Fremantle Time to Update Google



I was checking out some streets on google Fremantle maps again tonight and was annoyed to find out google is not quite as accurate as it could be for how it defines Fremantle as a greater city.

Its seems when you type into google “Fremantle map” it does not give an accurate representation of the suburbs.

Now while the definition of Fremantle changes in the political arena i.e. state and federal government it should be accurately reflected by the local governments boundaries?

Type this into google “map of Fremantle suburbs”  this is what I got.

Strangely WGV, Hilton, O’Connor, Hilton and Samson aren’t part of Fremantle but East Freo is. Though I have heard people in the burbs make this comment before especially with the councils strong CBD blinker view of the city and lack of attention to the Eastern suburbs.

Sadly if its on google its considered fact. So maybe it might be good if the council used the google comment section to make some adjustments to get google on the right page.


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  1. freoishome says:

    When I typed in “map of Fremantle Suburbs”, similarly East Fremantle Suburbs, and Melville Suburbs, I didn’t get the same response that you got to any of them. None of them treated the search in the same way.

    Mark, Who do you think is responsible for the cartography of Google mapping?

    What is your point?


    • Mark says:

      Well I didn’t create the page myself paul its what google showed me.
      Use the link I left on the post and it will show what I saw.

      I imagine google is responsible for their maps. Thought they do offer a comment or report link for issues.
      The point don’t believe everything you find on the internet.

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