen (Elsinore Highway) at the north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Source: Nordhavnsvej (Northern Harbour Link) Project, Copenhagen – Road Traffic Technology


Denmark Copenhagen builds new road and tunnel to improve connectivity with north port and to lower congestion issues removing traffic from the suburbs lowing noise pollution
All the things the Perth freight link (PFL) was aiming to achieve Roe8 Roe9. Somehow the rest of the world can safely build tunnels through and under cities yet in Fremantle they think it’s to dangerous for our suburbs.
Fear mongering is rife with BS like alley through the valley, and politically driven groups like road to rail and re-think the link.
Showing why Fremantle is where it is, lingering with its lack of business and cities like Copenhagen thrive. I guess Copenhagen has enough real leadership to see vital infrastructure projects go ahead while Fremantle has carbon hybrid brad.
Copenhagen develops while protecting its identity culture and heritage keeping what makes Copenhagen, Copenhagen. While Freo just continually loses or drives out what makes Freo Freo.

Seems our Mayor wants to kill off the port as well, I wonder what developers will benefit from that? Fremantle is a port city its possibly the last area of real activity outside cafes left in Freo. But our Mayor looks set to finish that off as well. A great letter in the herald last week showing the continuous loses Fremantle has suffered under its current local government regime. Will the port be added to the loses Fremantle is suffering at the hands of our council?

Freo losing its character
ONCE again the headlines in the Herald (December 19, 2015) announce the demise of yet another piece of irreplaceable Fremantle culture, with the Markets bar joining the Deckchair Theatre, The Fly By Night, Kulcha and many other former icons of the city.
What will be left of old Fremantle after the council has turned the whole place over to developers? I fear not much: the Esplanade will have become a “park hub” — whatever that may be — open to both community and commercial activities and if the past is anything to go by the latter will hold sway.
Hit the link above to read the whole story

Councils bill ratepayers for 150 trips – The West Australian


Perth mayors and councillors took more than 150 ratepayer-funded trips last year at cost of nearly $500,000.

Source: Councils bill ratepayers for 150 trips – The West Australian


Looks like Fremantle council skates by critic on its flight even though the Mayor Brad Pettitt just returned from ✈ Europe on a trip to look at liveable cities, no serious that’s the reason,

Add to that a trip to Japan to look at burning rubbish, Freo’s net gain on these expenses, you guessed it zero. Well apart from the bill for our mayors junket trips incurred, and at  least for every day he’s out of the country is day’s less to damage Freo.

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