Fremantle Flooding, Still an Issue on Daly St South Fremantle


Last night we had our first consistent rain in months, heavy at times but nothing torrential.

Above is a google picture of the vacant block, drain and area where water can can come from to flood the street by filling this road side ditch.

Here are some pics from Daly st South Freo which flooded the road last night more than 200mm deep in places.


Its seems that the road drain flows out into a ditch along side of the road.

From a safety point of view sumps are usually fenced in this case it is just a big water filled ditch with gods knows whats under the dirty waters surface? Imagine someones dog getting stuck in this road side mess and drowning let alone a child. As I believe the site is also contaminated imagine what toxins are being washed down in the ditch and into peoples yards where the families live and play. Not to mention any issues native or domestic animal will have from drinking it?

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It also seems that drain works both ways once the ditch is full from the run off from the vacant block and street it floods back onto the street from the drain, across the road over the footpath and into peoples houses, sound familiar? Yes just like Hampton Rd, another flooding issue I have been told that has gone on for years.

Again its back to basics while the council can plan to pull $100,000 out of the bag for a political campaign at the drop of a hat I don’t see them so fast to react to real issues effecting residents. Well fix a whole streets flooding issues may only attract a couple of votes, now put a $100,000 into a political campaign now there’s money well spent, right????, well maybe not for the residents and rate payers, but it will be great for the councillors?

Council is aware of this as it brought to the attention of a councillor some months ago and to council for years, but here they stand again ankle deep in water.

I wonder how many houses in this street they intend to buy to get this issue to go away?


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  1. Suzanne says:

    Perhaps the Fremantle Council could seek the advice of their Cottesloe colleagues, on the continuing Daly Street drama.

    Little Marine Parade, Cott, was suddenly inundated after heavy showers last year. Homes were badly flooded. Immediately the Cott Council & the Metropolitan Water Board acted. Dug out and increased the sump or drain or some such. I am not good on technical  terms.
    All was well for general weather and suddenly another deluge.
    Back they came immediately and dug a grand canyon like area with huge machines. Once finished, over 50 shrubs were planted over the disturbed area. Brilliant. No problems since.
    Surely a similar excavation, to allow the water to escape, could be the answer for Daly Street.
    No harm in both Councils having a chinwag

    • Mark says:

      Nice comment, its amazing the difference in the service level from one council too another.
      Its possibly as this council at Cott is focused on amenity for ratepayers, u know basically the reason they exist,
      Where in freo it seems a wider political agenda is in play not the real interest of the residents and rate payers

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