Fremantle City’s D Day

Today in parliament the minister for local government Tony Simpson is due to answer the questions on the COF Kings Sq Business Plan he was asked in parliament last March by Peter Tinley the member for Willagee.

What’s more important is the residents and rate payers of Fremantle and come to think of it all of Western Australia will find out if the Minister for Local Government stands for good governance, accountability, transparency, true representation, responsible financial due diligence, for the residents and ratepayers, or will he allow the city of Fremantle to continue on its course of hiding behind confidential meetings, hidden documents and secret reports.

The residents and rate payers of Fremantle have asked simple questions of the city of Fremantle over the last 7 months + and over this time have received no answers, to not even one question.

What is it that the city has to hide, why the secrecy? Where will they try to spin this story too next?

Why is it after 7 months of ratepayers question there are no answers but we see in the media, quotes of answers next week? How is this possible, I wonder if the city has engaged professional help in answering these questions, if so at what cost? As it seems there Media or PR staff are busy with some  attempts at distraction over the last few weeks?

Why would the minister not assist the residents in their questions to find the truth?

If not the minister for local government who do residents go to when being stone walled by their council? Why do we need a minister for local government if he is not able to even assist in a simple but basic issue like getting reasonable questions asked?

If real answers do not come in due course the minister and council would be naive, to think these questions will go away.

Today we get to see what good governance means to the minister


Question On Notice No. 3834 asked in the Legislative Assembly on 25 March 2015 by Mr P.C. Tinley

Question Directed to the: Minister for Local Government
Question Directed to: Hon A.J. Simpson
Minister responding: Hon A.J. Simpson
Parliament: 39 Session: 1


(1) Is the Minister aware of community concerns over how the City of Fremantle has represented the financial implications of their $45 million investment of ratepayer funds in its Kings Square Business Plan, and if so, what action has the Minister taken to address these concerns?
(2) Has the Minister directed the City of Fremantle to answer legitimate ratepayer questions concerning the Kings Square Business Plan, and if not, why not?
(3) Has the Minister conducted a full and proper investigation into the questions raised with regard to the Kings Square Business Plan:
(a) if so, what were the findings; and
(b) if not, why not?
(4) Is the Minister satisfied that the Kings Square Business Plan:
(a) accurately represents the financial implications that the $45 million project will have on the City of Fremantle’s asset base; and
(b) correctly represents the rate of return and net present value derived from this investment of ratepayer funds?
(5) Is the Minister satisfied that the Kings Square Business Plan contains sufficient detail for ratepayers and Councillors to properly understand whether this project increases or decreases the asset base of the City of Fremantle, and if so, for what reason?
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  1. Diana Ryan says:

    I doubt anyone is fooled by how much media has suddenly recycled old info about this KS plan. Fin Review is just as capable of using “filler”.

    $1bn in “the pipeline” is nothing compared to many councils around Australia, and Perth (City of Stirling has authorised over $1bn in works this year alone).

    Freo’s pipeline seems to have a blockage in it, anyway. It is remarkable how a developer deal now seems to be a blame game. You don’t do deals based on “the state govt indicated”…. Sirona appear to have either been promised the City would do much of the heavy lifting there (which seems to have disintegrated in to a blame game of recriminations on the City’s part), or, the only conclusion has been that Sirona has read the market badly.

    Wasn’t the situation that the deal between Sirona and City of Freo had a time limit of two years, with an option for a one year extension? Something like that? If so, when is the two year part up, and when do negotiations over extending the option start?

    If the option period is coming up, why not call a special elector’s meeting that puts certain requirements on the City? The council can reject it immediately but they are required to address the resolutions of such at a full council meeting, and as soon as possible, and it will be on the record that the community moved to formal expression of concern stage.

    • Mark says:

      Yes Diana must have been a slow news day for the AFR with the piece they did on freo, at least the COF Press release team must be earning their money.
      Shame she couldn’t even get the right projects on the right streets, you would think 60 seconds on google maps would have solved that issue
      If Samantha Hutchinson had wanted to do a story on a money pipeline of investment, if she had looked 3 mins south at cockburn thats over $5 billion there but no need to let the facts get in the way of a good story, sadly the COF uses this tactic so often that their spin is gaining less traction than a burnout competition but generates the same bad smell and smoke

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