Fremantle You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

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Saw a story in the herald yesterday about  350 kicking off their launch  in Freo today, click 350 and you can read more about them. Nothing new for our mayor to be launching a such group in Freo. The city had passed a motion on the issue of investment, I blogged about it just recently. “Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander, Freo style?”  Last year the COF voted to divest cities funds from the companies that make money from fossil fuels. Strange the city won’t invest in banks that deal with fossil fuel companies. Though are quite happy to pay the fossil fuel companies money directly by buying the fuel they are using to power all the city run vehicles, I imagine most of the councillors have cars that burn fossil too? Reminds me of an old GF that went vegetarian, due to animal rights concerns, can’t fault her for that but her hypocrisy was she kept buying those nice expensive leather bags.

Strangely struggled to get a parking spot on a Tuesday night in town, i thought “there must be an event on”, then as i walked around the council building saw it was the 350 group, cars need fuel, no? Sorry but that’s worth a laugh?

I looked up some of theirs campaigns, Go Fossil Free is one, this is against saving funds with finance groups that loan or deal money to fossil fuels companies. If that’s what people wish to do, sounds fine to me, their money their choice, we are lucky to live in a place where we have such freedom and rights. The strange part, the bit I question is, that Brad is launching a group that’s against using fossil fuels or investing in groups funding fossil fuels etc, one day.

Yet another day is the on the steering committee of Future Freo, the little brother of the Committee of Perth, who’s Foundation members are based around fossil fuel groups, or business i assume that does business with fossil fuel companies?

That’s a bit like a Rabbi endorsing a brand of bacon? Personally I like bacon but i’m not telling others its bad for u, while scoffing it down myself. Or the other classic i saw years ago when a doctor gave me a lecture about the evils of smoking, then pulled out a cigarette and lit up, i have a cigar once or twice a year this guy was 2pkts a day and he’s lecturing me?

When the local surf club was trying to get permission for their advertising space on the side of their own club to raise funds for their community service organization that provides water safety to thousands of local beach goers every weekend. Council was adamant that advertising could not come from groups like fast food or sugar based drinks, (so i don’t name companies) etc. Yet their Future Freo comes under a committee founded by fossil fuel companies? Does that seem hypocritical to anyone?

Don’t just listen to what a person says look at their own actions and see what they do, you may find it more true than the PR they spin?



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  1. Jayne says:

    Spot on Mark. This fossil-free, plastic bag-free, car-free grandstanding is all very special but so far removed from reality as to be a joke. But jokes are funny and the fact that our city spends time, effort and our money on trendy but hollow platitudes is just sad – like those hipster celebs who travel the globe in private jets to lecture us about saving fuel. Instead of taking on global environmental matters that in all honesty make little or no difference to residents or to the planet, the Council should have addressed the glaring environmental issues on their doorstep, ie one of the lowest levels of tree canopy for any city, constant problems with rubbish, graffitti, degradation of grassed areas, cutting down large trees for development, not requiring new builds to incorporate high standards of sustainability, maintenance of large fleet of Council vehicles and ratepayer funded car parking for staff, proposals to concrete areas of Pioneer Park and South Beach dunes, approving plans to build a huge tavern on an A Class reserve…. Shall I go on? Even Mother Theresa tired of Westerners travelling all the way to India to be charitable: “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” That’s what we need – a Council that wants to look after our home and its occupants.

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