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Well not quite what Brad was telling in his letter to the Herald last week was it ?

Faction fiction His Piece on no party politics in council seems to fly in the face of the greens ad above on the basics of starting in local government. Their statement “With strong Councillors on Local Government throughout the Western Australia, we will be able make sure we all have a brighter greener future!” I take that as green Councillors?

So I suppose as long as the rest of the community agrees with their ideology that’s great but sadly the %’s from state and federal government elections cast the truer reality of where peoples politics lie that’s not even mentioning all the smaller parties and independents.

Then we have  Brads comment that he does not support individual candidates as I quote ” I will not be endorsing any individual candidates as the mayor needs to work with whoever is elected.”

Well that’s not what the history of the last election tells us, as he clearly supported candidate in that one, did he not?

Local issues are not what state and federal politics are based on, this is clearly evident in Fremantle as we see basic community amenities so poorly catered for, (public toilets for instance) yet plenty of time, energy and cash for their green political issues.

Its important not to just listen to what they say but watch for how they vote in council, as that shows their true ideology.

Have a read of the two links to the articles, the stories tell the true picture and the contradiction between them. Again read the info and decide for yourself.

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  1. Mark, you have been quoted in the Herald as a candidate in the local elections. Rather that speculating about the Mayor, you need to put forward a set of policies. As I previously stated, you need to outline what you will be doing if elected over the next 4 years.

    Too often, people get elected based on personality, NOT policy. Politics SHOULD be about policy and what you will do over the next 4 years. Be bold. Be brave. Be committed. State your objectives and people will back you up. You will be able to look yourself in the mirror after election day.

    The problem with local elections, is that they are not compulsory. There are people who are unscrupulous who will take postal votes from peoples letterboxes and fill them out in their favour.

    Rachael Pemberton has already come out and stated in her previously defunct blog (its election time, so its time to start communicating with the people of Fremantle), that she is hanging her hat on her “so called” initiative to have Defence Housing Australia buy the old Toyota site in Fremantle. What a joke!!! Besides being a Federal issue (Defence is a federal issue), she is taking credit for this and has had zero input into them getting it.

    Rachael Pemberton hasnt come out with any policies other than hanging her hat on Brad Pettitt’s $8 million in 2 years delivery.

    From what I’ve heard, the woman who’s going for North ward and trying to bump off Fittock is a far left/raving loony green. She has associated herself with Brad and stated that she is a friend of his and she’s in full support of him. He has distanced herself from her. Which is reasonable to assume as he’s not as far left as the raving loony left crowd.

    • Benjamin says:

      I would consider myself a libertarian with a focus on economic realities and yet I would argue that someone from the raving loony left is better that Robert Fittock. North Fremantle has been very shabbily treated with him as a representative.

      • Mark says:

        Hopefully in the upcoming election Nth Freo will have better options than either mentioned.

      • I don’t disagree. Fittock hasn’t had to promise to do anything and I doubt, I doubt he will come up with any any policy of any merit. It will be something like, “Ive been here for 25 years. I hang out at the bowling club. I have worked hard on council (not). Re-elect me for another 4 years”. He walked into the role the last time.

        Unfortunately the Green’s lady has already shot herself in the foot, but she might attract a lot of help/helpers. She’s come out with no policy other than “I will do what Brad tells me to do because I’m a loyal Green, I’m there to get rid of Fittock and help provide an even more sided argument and one-sided vote on council”.

        Ben, you’re obviously in North Freo. What do you see as required for North Ward? i.e. What do you expect a prospective councilor to do in the next 4 years if elected? That is the real question that all residents need to ask. I’d really look forward to see what is required. I think it might provide an insight into whats required.

        • Benjamin says:

          Matthew, as a libertarian, I actually want the council to do as little as possible and only do what they are elected to do which is to maintain the suburb I live in and administer the planning act the way it was written and not impose large or imposing buildings onto poor unsuspecting residents.

          I want them to spend our money wisely and aim to reduce our rates, not increase them.

          Thematically, they should maintain council buildings, pick up garbage and look after public spaces (including the maintenance of tree canopies). Obviously there are more things but those are the biggies.

          I also think that Fremantle has enough ripe areas for development that the high rise obsession has to stop. Council does not exist to guarantee the capital return on a property investment by developers by rezoning height restrictions.

