Aldi’s plans for a discount supermarket in Fremantle on shaky ground

Interesting situation for the Aldi,

Personally I’m not in favour of multi nationals wiping out small local businesses. Putting them against Coles or Woollies is a much better scenario.

Now it seems the COF is against the Aldi in Hilton, the question is why? What has changed Brads in general support for Aldi?

Is it that the Aldi is against small business, is it that the residents of Hilton r against the Aldi with a petition?

Or perhaps the Aldi hasn’t prescribed to Mayor Brads Pettitt ideology of his street scape vision, his idea of cheap apartments with no car bays, his idea of high density everywhere, his sustainable whatever next idea? I think Aldi will be making their decisions on sound business practices, not the Mayors ideology

Sadly I doubt the ideas of Hilton residents had any impact, the loss of small business no impact, the idea  of another multinational killing off local manufactures/ producers no impact?

Is it all about Brads high density, cheap apartments, 6 star means little, anti-car agenda, big congestion,  image that holds sway,  or is this what progressive means in Freo?

Change at any cost, whether it’s good for existing residents or not, progression, progress that’s what this council is about for better or worse, no matter what the cost? Maybe the Aldi doesn’t have enough concrete?

Anyway some speculation, should be settled tonight as it goes before planning session at council tonight.

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  1. I’m all for ALDI to come to Hilton. People need to be careful about halting progress in the area. There isn’t a lot that goes on and there hasn’t been much new development along this stretch of road for years. If ALDI gets knocked back here, they will take their business and its benefits elsewhere, which I feel is a huge missed opportunity.

    Its easy to have a knee jerk reaction to opposing a development. There is already a supermarket in this space. One supermarket is getting changed over for another supermarket. Realistically people are arguing about a brand of supermarket. More people are needed to come into this area to spend more money into this area. Everyone will benefit.

    • Bob Law. says:

      See the latest reported Choice Survey into supermarket costs and prices; people vote with their feet and are entitled to choose which supermarket they patronise, and be given the opportunity to do so; the COF and anybody else has no right to deny people that choice.

  2. Last nights news reported that a shopping basket from ALDI is around 50% less expensive when purchasing compared to Woolworths and Coles.

  3. Accidentally pressed submit on the last post before I finished it.

    My sources have advised me that if ALDI doesn’t get what it wants, and they leave there is potentially an offer on the table from Coles who would likely put a 4 story building there. With no smaller shops on either design and apartments upstairs.

    There is also talk about the validity of the leases of the shops that are still there. A business like ALDI wouldn’t be going ahead with this development if there wasn’t a clause or 2 in the leases to otherwise develop the land.

    So the people not wanting this development to go ahead are hoping that the shopping centre will be purchased by an independent investor who is willing to keep the shopping centre, renew the leases and accept they don’t want to take advantage of the R160 development zoning.

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