CCC warns of council corruption – The West Australian

CCC warns of council corruption – The West Australian.

Its good news to see that the auditor general will now be extending its reach to local government.

Last Wednesday night at Fremantle city council again Bill Massie asked well if we are voting on this item, what will be the cost to roll it out, the answer through the chair was they would get back to him. Wouldn’t good governance require for to be properly informed about something before you make a decision and it would seem to me cost is quite a big part of things.

Bill went on further as the response was they would find out about the cost, was well what budget is it coming out of? Seems like a logical question right? He was then told they had a budget for the item, Bill Massie responded, well if you turn to page 60 of the agenda its says under risks and implications that you currently have no budget for it. Which is it? No real response to that, so my question is how do you vote on things when you have no idea about the cost impact will be and where the money will come from?

Bill voted against the item, all the rest of the votes were for the motion.

Which voting style do u think showed good governance?

Do you think this is a sustainable practise?

How many other decisions has council voted on without understanding the cost implications of doing so?

Perhaps this is where ideology gets in way of practises, like good governance?

A quote from the article,,,,,

“Local government is set for a dramatic external intervention into financial affairs after a corruption report warned councils were routinely open to rorting because of weak governance.”


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