Fremantle Myth, Fact or Paid Propaganda?


Well in this week’s Herald (good to see COF spending locally) we see a Full Page add on the 1st page of the paper saying what a great job the city is doing for us. Pg 2 of the 14/02/15 edition

Generally I find if u are doing a good job you don’t need to pay someone else to tell everyone how great u are doing? Or maybe the electioneering has started early this year?

I read in the paper myths that supposedly have been said about the council.

Myth 1. Freo’s in a financial hole, well with the amount of city assets they are trying to sell I hope not, still makes u wonder if cash is no problems why did we get a rate rise the year after Mayor Brad was re-elected, why city assets are so poorly maintained, I wonder how much of the outstanding $50, 000, 000.00 maintenance bill has been worked down?

MYTH 2. New suburbs will not receive representation, bit of a silly myth really the council has no choice but to change ward boundaries if suburb boundaries move and even their voting in local elections is guaranteed as its state law. The issue for EF, is the same issue Freo feared from being taken over by Melville, one day fully in charge of your future the next u lose 80% or so of your say? Amazing how it’s relevant for Melville taking over Freo but not for Freo taking over EF? Ask people at Burt St if they feel they have representation? Many groups in Freo feel they have no representation so new suburbs get in line.

Myth 3. Care for public spaces will deteriorate, well I suppose u could wonder about that, surely the esplanade with the tonnes of concrete poured in will not need as much water, but I don’t think people using Point Walter want it looking like the esplanade, or the 3 type bins system they have turning into the Freos one over flowing type bin? As long as you like concrete u will feel right at home in Freo and it doesn’t even need to be watered. Could be a new slogan for Freo “save water concrete your park” “Or concrete coming to a park near u real soon”?

Myth 4. Reform is an opportunity to impose high rise development, this is clearly a ridiculous Myth, as for a year or so COF has been doing Barnett’s bidding by slapping high rise approval on any block they can, the old bunker tank area looking at 13 stories by WGV, tried to drive 40M+high at McCabe St, the new favela plan for Burt St. No wonder East Freo was worried? It’s not an opportunity looks like it started a way back? As long as they think about some affordable housing have another couple of stories?

Myth 5. Services and facilities will disappear or be scaled back, that’s an easy one to look at, Cockburn has verge services and tip passes, Freo doesn’t? So either Freo was planning to run different services for rate payers, or maybe everyone was getting back tip passes and verge mowing or not? Ask the seniors in Hammie Hill about the services they get now, then see if u can find equal services in Freo?

Myth 6. The city of Fremantle was trying to take over the Town of East Fremantle, which I would suggest is no truer than Melville taking over Fremantle? Its bit confusing how Fremantle’s absorption of East Freo is different than Melville  proposed absorption of Fremantle, when Fremantle launch a campaign to save Freo from Melville it was good and virtuous but when East Freo speaks up for its self, it’s all lies and Myths, confused, could a bit of hypocrisy be running here?

Myth 7. The Fremantle CBD is dying and we’re going nothing about it. Well this is easy, go have a look at the CBD for yourself,  think back to the Days of Myers operating, 2 book stores in the Mall, butchers on High St, Fish shop on Market St, shoe shops, Susans, etc etc, and compare to now, is it better or worse? Yes the city has been doing plenty for the CBD, by inviting the begging and homeless to our CBD, that Perth wanted out of theirs, encouraging graffiti, complaining when the police enforce state laws, I have never seen the anti-social issue’s in Freo as bad as they are now, drunks swearing, fighting is a regular occurrence right in front of the town hall, looks like council is doing plenty? I drove into Freo on Tuesday 11am a guy off his face walking down High St screaming at the cars, Wednesday I hear of a rolling brawl in front of Target. The question is COF helping or making it worse?

Myth 8. Rates will soar, I suppose that depends on what u mean by soaring, last rate increase I believe Freo was reported as one of the highest for increases, strangely no rate rise the year the Mayor goes for election though, soon we will hear about paying for cost of amalgamation, even though it didn’t happen, of course those costs of COF, fighting against Melville take over well that’s all Colins fault right?

Well this add would have to be the best use of rate payer’s funds I have ever seen?  Well done! All myths put to bed? Well till the sunrises the next day?




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  1. Matthew Hanssen says:

    Good write up. Yes page 2 was all politics. It’s the typical Mayoral style of Brad Pettitt. The academic rebuttal of resetting and stating the ‘real facts’. Trying to belittle statements as they appeared in advertising.

    If you dig a little deeper you will see that the Mayor’s years in office have given us consecutive rate increases year on year. Last years commercial increase was 11%. CPI is at 2% currently.

    People need to stop believe the spin from the Mayor and look at the facts for themselves.

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