Councils’ Costly World Tour For Rubbish Junkets Continues

Perth councils’ costly world tour for a rubbish solution.

jet polution

Here we go again, we see reported in the West another overseas junket trip for councils to look at how to manage waste?

What a joke, with the internet why is it necessary to travel over the world to see how to handle rubbish. 

Just recently we see council in Fremantle approve the Mayors trip to Europe to see how our city can be made more liveable, another waste of rate payer’s money, then he was just recently off in Adelaide, now it’s to Poland to look at rubbish.

Last year it was Japan to see how the Japanese run an incinerator to burn waste.

Just recently Brad was quoted in the Herald as saying it’s a job for state government to handle. “Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt supports the SMRC conducting the review but wants the WA government to take over waste management.”

So why does he need to go?

What’s the next trip going to be for? 

Shouldn’t the issue be how to create less waste not just burn it, wouldn’t that be more sustainable than flying around the world burning jet fuel leaving a massive carbon foot print. It would certainly be more sustainable for our rates

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  1. dianaryan says:

    Phew! You’ve got an expensive, resource guzzling Mayor!

    Read the article and Brad Pettitt said, once again, he’ll pay for half the trip himself…. but he said that just last month (the glamorous 13 cities in 14 days tour on how to be able to stand each other : liveability study, in other words), but the councillors said Nay! We must pay all the way!

    So the Mayor’s study tour annual allowance of $2000 will now blow out to $16,000?

    Sustainability is dead…… its been killed by bullshit excuses for excessive airflights.

    A dying Earth to Brad Pettitt: Info share!

    • Mark says:

      Diana as my Dad told me years ago “Never let the facts get in the way of a good story”!
      Surely if sustainability was your catch cry, then fossil fuel intensive trips on burning waste would not be on the top of your list to do?
      Its amazing with all the Uni’s, company’s, research etc, etc, in australia we have to fly to Poland to learn about waste handling?
      Its laughable?

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