Councils bill ratepayers for 150 trips – The West Australian


Perth mayors and councillors took more than 150 ratepayer-funded trips last year at cost of nearly $500,000.

Source: Councils bill ratepayers for 150 trips – The West Australian


Looks like Fremantle council skates by critic on its flight even though the Mayor Brad Pettitt just returned from ✈ Europe on a trip to look at liveable cities, no serious that’s the reason,

Add to that a trip to Japan to look at burning rubbish, Freo’s net gain on these expenses, you guessed it zero. Well apart from the bill for our mayors junket trips incurred, and at  least for every day he’s out of the country is day’s less to damage Freo.

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  1. Ben says:

    Not to mention Junket-Pettit ‘s rate payer funded use of a council electric vehicle for his holiday to Esperence. Justification: a) he owns a manual and his wife wouldn’t be able to share driving duty; b) the car would just be sitting there anyway.

    Correct council response: Not our problem.

    Actual council response: sure, take the council vehicle and use it for your private holiday.

    Typically corruption is something that is hidden from view. Our council is so deluded that they think that somehow council assets are there for their own private use. Just because it’s not hidden, doesn’t make it not-corruption.

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