Fremantle Council Strives to be No1.

Tonight was another classic example of the time we waste on community engagement run by the city and they wonder why people don’t engage more, This evening was a perfect example.

It’s clearly it’s just a box ticking exercise.  Tonight at council we had the south beach basketball court issue on the agenda.

Community consultation had a couple of options or choices to comment on, so what appears at council and driven by councillor Sullivan the chair of SGS, the option not put to the public but a new option 3, well i suppose its close to 1 & 2. Sound familiar, it’s how the Esplanade concreting went, the J-shed now the signal station as well, to name a couple. Why did the council popular option come in so late, my first guess it would have court, LOL, too much opposition, so instead slide it in later, run a workshop dominated by its intended users, tick community consultation DONE, Freo style.

No real mention was given that the biggest single option from public feedback was for no court at all, as most where concerned about the courts impact on the current use of the public space and facilities at south beach. Pg.117 of the agenda attachments Considering councillor sullivan was seen actively taking the community feedback forms to basketball games to drive his agenda its not a great showing, not what you would call organic feedback, more force driven hydro. Option 1 was the next strongest choice, followed closely by  option others, but where is council now focusing option 3 the one no one knew about, see Pg.131 of the agenda, now has the option that weren’t out for public consultation. (same link as just above no need to down load twice.)

Here is the link to what was put up originally for dare I use the words community consultation;

South Beach proposed basketball court

Submission close date:

These options weren’t even really considered tonight, the big issue for councillor Sullivan was to get the Wilson park ideas off the table. What should be off the table is everything that was not on the ADVERTISED SOUTH BEACH BASKETBALL COURT COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PROPOSAL OR SHOULD I SAY, SIDE SHOW

Oh the reference to Fremantle Council striving to be No.1, metre by metre they seem to concrete over the parklands, more concrete coming. It seems being no.2 in Australia for the worse hard surfaced city, is not good enough the goal appears to be No.1 as judge by the 20202 report. South beach grass to be lost, size of area to be concreted or similar hard surface, that of a full basketball court +, and another 1/2 size court on the esplanade, seems they are struggling for funds from the budget, but rest assured they will find it. When it comes to concrete they will find away. Didn’t the city just drop funding for the women’s refugee, well that should free up a bit cash for a 1/2 court game.

Let’s skip over the part, that the area is well used over summer by thousands of people, it gives shelter from the hot westerly sun and it gives shelter from the strong afternoon sea breeze. Oh it’s in a bit of a hollow, I recall right next to the dune, that should work well a basketball court needing a drain or drains, that will need to be constantly cleaned out of beach sand, brilliant choice the most maintenance intensive model possible, it’s not like the city of Fremantle doesn’t have enough issues with blocked drains as it is. At least they won’t have to buy the court if it floods!

Tonight at council issue of the signal station lease, complete chaos with complete lack of understanding on what the actual lease/licence contained, clearly councillors had different understanding of what the lease meant or terms contained in it. Is it 10yrs or 20yrs? If the councillors have trouble understanding what they paid to do, how is this stuff ever clear in the minds of interested residents and ratepayers? Issues like we saw in the community engagement on the basketball courts just adds to the confusion, why do they propose one thing then  go with ideas that weren’t even in the discussion, well not publicly anyway? The transparency of these processes is about as see-thru as an earth rammed wall.

They seemed so tied up in their own agendas do they even consider what the general community thinks,, who dem u saay?

I go to council meetings really regular, tonight’s debate left me wondering what goes on, how can councillors have such different understandings of the real facts, different opinions on something I get, but it’s not even clear what the issue of discussion is, it’s amazing how they can vote on issues that are not even clear, but will have the facts tidied up later? Does anyone get that?! I don’t?

One meeting its really good to see detail and clarity the next just drive it home and work out it later, no matter what?

Lastly I’m not against the council providing a basket ball court, its why they have to put concrete in the park again? All over the world I have seen all forms of government provide community amenity, the first place they normally look is to spend money and add facilities in locations that are run down or crappy, using that money/opportunity to make the community as a whole better, this is the first one I have witnessed that’s 1st choice is take good park space and pour in concrete.


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