Fremantle Made Junkets

jet polution

Well you could take 2 basic meaning for this?

  1. Junket is light and refreshing custard made with milk, rennet, sugar and vanilla, or even flavoured milk?
  2. n: a conferenceretreat or otherwise third-party (read: company, government, etc.) subsidized event for which an individual personally pays little to nothing, but reaps benefits.

So what was today’s junket well let’s say it doesn’t involve rennet or milk.

It involved council voting on C1502-6 Application to join study tour of European liveable cities with local government planning association-Mayor Brad Pettitt.

So due to procedure as the mayor was the item of discussion he left the chambers, it was then open for discussion and some clarification.

Basically or summing up the facts the mayor has $1586 left in conference study account, but to doesn’t want to use this as it seems he has other uses for it planned for later in the year. It costs $7080 to go, he’s offering to pay 50% so the city needs to cough up the rest.

Bill Massie voted against and called it what it is a Junket, he raised several good points, i.e. how does the rate payer benefit, what is the deliverable, outcome? Just last year the Mayor flew to Japan to check out some incinerators for burning rubbish. (Not very green all those flights and/or burning rubbish). The only real question is what did the city (ratepayers) get out of it what did we learn that justified the expense, well we had a meeting shortly after his Japanese junket but have not seen/nor heard much since, so how did the Rate Payer benefit whats is the measurably benefit, we didn’t even get any sushi or sake?

So considering some guys already written a book on the subject, what would the city get out of this junket that we couldn’t get from the book or the internet?, Doctors can give prognosis online, we can explore wrecks in the deepest oceans, do scientific experiments on mars, but our Mayor has to fly around the world, to check out bikes paths, parks and where the office is in relation to home and the shop. Our leaders tell us of the great benefits of the NBN will bring us, bringing the world to our homes, offshores offices etc, well it can’t be true as everytime a pollie wants to learn something its all Jumbos, hotel suites and junket ahoy?

Forget the Perth and Fremantle Geographically, demographically, culturally, layout, infrastructure, population mass, density wise etc., are nothing like most European cities. I still love the comparisons between Fremantle and Vancouver, comparing issues like PT, rail use, the mass population differences not mentioned, just the lovely ideologies, Vancouver has Seattle just south, Perth has Bunbury, no real difference at all there?

Perhaps if its gardens or Parks I can recommend Genève or Lausanne, check out their policy on concreting parks and implement that in Freo. Or maybe go to Positano and see what we can learn about cycling as its very popular there, much more so than here in Freo no dedicated bike lanes there, well there is a decimated lane and it’s for everything, with wheels and feet and generally your lucky if it has a lane each way?

I think while a couple of councillors where shocked that Councillor Massie called it a Junket but it’s pretty close. But what I find really amazing is in all the chatter and even the written document is that it does not say what the COF hopes funding this Junket will delivery to the ratepayers in benefits? Where is our upside?

Even more notable is the this little quote, cut and paste from the agenda, Pg. 121 of the 25/02/2015 Ordinary meeting of council

“BACKGROUND Elected members are provided with an annual study/conference allowance of $2,000 to attend training and development opportunities. The CEO has delegated authority to approve attendance for elected members where it is relevant to local government matters, but that authority does not extend to international trips. The LGPA have invited the Mayor to join the tour as a vacancy on the tour has recently arisen and the Mayor has expressed a strong interest in joining the tour.”

So I wonder if the rules gave delegated Authority when or if we would we have heard of this?

I have put in a link to the minutes above should anyone want to read them and the book was by Professor Peter Hall’s recent book titled Good Cities, Better Lives1 , identified the places in mainland Europe that had become celebrated as examples of “best practice” – the best places in Europe to live and work in. I wonder if our libarary has it? I’ll check tomorrow!

Remember if you are in Bordeaux and ordering the foie gras by now the 75 d’Yquem is drinking superbly.




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  1. Diana Ryan says:

    Pettitt’s already undertaken many trips overseas in the six years he’s been Mayor. In that time many experts came to Perth to tell us about other areas of the world, and many people from Perth have flown out to investigate for themselves. Much of this was documented on the Mayor’s blog. Sustainability, resiliency, liveability and yes, climate change, have become a series of endless flights, busy work, and all at high repetition, and it simply isn’t necessary to continue to take flights that repeat these exercises.

    Prof of Sustainability, Peter “frequent flyer” Newman made it clear last year we need to start reducing our airflights if we are to address climate change. The Mayor’s trip is unnecessary, so not taking that trip is the more responsible action here.

