Fremantle Herald No1 Information Source for Freo

Good to the Fremantle Herald has been ranked as Fremantle’s number 1 information source.

According to the councils “City of Fremantle Community Perceptions 2015 the herald is used by 70% of the people surveyed in the COF recently conducted report/survey made by CATALYSE® Community Perceptions Survey.

If you read the councils report on the survey, it needs to be read with a couple of grains of salt as it doesn’t really paint the true picture, reading the whole report will give you a better idea of where we stand.

COUNCIL MEDIA UNDER FIRE  “When asked where they sourced their local information—and without being prompted—70 per cent nominated the Fremantle Herald.”

Always interesting when I google items/issues about Freo how often the Herald comes up.


Well done Fremantle Herald

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