Fremantles Cerveza Beach Party not about getting smashed, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Seriously the council should play back the audio of what they have said at council meetings, so they can hear how ridiculously funny some of their statements are.

A branded beer party on the beach, fenced in, is not about a massive piss up but people who are going to enjoy a few responsibly drunk beers and to partake of the fine cuisine and enjoy the scintillating repartee of their fellow gourmands? Almost as good as freo having the best public toilets in the world.

There’s taking the piss and there’s taking the piss, if you want to approve a piss up on the beach, then do it for what it is, don’t try to justify it with a whole pile of BS rhetoric.

Comparing, not approving a beach party with prohibition is just crap, no one is suggesting prohibition just not to allow a massive beer advertisement/glorification on the beach.

Comparing a branded beer festival as having no impact, as children regularly walk past  bars with a sign advertising a particular brand, that’s comparable? why did government ban cigarettes from advertising, according to research widely accepted, it has had a significant impact on lower smoking levels?

Could we compare the whole alcohol issue with cigarette advertising where according to the progressive intelligentsia, Australia is leading the world. If advertising did not attract people to the product, would companies spend Billions on it each year?

I was surprised after listening over the last year or so hear to some Councillors talk about how council should spend more funds on community safety directed to stopping domestic violence,then to suddenly back-flip and support the beach piss up.

Personally I would have rather seen the alcohol issue get the cigarette attention 1st, not much domestic violence based around a couple of durries, or a one punch hit, killing from chain smoking. Making my point of view quite funny as I have never smoked but do drink and possibly been to more party places around the globe than anyone on council.

Even funnier a Councillor stating how responsibly all the fenced ticketed events were run as there is no issues with drunk people falling over each other, or god forbid anything worse. I’m not sure if they attend these events or how good their cognitive functions are the next day, but I generally leave these events by 4pm or 5pm, as by then the drunks are well and truly in flight, with vomit, taking the public leak on the tent etc are all in full swing, perhaps this year I will take some vids to prove the point.

The Mccusker centre has written to the COF questioning the event going ahead, this was swept aside quicker than a community consultation doc,  as it appears our Councillors have a better understanding of the effects of alcohol on our community than the McCusker Centre.

Here is a quick link to their page;

McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth

The aim of the McCusker Centre is to reduce the levels of drinking, harmful drinking and alcohol problems among young people.

Key objectives of the McCusker Centre include raising awareness of:

  • The levels of harmful drinking and harm from alcohol among young people;
  • The actions we know can be effective in preventing harm from alcohol; and
  • The need for action without delay.

The McCusker Centre will also work to stimulate and inform community discussion and debate about alcohol issues.

Strangely I didn’t find on their site that “huge fenced in branded beer beach parties” as part of the alcohol mitigation program?

Looks like McCusker centre is left with egg on its face as a couple of weeks ago COF was a finalist for one of their awards, now COF simply dismisses their concerns, oh dear?

To be fair to the Councillors, 2 did vote against the event, Massie and Strachen. The speed the Mayor brush past the McCuker Centres letter, I’m not sure why he even bothered bringing it up, or perhaps it’s just because Councillor Massie raised the issue how inconsiderate? The smarter Councillors said nothing on the issue or just didn’t turn up for the meeting.

We shan’t mention this event flies in the face of the COF policy on alcohol and its own alcohol accord., oh yes even funnier a Councillor actually brought the small bar issue into this justification, emmm, 120 people comparable to 5000, sounds right?

Me I have no problem with people drinking, but the first step is also being honest about it, what I saw tonight left me in doubt of the sincerity of our council with the lame weak ass justifications for this event. I wonder if they will get any free tickets?

On the plus side at least the organizer is actually paying for fencing our public space this time and will supply a deposit to ensure clean up is done. I think the real justification of the event comes from the fact event will supply bike racks and it may have a bus running from town. The freo stamp of approval!

Link to item on the agenda from full council in August 2015


Pg 107 Corona’s Sunsets Music Festival.

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  1. It Deputy Mayor/Mayor wannabe Josh Wilson and Co. who verbalised the term “Booze Barn” in reference to pubs in his moves to get small bar licenses in Fremantle. Because they provided for more moderation in alcohol consumption in a witty and sophisticated atmosphere (pinky finger in air).

    So they slagged off the many Fremantle iconic pubs in their efforts to promote responsible drinking and then organised a massive beer beach party. Didn’t they ban alcohol advertising at sporting events not that long ago to promote responsible drinking? No doubt they will be getting free tickets to attend its opening and stay on for the piss up, err sorry, free drinks and entertainment.

    • Mark says:

      To be fair to Josh and Simon weren’t there for the meeting last night, so did not for or against it.
      Massie and Strachen vote against everyone else for it, with Thompson stating he doesn’t know why they where wasting time discussing it just vote.

      • Diana Ryan says:

        I think Andrew Sullivan said they do get tickets to events, as councillors, and it allows them to assess things from the inside out. I don’t have a problem with that, per se, but we do know Vincent and Belmont are now calling for what the Mayor and Councillors get up to, re gifts, discussions with developers (all contact in any form, I believe) to be posted on to a publicly accessible register. It would be interesting to see where that goes.

        • That’s was shot down at the last WALGA meeting by the respective councils. Those councils that you mention are also pushing for greater reforms, as I mentioned before, as they know they wil be reformed by the State if they don’t act in the communities best interest.

          Unfortunately we have seen this scenerio play out before so I wouldn’t hold your breath on councils reforming themselves.

  2. Julian says:

    I live in Victoria Park and have so for 40 years.
    As a young married couple me and de squeeze found ourselves living near La Tenda nightclub.
    I can still hear at 1 a.m. Johnny O’Keefe (an Aussie clone of Elvis) singing “Move Baby Move”.
    I would not wish this type of cruel torture upon any Fremantle resident, even you from the wealthier hinterland. Nor should you?
    Where people sleep is sacred ground. Drink & whoop in the empty industrial areas.

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