    I encourage the Mayor to do the right thing and not waste money and fuel going elsewhere and knuckle down to do ensure the City finally develops employment quotas for people with disabilities, as they did years ago for Aboriginals. Its not as fun as flying, but it will immediately increase the sustainability of the most marginalised members of Freo’s community.

    Failing that, and given that he cannot demonstrate any new ratepayer value for this trip, he needs to take a leave of absence and fund the trip himself.

    Unfortunately, however, it is likely the Mayor will just take the trip because he can, and Freo will pay for it, whether they want to or not.

  2. freoishome says:

    Going on what you report here Mark, I concur with Councillor Massie.

    What was the benefit to the CoF from previous tours? The answer seems to be ‘nothing much’. The consequent question is then :So what has Council learnt from that decision making? Well from your report the answer is also, ‘not much’, as they are repeating the same error, and added to that, from your report, with the exception of Councillor Massie, it seems like ‘group think’!

    Bristol UK, has recently been awarded an European award for its Sustainability, and the prize is funds to spend over the next year to build on that. Maybe a better expense would be in 12 months contributing to bringing out a Bristol rep, to give Freo the once over and some actions. Maybe a previous winner, might be appropriate.

    • Diana Ryan says:

      Oh, give it a rest, Paul…. Who cares if Bristol UK has received an award from yet another award giving something or other… and why does Fremantle (its community and its council) seem to need so much reinforcement re sustainability? It seems to me that, when it comes to “sustainability”, Freo can also boast it burns the most jet fuel in pursuit of it for little tractability. Has to be the case, coz it seems to desperately need to burn more and more of that jet fuel flying in and flying out…. in the name of sustainability.

      BTW, do you pay any money towards that CUSP’s soup and talk thingo partly enabled by the City of Freo? Its hardly sustainable if its being provided free of charge to you. You know a friend of mine went on at CUSP, formerly Murdoch ISTP, for years about how it wasn’t serving local water, wine or food. Too busy flying in and out in the name of sustainability to actually live it? Years, Paul, Years that institute served bottled water, wines and food from everywhere else but here.

      Sustainability: Always has to be somewhere else but here.

      • freoishome says:

        What is your vision for the future of Fremantle, apart from don’t do this and don’t do that?
        I haven’t been to CUSP meetings since they shifted CUSP to the Curtin Uni campus, as it clashes with some work I do, I may attend a little of this afternoon’s, so why don’t you come and point out everything that is bad about it, based on todays reality, instead of out of date hearsay!

        • Diana Ryan says:

          Flights. Paul. Excess, unnecessary flights. Pls don’t promote any more of them. And I was a student at the both ISTP and an associate of CUSP, and I questioned the irony of a lot of things about those institutes, including their disinterest in students with special needs, excess flights. Why don’t you just asked Peter Newman about it, get the bemused and/or worse answer? Their practices weren’t “sustainability itself” then, but these and food from everywhere else, as they decried the lack of sustainability of everyone else, are not hard issues. I repeat: sustainability everywhere else but here, and I’ll add a new statement: how long do the very people who flog it need before they act sustainably themselves? Let’s start with something simple, like “hey fellow, do you really need to take that flight”? Its not hard, Paul.

          • Diana Ryan says:

            And before you ask, I contributed a LOT whilst at those institutes, but it didn’t increase their interest in students with special needs. A vastly unsustainable, unfair, and appalling attitude, now reflected within the council at Fremantle, who do the CUSP thing too and promote support for Aboriginals [through work quotas], but for years now nothing similar for people with disabilities. Why save the world for spoilt brats who take excess flights coz apparently it will save the world, when it isn’t and won’t but is way more cool than doing the really hard, boring work like let’s recognize people with disabilities are equals and treat them that way? (And what is your view on this last bastion of sustainability, Paul : people with disabilities having the same rights, or, heck, ability to access solar panels – and those subsidies and big, fat incentives payments, or be able to afford to buy in to the so-called “community” wind farm? Because it starts with taking less flights, and putting more effort in to ensuring people with disabilities get a proper education and a good job, and that applies to every school within a university and every council that claims to be a bastion of sustainability).

