Fremantle Negatvity

Recently we saw Roels blog stepping back from the Kings Square questions.

Sadly Roel seems to have been made to  think that there is too much negativity around the issue. Or is it that the situation, has  been portrayed that way to discourage people from raising or continue to raise questions about Kings Square

I don’t see how residents asking question of the council that have been elected to represent them, could possibly be negative.

  • Asking them to be transparent is not negative
  • Continuing to chase up a council that flatly refuses or ignores to answer questions is Not negative
  • Its not negative to question why the councils needs to hide behind lawyers, hidden documents and meetings called without agendas
  • Its not negative to ask the the local members to assist ratepayers and residents to get answer when the council has chosen to so secretive.
  • Its not negative to write to the local paper to express your thought or  ask question and bring the questions to public attention
  • Its called part of living in country with a democratic process.

The only negativity I have seen is coming from council by

  • Not answering questions
  • Drawing out response times to months at a time, FS has had questions on Kings Sq outstanding for years
  • Publicly published attacks on residents who dare to ask questions of council
  • Publishing documents that give one side of the discussion
  • Attacking residents to discourage them from further asking about the situation. Is Roel a case in point?
  • Using spin to distract attention from the real questions

The comment about people playing politics is laughable, as this is one of most politically  motivated, ideology based councils going. I wonder if the year the mayoral elections are on and that was the year they did not have a rate increase, do you think this was politically motivated? How many have run for state of federal seats, or tried for pre selection? How many issues does the council deal with that are politically motivated. How many work or have worked for state and federal politicians.

Did the mayor use the King sq development as part of his campaign, now there are questions on the issue, people are throwing “just using it as political point scoring. Same old Freo game sling some mud hope it sticks. It seems anyone who isn’t on the mayors team is wrong, negative, a trouble maker, has an agenda etc.

I have an agenda, plain and simple to see real representation for its electors on council that fairly deals with its residents, not to see any more bullshit like how the council has dealt with Mr.Lee. Using personal attacks like the herald thinking allowed piece to seemingly make it public that cross us and we try to belittle you. As they do play the man not the ball. Or question us at your own peril perhaps? Perhaps the COF prefers its residents and rate payers, thought but not allowed?

The whole issue would not exist if the council answered the questions, was transparent and did not hide behind lawyers letters, and meetings where the rate payers and residents are locked out.

Its really simple answer the question, be transparent.

The fact that the Fremantle Society, a precinct group in the COF, with members who have cared about the city for decades are just ignored with unanswered questions for years, seems quite contemptible to me.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    That is a big shame Mark.

    Roel has a brilliant blog and I have supported him on this Kings Square issue, of seeking transparency. Plus, understandably believing Council & Council Staff should answer their Ratepayer/Residents inquiries, or at least give reasons as to why they will not, and certainly not be grumpy at the questioner.

    Then suddenly after Big Boss McNeilly
    (I acknowledge RobinH) of Sirona rang for a chat, Roel takes another tack and sorta backs off. BB McNeilly is understandably permitted his explanation, especially after 5 min 20 secs of Channel 9, free publicity.

    As we agree Mark, Roel is a nice person,
    perhaps its easier to please.

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