Roel has raised a good point, the council did indeed respond with a letter or email to Mr. Lee, and it is there for all of us to read.

The REAL QUESTION is did the letter answer his question or was it just a response?

Roel writes,

“In the interest of fairness and balance I am publishing the letter the City of Fremantle sent on December 11 last year to Martin Lee about his concerns about the Kings Square development. There has been quite a bit of debate on this blog and in the media about it, so it is important to get as many facts as possible so we can all make up our own minds about this issue.”

Surely this is an issue that has raised so much attention, many questions and has still not seen one answer from the City of Fremantle. Roel is right we should have as many facts as possible and make up our own minds on this issue.

That said in the name of fairness and balance surely we would read the questions that were asked to generate the response Roel has attached. Only then would you be able to see if the letter attached actually deals with the Questions that where raised. This is quite clear when you read the two the thinking allowed pieces, does the council response answer the questions Mr Lee raised the week before, on a second reading Roel didn’t think so.

So why would this letter be better?

To have real context first you need to know what the questions were, to be able to decide if it answers the questions raised.

Amazing week 3 since this came to public light and we are yet to see even one answer to all the questions raised? Tells a story doesn’t it!

I hope we get to see all the facts Roel, it would a good start for the council to allow public viewing of the minutes and attachments they have kept confidential for years

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