          • freoishome says:

            RETHINKING SOCIAL HOUSING – 11th March 2015
            The Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP) is pleased to host a free public lecture by highly respected academic, author and authority on the built environment, Dr Judy Kraatz
            This seminar will present a conceptual framework developed for an SBEnrc research project between CUSP and Griffith. It will outline the next steps in this project including: (i) the development of specific criteria for evaluation (both housing and non-housing related); (ii) proposed investigations including test case studies to be undertaken in 2015 in Logan City, Queensland and another in Western Australia; and (iii) a future proposed step adopting a systems dynamic approach to address the complexity of interactions which are present when evaluating social housing outcomes (both direct housing outcomes and externalities such as health, employment, education and place-making outcomes

  3. Jayne says:

    Well, at least it’s not the same guy whose been encouraging us all sell our cars and ride bikes. Now that would be pretty hypocriti…. Hold on…

    • Mark says:

      Fair go Jayne he has never asked anyone to give up their personal jets, or jetset lifestyles? It just seems he wants u to live in a highrise, the size of a shoe box, surrounded by concrete, walk every where while he lives it up and flies around the world at ratepayers expense?

    • Diana Ryan says:

      Any truth to the rumour Josh Wilson said “ah heck, Brad shouldn’t have to pay for his 147th trip on [the same old issues] he’s already travelled on, and tons of people have been flown here to talk about”.

      The Mayor would only have offered to pay for half the trip if he’d known it would have been contentious.

      This is fiscal responsibility? BTW how long is the trip at $7000? Just how much can one really gather in a short time anyway? Aren’t they just gonna meet with folks they could have gone in to much greater detail with over the phone? Will they have time to arrange someone to tell them why 50% of Europe fared badly in the GFC – since most of what we intend to do now they already did? Big fact question on how sustainable and ultimately liveable a lot of those places showed themselves to be when the cash stopped. But the cash for Brad’s rinse and repeat junkets doesn’t ever seem to?

      You know, unions send people away on study tours all the time. The Nurses Union, on the other hand, saves tons of money by using the phone and the internet. They believe it wastes time and credibility to keep getting on those planes…

      • Diana Ryan says:

        Oh wait, no, Mark is right – its an outright junket. The recommending officer at Freo only recommended funding half the trip, not all of it, despite saying it was a “rare opportunity”. Apparently not that rare, then.

        So if a councillor did recommend the City pay all of the costs, and the council agreed, the council is going against the recommendations of its own officers. Canning got pinged for that. Said to be inappropriate, as the council officers would have made an assessment the councillors did not possess the knowledge to do.

  4. Paul says:

    Well Mark, I suggest you buy yourself a ticket and go to Europe as soon as possible, and take a good hard look at some of those in cities in Europe that you think are so different from here. I’ve just come back from Spain and was astounded at the similarities between coastal Mediterranean cities and wait for it.. a local coastal city with distinctly Mediterranean weather and strong Southern European roots.
    I spent a long time wandering around places such as Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Madrid and other cities thinking how much Fremantle could gain from taking on the lessons learned over hundreds of years how best to deal with incredibly hot dry summers, and how brilliantly those cities have activated their streets at night, filled with people enjoying the cool evenings, the parks, shady trees, lighting, promenades, social events, pockets of small and simple but deceptively sophisticated cafes and restaurants. It was Inspiring and charming, and something we could learn a lot from.
    So Mark, you have the option of clinging to your ignorance and rejection of exciting and innovative ideas or you can embrace being actively engaging with new opportunities that arise to add to the richness and diversity of our city. I know which one I want!

    • Diana Ryan says:

      Yep. Freo doesn’t have ANY of those things, Paul.

      You didn’t do anything other than visit. You weren’t immersed in anything other than temporary senses of things, that has nothing to do with the reality of its whole.

      No way there wouldn’t isn’t a “CordobaIsHome” blogger there too saying, “We have nothing Fremantle has! Damn it , Senors! Send out the bulls to the many cities who are much more liveable than we!”

      Apparently you turned a blind eye to how Spain overcommitted on renewable energy subsidisation and began unwinding how appalling unfair those subsidies were, how expensive its electricity became, how it went on to experience huge levels of unemployment post GFC, or built an airport to accommodate the Spanish version of you and your lobby group on excess flight taking = sustainability… and found it unviable. Spain collapsed in a hole so easily and is still recovering.

      You did note, did you not, that the officer at Freo recommended that the City only pay half of the Mayor’s ongoing requests to take more flights to study things he apparently didn’t know after many other flights, and years as a so-called sustainability academic and six years across planning issues at Fremantle – and that it be CAPPED at $3500? The City didn’t feel it necessary that he be supported wholly in this endeavour, Paul, and I’m not surprised.

