Fremantles Dangerous Street Sumps

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On the Cnr of South St and Hines Rd in O’Conner the street sump has started to subside for some time.


Even now the netting that was put up has started to sun bleach and has well and truly collapsed.


Anyone walking along the fence line in the dark would just disappear into the hole. Not to mention the further damage that will happen to the sump if left un-repaired, i.e. cost to the rate payer.


How simple issue are’s like this left unattended for so long?


What concerns me is that is council ideology is drawing funds and attention from the basic issues of simple maintenance?  Which should be concerning for all of us. Clearly maintenance issues aren’t getting the attention they need or perhaps the funding is not there as council prefers to drive/fund their own political ideology instead of resident and rate payers amenity, or in this case safety.


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  1. Bob Law. says:

    This is only I am sure the tip of the iceberg; serious lack of maintenance of roads and footpaths is obvious nearly everywhere, especially in South Fremantle; it is clear that this council prefers to spend lots of money on ideological policies and political stunts rather than attend to what it is there for; what an outrage!

  2. Mich says:

    I’m 99% sure that sump is not under city of frenantles sumps! Possibly main roads taken that one 😉

    • Mark says:

      Thats quite possible, but when i called the council to inform them the person I spoke to said that she would pass the message on to the relevant COF department again and from the address I gave she seemed to think it was the cities. Either way it needs to get fixed and if its not the cities area of responsibility they hopefully will contact the relevant department to ensure its done.

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