          That’s it quite frankly. I don’t think money should be wasted on political campaigns (such as council amalgamations and road protests), nor large capital programs such as Kings Square. The private sector is more than willing an able to invest and develop as long as they are given certain and common sense regulatory frameworks with which to work within. The council should butt right out.

          Lastly, I would strongly encourage a streamlining of the city’s administration. To the extent that it is legal, I would outsource a large chunk of city and council business. For example, the professionalism of private planning groups compared to those employeed within the city is night and day. This is not because the people are better or worse, but that those in the private sector are placed in a position to succeed.

          I also think that all communications that councillors have should be there for the public record. The back room lobbying must stop.

        • Benjamin says:

          Matthew, I realised that I didn’t really answer your North Freo specific question. So I apologise for that.

          To start with, North Fremantle is a pretty nice place to live. Lots of houses, but mostly on smallish blocks and a lot of on street parking. The quest to add density really doesn’t sit well here because of parking issues. The proposals on McCabe Street are said to increase the population by 50%. We simply do not have the amenity to handle that kind of population increase.

          We are finally starting to get some more cafes which is nice but still no grocery store, nor an ATM. It is a real inconvenience that clearly hasn’t concerned a councillor that I’ve heard of. And now we have Pettitt and Co suggesting that the only way to get amenity is to allow the council to allow the builders to grow the height of their buildings so that the councillors can leverage the builders to bring more amenity to the suburb. If that sounds confusing, it’s because it is – though i was there when the mayor said it.

          Council cannot do things like this. Businesses will come to North Fremantle when our little business strip matures and parking is improved. The ongoing buggering up our northern aspect will continue to be all in vein due to this short sightedness. It won’t deliver a damn thing to the people who currently live in the heart of the suburb.

          I pity the rocky bay residents.

    • Julian says:

      Melbourne’s Richmond Council was controlled by the Painters and Dockers Union in the 1950’s. It was claimed that many people moved to Richmond just because you could miraculously continue voting after you died.

      Good on John Dowson for speaking against the booze barn tin shed. The crazy double crazy aspect is that this experiment will have 20 years lease at the same rent as a wee shop on the main street. If it does not succeed due to the predicted noise and drunks in the street, then if Council does close it down, it will have to pay the owners compensation. How so very smart is that? Low rent, long lease, ability to extend onto other adjacent land and beach excludes other ventures, honeymoon rent commencement delayed. No soundproofing of the tin shed which will act as a giant sub-woofer. What is Green about that? Noise is the most insidious torture and the residents who did move into that revitalized area have been shafted. Music and brothels should be in industrial areas like Malaga and Welshpool, not under citizen’s pillows. Fremantle seems to have been hijacked by developer spivs.

  2. One good policy might be to work to keep the Council rates at the current rate of inflation during the next 4 years. The city needs to start living within it’s means and there is talk that if the local governments don’t reform themselves, then the State government will step in and reform them. People are sick and tired on constant rate hikes.

    Unfortunately Councillors such as Rachael Pemberton have never paid a rates bill, as they don’t own property in the City of Fremantle and its paid an an indirect cost through their rent, possibly. They have never owned or run a business and therefore have never paid outgoings.

    I’d vote for you, just on that policy alone. There is a lot of shop owners that would cast their vote based purely on that policy.

  3. Damien Flynnf says:


    I just read your comments about the “woman whose trying to bump off Fittock.” “a far left loony green”, whoever that woman is.

    When you’ve run out of anything sensible to say, you can always rely on personal abuse- the old argumentum at hominem.

    As a lawyer, I’d have thought you’d be above that,- apparently not so.

    Damien Flynn,

    East Fremantle

    • I’m not a lawyer, but thanks for chiming in and making a personal attack on me and using my supposed personal attack as a valid reason for your personal attack. I thought you were beyond the finger pointing brigade, but I guess you have shown your true colours finally by crawling out from under that rock you’ve been hiding.

      Crtitising my criticism of a potential candidate who will be representing my interests in Fremantle whilst you live in East Fremantle is pretty weak and childish. Foolish actually. But considering your support for PFL and living no where near it pretty much sums up your support for her policies and that of the Greens to try and influence the area I live in by running candidates.

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