      Capped, Paul. Living within means, paying bills not wracking up credit cars, prioritising what has not yet been addressed, heck, even “moderation is best” would all be actions the Mayor could take this year, instead of yet more trips overseas to support his attention deficit disorder on liveability. Is Freo unliveable then? Perhaps it is the Mayor who should go, out the door then!

      And walking around Spain is not living in Spain. Its not real, its just a trip, where you don’t engage in the day to day issues of absolutely everything that makes up a whole. So given Freo already has a lot of what you said Spain has, it is not clear how you’ve added to the debate as to whether yet another flight is anything more than a rather tiresome, repeated JUNKET.

      However, what we do know is that Pettitt will excitedly do the rounds across Perth talking about how a mad dash through a big no. of towns in a short period equals deep knowledge of anything at all. You’ve always struck me as a very intelligent man. Is this how you want to see money used, really? Again? And again?

      … Has anyone considered the Mayor seems unable to retain any information from all these trips? Its the only things that makes any sense here – he needs to travel frequently, at ratepayers’ expense, to address an apparent inability to retain information? If he can’t cope, maybe its time he went.

      • Paul says:

        Eer .. Diana, I’m not sure what your point is. Are you saying that because I only visited Spain (not for for the first time) for several weeks I could therefore not have gained any insights into the culture, art, architecture, history or ways in which people adapt to their world? Surely this suggests that all travel other than for purely pecuniary or frivolous activities is a complete waste of time. Hot damn – that’s been a expensive mistake on my part!
        With regard your withering but slightly confusing assessment of Spain’s economy and sustainable energy production I bow to your superior knowledge, although I have to say I thought the solar arrays and wind farms scattered through the countryside bodes well for the world and its attempts to reduce carbon emissions. See I did learn something!

        • Diana Ryan says:

          Err, who are you again? Consider putting a full name and photo to your gravatar, because the generality, the anonymity you employ just saw me think you were someone else.

          And Err, thanks for pointing out Freo isn’t like Spain, in terms of “how brilliantly those cities have activated their streets at night, filled with people enjoying the cool evenings, the parks, shady trees, lighting, promenades, social events, pockets of small and simple but deceptively sophisticated cafes and restaurants. It was Inspiring and charming, and something we could learn a lot from”.

          Yep, worth at least another sixty thousand flights, man, to emulate what now?

    • Mark says:

      Paul spent years living in Europe worked and lived there for yrs, I have possible seen more of the world than most people, I worked in the Cruise industry for over 10yrs and have seen many port cities around the world.
      If you think traveling a trip to Europe for 2 weeks and rushing around a city for one day will give you an insight to how it works or what makes it special, you’re kidding yourself.
      I generally find it’s better to work with what you have than having fairy tale ideals of enjoying cool evenings, the weather is what it is a trip to Europe will not change our weather pattern.
      You talk about parks, I’m only speak of keeping our parks and increasing trees, I’m not the one who’s pouring concrete in our parks and making huge heat sinks that’s the your council buddies.
      I talk about making the city a better safer place, for locals and tourism which will drive jobs and business.
      I have been promoting the opportunities of the cruise industry, have been invited to speak to organizations on the benefits they can offer, have done guest speaker roles at colleges in Perth for students on the opportunities this industry can offer. Have been employed by TWA to promote local food and the tourism opportunity to big travel association’s and what can get from promoting WA as a destination.
      You forget to mention the culture of these places where you have siesta so these hot places close down in the middle of the day, which is the main tool to bring out people in the late afternoon and early evening, not quite how it is here in Australia perhaps you intend to change the whole culture of our country.
      Eating out at in these Mediterranean cultures is much cheaper than places like Australia, in some cases it’s as cheap to eat out as to cook yourself, especially for 1 or a couple.
      The service industry is different completely for wage structure and penalty rates.
      Alcohol service requirements again completely different laws, (in the late 90’s I had European friends come to stay who were amazed to see things like BYO, or drive in bottle shops. he said why would you need to BYO, amazed how the system worked, with liquor laws?
      Perhaps in your next trip to Europe I can recommend a few places in Italy to go where bike riding is at huge numbers but not a dedicated bike path to be seen, just a different culture.
      Like so many as I have a different opinion than you consider me ignorant, wrong, not open to new ideas, perhaps you should have a look in the mirror, I have worked, lived myself and enjoyed myself around the world you can’t do that with a close mind.
      Your issue seems to be it’s your way or no way. You are the only enlighten one, your vision or no vision
      My criticism is the mayor, going on a ratepayer funded trip through Europe, which will deliver no real benefit to the rate payers of Fremantle you could achieve the same by buying the book they talk about, google it and if you have a question on any city or region in Europe just walk down the cappuccino strip and ask someone who actually lived there and has real life experience of what it is like, as opposed to a contiki tour. After the city spends it the money what does it achieve? What’s the return?
      Fremantle is blessed with so many cultures right at our door step yet we have to fly to Europe to find out what’s it’s like?

