Department of Housing Not Coming to Fremantle Confirmed by Minister

One WA public housing property destroyed or damaged by fire each week, estimates hearing told ABC

“One public housing property is damaged or destroyed by fire in Western Australia on average each week, Government officials have revealed.

The statistic was provided by the Department of Housing to a Legislative Council budget estimates hearing, with Housing Minister Colin Holt describing the figure as “incredible”.

During the hearing, Mr Holt also backed away from the Government’s previous commitment to relocate the Department of Housing to Fremantle.”

So where to for Fremantle’s Kings Square project? Was the government backing away from a commitment or is it just an expression of interest that did not happen? Has the COF put all its eggs in one basket, which perhaps wasn’t there in the 1st place, as has been suggested on Roel’s blogs, by commenters?

Will the city use its option to get out of the deal or has the COF agreed to the one year extension, I haven’t seen it come to council, so it will be interesting to find out what happen, by whom and when?

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  1. There’s been a lot of talk about the department coming to Fremantle, but it’s never been a promise, so to speak. Hon. Simon O’Brien MLC, as I understand it was the first to mention it, quite a few years ago and I have heard it mentioned by Colin Barnett at different meetings in recent years. Not longer after that, Troy Buswell was appointed Minister. There’s a lot of talk stating that it was promised, but I have never seen proof of this. However, I think what was stated in last Sunday’s paper is fairly correct by the Premier in relation to issues surrounding the Port sale and the Perth Freight Link.

    Part of the problem is that the current government are wanting to help revitalize Fremantle, but you have a Council which is fighting them on the Perth Freight Link and now the sale of the Port. That includes the CEO with his latest discussion paper.

    Roel’s comments and his blog are an example of constantly stating that the Perth Freight Link is botched. What does he know about traffic network design and road cartage volumes? He’s a photographer. His opinions are based around not wanting the road network.

    My understanding is that the Port will be leased, not sold.

    You also have a Federal Member who’s chief of staff is the Fremantle Deputy Mayor Josh Wilson. There was a 4 page, full cover on the Fremantle Gazette that would have been paid for by tax payers through her office allowance. So that’s probably worth $15,000 to generate more fear mongering and misinformation. One item states that the port will be at capacity by 2021. What a load of rubbish.

    Maybe part of the problem why people feel Fremantle is dying is because of all the protesting regarding road development into and out of Fremantle. Actively working to stop a road project that will potentially bring more people and cars through Fremantle is potentially the reason why the place isn’t what it used to be.

    Its obvious that elements of the Fremantle Council are trading off the revitalization of Fremantle with the City Centre getting a major government department, 1000 workers and all of that extra trade, in favour of supporting the cancellation of the Perth Freight Link. This road project will likely go ahead with or without the protests from the CoF. You have to decide as ratepayers and voters whether you feel their actions are helping Fremantle, or hurting it. I personally cannot see how their actions are helping Fremantle. It seems that Barnett has thrown down the gauntlet and from what Holt’s comments have been, I don’t think it will be coming to Fremantle should they keep opposing the Perth Freight Link and the Port lease.

    Another missed opportunity Mark? Probably, but the CoF CEO and Councilors will never conceded that they, the ones holding the reins, are responsible. It’s easier to pass the buck and blame Barnett.

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