Councils Push for Big Road Projects, well not Freo Council?


Councils push for big projects

Amazing the city of Cockburn and Armadale are pushing for big road projects in the cities, guess why;

  • To combat major road congestion
  • Growth of the cities
  • To improve Productivity
  • Road safety
  • To make hotspots safer
  • To attract business
  • To attract good development
  • To improve employment prospects
  • Efficency

According to the Mayor of Cockburn, congestion erodes business competitiveness and impacts negatively on productively and employment.

So these councils say building a new road will help improve their city’s.

Yet Fremantle City Council believe a new road into Fremantle

  • Will destroy business
  • Kill off the city access
  • Make roads more dangerous
  • Add congestion
  • Stop development
  • Kill off employment
  • etc.

Does this not sound strange, other councils are fighting to get government development, business, infrastructure, etc  into their city ,yet COF  is doing its best to stop or drive it out.

A version of Perth Freight Link could bring a lot of opportunities to Fremantle, but only if the local government fights to get the best possible outcome for its design, just like other citys in Perth are doing for their developments. Instead our Council just says no they don’t want it.

Anti-car of course means anti-road, which leads to anti business, anti growth, anti development, anti employment.

Look around Western Australia, find a  place that’s really thriving, is it going forward by stopping cars getting to where the occupants/shoppers/visitors want to go?

Ones a plan for growth, the others a plan for vacancies, not hard to see how Freo’s plan is working out?

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  1. To their credit, the mayors of these respective councils have seen a need to engage with the State and Federal governments to get funding for these projects. They realise that they cannot fund these improvements, and realistically it’s not their responsibility.

    Not sure about Fremantle council and it’s dismissal of a potentially important road project and thier opposition to it. I don’t think it’s thier responsibility to interfere with State and Federal projects when realistically try have little if any say. As per your Herald thinking allowed piece. I feel Fremantle is in a better position if they try and work with government instead of instantly opposing any and all projects that don’t necessarily want. I think, giving non compulsory voting, local government over steps it’s self-importance.

    However saying this, it’s important that we get good representatives at this election and eject those that cannot and haven’t delivered.

    • Diana Ryan says:

      Interesting phrase there “giv[en] non compulsory voting [status], local government over steps it’s self-importance”. Other than the fact it will cost more, why are we not moving to compulsory voting for local govt elections again? I mean, if you want the community to really engage with it….

      • They won’t implement it as it will bring in party politics as per what happens in the Eastern States. Maybe other councils aren’t as politically party affiliated like Fremantle.

        I think they realise that the Labor, and now greens are specifically targeting councils, but I don’t think it’s become the absolute norm as yet. Maybe it’s a way of keeping councils to a smaller agenda.

        Thanks for the spelling corrections. I was typing on the phone.

  2. Greg Rogers says:

    Fremantle is a basket case. If it were not for the art galleries and the cool restaurants, you might as well shut the place down. The Melville Herald makes out like Fremantle has an inalienable right to exist, and they local council and pollies are completely out of touch with reality. They need to get over themselves if they ever want to see Fremantle back to the heyday of the America’s Cup defence in 1987. Ahh, those were the days. There is so much potential yet they just don’t get it. Too many labor voters in my opinion. (Secret question: Why in Australia does LABOR spell its name without a U=you? U=Union…what are they trying to hide? Think about it….)

    • The Melville Herald is based off the Fremantle Herald who’s owner Andrew Smith is a communist. He is so far left wing, it’s not funny. It’s worst than prison issue toilet paper.

      It’s a changing seat, but it will take a lot of work from the Liberals if they want to win it and it will be interesting to see if they can be bothered. I certainly worked very hard to change peoples minds, but it’s complex and complicated.

      The ALP adopted the formal name “Australian Labour Party” in 1908, but changed the spelling to “Labor” in 1912. While it is standard practice in Australian English both today and at the time to spell the word “labour” with a “u”, the party was influenced by the United States labor movement, and a prominent figure in the early history of the party, the American-born King O’Malley, was successful in having the spelling “modernised”.[13] The change also made it easier to distinguish references to the party from the labour movement in general.

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