      • Paul says:

        Mark, Spent 18 years in Europe, two years in Asia and been to more than a few other countries around the world – so not entirely naive to the differences. I find your attitude very interesting – seems more of a rant than a effort to examine the issues critically. Of course, you’re absolutely right about the difference in cultures, although sadly I notice the siesta is less and less important over the years, but it does seem that you want to throw the baby out with the bath water. There is, I grant you, a certain skill in seeing opportunities amongst the differences between countries and adapting them to your own cultural and social precepts but lots of people do it and there have been an awful lot of precedents set by others – just about everywhere.
        Unfortunately, I can’t help thinking your anger at attempts to bring potentially new and creative insights from other countries which are not solely due to your own pithy insights actually undermines the value of your observations.

        • Mark says:

          Paul i would try to explain again but you missed the point of piece completely but i see your so tied up in your own point of view, Fremantle is built out of a mix of things from all over the world since day one. Thats what i love about it.
          To think that Brad in 2 weeks will bring a list of brainwaves to revitalise the city is ridcoulous which is the point for the 3rd time, why u are rambling off about the weather in Spain has no relevance to anywhere other than Spain. I’m hardly angry i find the whole thing quite amusing, especially as just agreed with most of what i said then go on to attack me again i suppose for bring up facts instead of waffling on about filled with people enjoying the cool evenings, the parks, shady trees, lighting, promenades, social events.
          Thats not a plan for anything.
          Fremantle was built by a whole host of Europeans nations and cultures, they have already brought plenty to Australia, will be there be more i hope so and from plenty of other countries to as our migration pattern changes.
          Doesn’t change the subject that this junket style trip is a waste of rate payers money again this is the point not moonlite walks look better on a beach 1000’s of miles away. Try to stay on the subject?
          Anyway what part of Asia did you live in?

        • Diana Ryan says:

          Earth to Paul – this blog is about an endlessly flying Mayor, who should already be well versed in “liveability” because of the repeat facilitation of this, and his background, flying to Europe for two weeks to rapidly visit a lot of cities.

          And why should ratepayers have to pay for so ridiculous a notion that will impart great, new, amazing knowledge.

  5. Diana Ryan says:



    1. Is it so hard to remove that from its ridiculously boring and inaccessible wording to make it contemporary – and interesting? What a bloody terrible flyer that is.
    2. Gain access to the Curtin or AHURI website and see how many, many, many papers there are on these issues. Over and over again these academics take the money, the flights, to do the research, then they take more flights to flog their papers at conferences. How is this different, again and again and again and again from what they’ve done before (and CUSP – do your homework, Paul, CUSP/ISTP has some papers, its not a priority for them and especially if the money isn’t there, but they done all this before and before and before. You don’t get in to heaven for adding to a mountain of unacted upon research, and especially if you don’t act internally on the broader aspects of what you highlight in your papers – CUSP, categorically did not, under Peter Newman and Dora Marinova, for the years I was at ISTP, the previous version, and Brad Pettitt said he would change all that, but he never did. He just got on more planes and today, has no interest in 21st century, full, inclusivity of all sectors of his own community, if he did he’d know no-one is sustainable without hope and that starts with schools willing to educate, then higher educate, and communities, corporates and councils willing to hire, in this case, people with disabilities. By and large, they are not, and remain not, interested in walking the talk. You don’t get to get away with saying, in the 21st century, but if YOU, meaning ME, would only beg and beg and beg and beg, coz in the end, that’s what I was forced to do, and still it made no difference, not when people aren’t interested outside of paid interludes, which they then move on from)
    3. Get it straight, Paul, please – because the sustainability sector declared itself “unsustainable” in 2012, and many of those with disabilities are forced down in to SOCIAL HOUSING, uneducated, unemployed and unwanted. You also need to understand they are required to trade off quite a lot to qualify for the privilege of being persons of last resort, housed in housing of last resort. They cannot emancipate from poverty once in these straight jackets. They will never qualify for the many handouts that Mayor Brad Pettitt did, to personally and financially enrich himself by doing the right “subsidised” thing to transition to more energy efficiency, and clean energy at that. They will get sicker and sicker waiting for a day that, in the 21st Century will never come, because Brad and Peter and Dora only do the occasional piece on this, and then they move on.
    4. The key is internalising what you preach, research, Paul – not keeping it externalised by expecting that “revisiting social housing” and the broader implications of inclusivity is done by someone else. I lost my health trying at those schools. They were never going to change, and this? This gobbly dook bullshit flyer you’ve posted? Not even God believes it means anything, Paul. Not without making your own changes within your own community, your own institution, your own policies within your own council, as has been down for persons of Aboriginal and indigenous cultures, a long time ago, but still not those who make up a large part of “social housing”, the disabled. Or did. Now we have to fund affordable housing for kids with degrees. No, I don’t think people with disabilities will survive this new “imperative”. They were never going to be counted. Witness how long off the NDIS is. How long do you think the 20bn a year it will cost, because we left it so very, very late to ensure that our own schools of sustainability, our own “sustainability itself” high-flying councillors and mayors, finally acted, coz its gotta start somewhere.

    This is just another flyer, Paul. Just more work you expect someone else to do.

    • freoishome says:

      Diana, I’m not preaching. You seem to need to talk to people who are interested in Social Housing, so I attached a current flyer about the topic from CUSP, who you implied don’t do anything about it. Maybe they don’t. Maybe they care about disability, maybe they don’t, but at least this audience is more likely to be interested in hearing views about social housing and disability. It seems like an opportunity for you to contribute and influence. If you choose not too, IMO it weakens your arguments and complaints about such researchers and organisations.

      • Diana Ryan says:

        Thanks, Paul, but from 2003 to about 2010 I tried. It became obvious – and especially while those professors cling on there for decades – that this institute says one thing, in those stimulating? inspiring? thought provoking? seminars, etc, but is quite inflexible behind the scenes. This is actually a known issue with them. No doubt it transpired from having to be strong, years ago, to keep sustainability on the agenda. What a huge battle that would have been, but nowadays, their unwillingness to change is counterproductive.

        I spoke with one of the exec directors at Curtin before the institute was moved and as soon as I mentioned CUSP wanting to stay at Freo, as they wanted to remain entirely unchanged at Murdoch before that, he went in to a heated state, so fed up was he with this school- there are 30 of them at Curtin. CUSP is merely one.

        Did you ever see the bye, bye video CUSP made of themselves, as they prepared to move from Freo? There was another exec director in the audience, who used to run that institute, and he said words to the effect “don’t be afraid to move…. its good to experience change”. I mean, he used to run the institute, Paul.

        The true test is not what passion comes out in their gatherings – that’s been going on for years. Used to make me laugh, actually, because they went right back (personally) to being silos afterwards.

        This is repeated over and over again, and it becomes too little interludes, with too much information, over too many years – a flood of information, in a million different areas, in other words, and therefore only acted on in bits and pieces – if that.

        Which is a good way to cap Mark’s blog on this, I think. Pettitt will not be able to show a deep level of engagement and knowledge from a breathless trip through Europe visiting a ton of cities, in the name of “liveability”. Its what, one every 1 1/2 days? He just wants to do it – and I might add he’s using means to get around what the Salaries & Allowances Tribunal deemed a reasonable amount of ratepayers money to be made available to Mayors and councillors each year for conferences/study trips, knowing the councillors would just go along with it.

        Meanwhile, and I ask Mark’s indulgence to end this with a point I raise that no-one ever wants to address: nearly 1/23rd of this country’s population has a disability that forces them in to impoverishment (pension) because we remain deeply unsophisticated as a society in many ways. We delayed for the entire time of our existence in Australia to be willingly inclusive of people with disabilities, who are no more difficult to understand the alternative life/needs of than sharks, asylum seekers, LGBTI, or the headware of those of the Islamic faith. Now, it will cost upwards of $20bn a year, from the end of the decade – maybe – to help 400,000 of those people, who I doubt we will employ then anyway, because we just don’t want to.

        And that money will be removed over time, because this is who we were never able to be: truly sustainable, truly willing to do what was necessary for everyone, in this overall tiny population in a huge country, to have the same advantages as, well, the professors of sustainability get – whether they flog sustainability or not.

        Goodbye, Paul. I won’t be reading any more. Sustainability – based on the benefits the Mayor has received to personally and financially benefit from resiliency measures he could have paid outright for himself – is and remains not only “unsustainable”, ie, billions to some, nothing at all for everyone else – it remains a middle class boondoggle.

        You didn’t think we’d actually change, did you?

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